Churchome with Judah Smith
Churchome with Judah Smith
Messages from Judah Smith, Lead Pastor at Churchome. For more information, visit us online at
When the Boat Breaks
When our plans are shipwrecked like Paul on Malta, God still has a plan—his is always about people. He’s never surprised, he’s always in control, and he works all things into good.
Sep 20
1 hr
Heard & Happening
We often treat prayer as though it’s a mere spiritual discipline, but prayer is an act of love where you’re heard, God makes things happen, and you make a connection with your creator!
Sep 13
49 min
Are We There Yet?
We complicate our Christianity by focusing on how we love Jesus rather than how he loves us. He’s chosen us, he’s our friend, and we’re going to bear fruit. Abide in him.
Sep 6
55 min
Separate & Sad
When we stress and strive, we feel separated from God, who designed our relationship to be organic and intimate. We can’t see our futures or understand everything in this life, but we can trust the one who holds it all!
Aug 30
37 min
Intimate & Organic
When we add traditions, performance, or “wisdom” to our connection to God, we over complicate things! He’s the vine, we are the branches, and our relationship is designed to be intimate and organic!
Aug 23
36 min
A Space for Rest
Soul fatigue comes when we’re dealing with a performance lifestyle, facing personal struggles, or battling principalities and powers. But God is super accessible, loves you, and wants to give you rest!
Aug 16
45 min
I Have a Question for God
Why does the famous storm stop after they get in the boat? The storm isn’t about the circumstances we feel; nor is the boat our true source of safety! God relates to storms differently, and Jesus is going to reveal himself in new ways!
Aug 9
1 hr
Shake It Off
Life will happen to all of us; we’re all damaged and dependent, but we’re also all destined. Jesus knows who you are, and whether you’ve been disgraced or distinguished, shake it off and go live each day with him.
Aug 2
1 hr 2 min
Christianity Is Too Hard
We can complicate connecting with God, but he’s the vine, we are the branches, and our relationship is organic! We were designed to connect with Jesus; no striving needed!
Jul 26
55 min
After the Shaking
After a shaking, it’s tempting to make quick decisions and move fast. But God’s not in a hurry, and he’s going to do more than you could ask or imagine. Be still.
Jul 19
1 hr 3 min
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