Check-In With MO/JO
Check-In With MO/JO
Check-In With MOJO
Podcast Husband/Wife Duo Relationships, Infertility, Parenting + Everything In Between
Summer Lovin' - MOJO - Episode 19
Marcus and Jess...ica talk about their summer happenings that are now over :( But it mostly turns into what their favorite new shows to watch are. Goodbye summer...
Aug 7, 2019
25 min
Our Perfect Marriage - MOJO - Episode 18
Marcus and Jessica talk about their perfect marriage and what they do to keep it so perfect...
Jul 16, 2019
26 min
30 Weeks In - MOJO - Episode 17
JO gives...or at least *starts* to give...a pregnancy update. MO – the master of distraction – pretty much keeps her from doing so. Oops...
Jul 9, 2019
24 min
Real Talk: Mental Health - MOJO - Episode 16
Moakes gets real deep in his talks about depression, suicide and overall mental health. Joakes was excited for this episode to spread more awareness of men's mental health. **WARNING** suicide, depression and mental health are vividly discussed in this episode.
Jun 24, 2019
31 min
Growing Up - MOJO - Episode 15
Marcus and Jessica talk a little (too much) about their childhoods.
Jun 18, 2019
29 min
You Know What Happens When You Assume...MOJO - Episode 14
Moakes and Joakes talk about some assumptions y'all have about them...but you know what they say? When you assume, you make an...I think you get it...
Jun 11, 2019
30 min