CEO Vibes
CEO Vibes
Haley Burkhead
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I wanted to like & learn from it but …
I just could not get into this podcast— imo, there really wasn’t any new content that I haven’t already heard similar caveats of information from several other podcasts. Honestly, I learned more from Pinterest than this podcast...
Easy to use tips
Love the blend of motivation and education
Amazing show
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Haley delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!!
Wealth of Knowledge
Haley’s my go-to for for all things business related. The interviews on this podcast are SO helpful. I love how Haley clarifies with her guests exactly their methods so the listener has clear, tangible takeaways. Love it!!
Hailey rocks!
I’m so thankful for finding this podcast and Hailey’s vulnerable and open approach to growing an empire. I legitimately have expanded my money mindset barriers and am on the way to doubling my income, simply from the confidence Hailey’s show has given me with her tool, her focus and her perspective. Thank you sister! I’m grateful!
Holy Smokes, Hailey is on FYA!🔥
I’ve Been listening to Hailey’s CEO Vibes for about a month and let me tell ya, this girl is on F-Y-AAAA🎶🎤🔥 Hailey is 100% transparent with giving a behind the scenes look into her business. Her guest are EPIC and they bring need conversations to the table. This is a must listen podcast ✌🏼💋
Real Talk
Haley tells it like it is. I love this podcast! I have already picked up so much information and I’m not even half done with listening to it all! It’s already changing the way I think and feel about my new business venture! Have started making adjustments on my social media pages! I can’t wait to listen to more!
No hype or sugarcoated business advice
I love hearing the day to day decision making, mindset shift, and practical solutions from Haley. I’m not on the Housel wagon anymore, but I know Haley will give me the strategies to keep me from going back.
Bree Noble
Haley is great!
I always feel inspired after I listen to Haley’s podcast. Highly recommend for any entrepreneur looking for a mentor and a bit of weekly inspo!
No fluff podcast
This was a really great listen. Quite different from the usual “it’s easy as 1-2-3” attitude that most portray. Insightful nuggets that can actually be used in real life situations. Thanks Haley :)
Haley is the sweetest!
Haley is undeniably a boss babe, but she’s also a positive, encouraging, sweet soul! She’s SO knowledgeable and so helpful! I love listening to CEO Vibes while I work my 9-5 job. It’s inspiring and I look forward to the day I can quit and support my family through my own personal business!
This podcast rains Golden Nuggets
I love all the clear, fun, solid and almost guru-like advice on this podcast. I always get a golden nugget from each and every pod cast :)
Finally! Serious business advice without the fluff
I’m hooked! This show gives sound business advice that isn’t just feel-good fluff. Part kick in the booty and part super smart best friend, it’s exactly the show we need!
Suzi I.
Haley truly knows her stuff!
Haley’s brain is a wealth of knowledge! Her podcast and her profit planner lounge has helped me take more action in my business. She has a way of inspiring you to focus on the income generating activities in your business so you actually make money. This is hands down one of my favorite podcasts for female entrepreneurs.
Melissa Power
Such great information for business owners!
No matter if you’re just starting out or growing an existing business, this podcast is for you! I have learned so much from Haley and have been able to implement a lot into my business. This podcast is gold!
Super informative
I love Hayley’s professionalism and ambition! As an entrepreneur and business coach who works primarily with artsy and woo woo businesses, listening to someone as practical as Hayley (while still being woo) is definitely a breath of fresh air 💕 -Afura, “The Wealth Witch”
Afura Fareed
Love this podcast!
I have learned so much from Haley and especially enjoy her productivity and planning tips!
Great podcast
One of my absolute favorite business podcasts to listen to. Haley is so practical and knowledgeable in her advice. Highly recommend her Profit Planner Lounge as well!
Love the new VIBE and information
Haley has been my go to girl from instagram and her PPL! Now I'm obsessed with podcasts and hers is the first one I turn on to help me get into the ceo mindset for my business!
this podcast extremely helpful!
Haley has the most insightful and helpful podcast. As someone who works with Influencers, I find this podcast extremely helpful! @katewaldoandco
Love the energy AND the tactical info.
Thanks for the transparency and action-driven interviews. Please just revisit your pronunciation of “scale” if you are going to use the word so frequently 😘
THE small biz CEO's podcast for nerding out on biz dev + profit
This is THE podcast for biz dev and profit nerds! (← like me). Working on profit is huge for a solo small business owner, and not enough people talk about it. I love that this podcast speaks directly to solo CEOs/small business owners who want to boost profits WITHOUT burning out (← because burnout is real y'all). Haley is so uplifting, positive, and most importantly, REAL. I can always count on feeling motivated to go do. the. work. after every podcast.
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Paige (The Impact Copywriter)
CEO Vibes
Loved “Don’t get triggered! Take action!” When you get constructive criticism use it to move you-not whine about what’s not going wrong!
The first podcast I've ever binged.
Haley's podcast is absolutely amazing! I love how every episode takes you through different processes that YOU can use to build your business too! She takes you through everything as is so bright and bubbly that you just feel so encouraged and inspired to build the business you've been desiring. I've learned a LOT and implemented so many things in my own business and feel like if I'm ever stuck, I can just scroll through the different episodes to find the solution.
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Strategic and Action Packed!
Each episode of this podcast has clear takeaways that you can apply right away in your business. I’ve learned so much from Haley and appreciate her strategic approach to business. She goes for it, and shares her journey with us as she goes. Put in your ear buds or turn up the stereo - it’s time to make some business waves! 🙌🏻
So much value!
Haley offers so much value and support for those who are working hard to grow their business. Her tips and personal experiences are so inspiring.
Haley Gets You Where You Want to Go!!!
I LOVE Haley and her CEO Vibes podcast!! She has some of the most inspiring, action filled advice that actually gets you where you want to go and it’s all wrapped up by a fun, bubbly person that truly cares about YOU.
Fav Podcast ✨
Absolutely LOVE this podcast! One of my favs & can’t wait to hear more! 🖤 #bossbabe
GriffinMama 💖
Love this podcast
I absolutely love Haley’s perspective on running a business. I can’t seem to get enough of her tips and big-picture thinking! But she also breaks each step down for beginners like me. And the resources she gives have been a life saver for me.
Tania Weber-Yates
Great Podcast
This podcast is fantastic and provides a common sense approach with actionable steps to push you to the next level in your business!
Love the tangible advice and action steps!
One of my favorite things about Haley’s podcast is that each episode leaves me with very actionable steps I can take for different aspects of my business. I have been inspired and encouraged by Haley’s podcast and have also learned a ton of practical and useful business knowledge that I still use each day in my business. I listen to every episode! 💖
I love this show!
Such simple, actionable advice that challenges what a lot of others teach. An awesome resource!
CEO Vibes Is Top Notch!
This is my FAVORITE business podcast- one of the few that I listen to EVERY episode! I love Haley's approach, because she takes you through all the UPs and DOWNs of her journey. Breaking down every dollar of profit and expense in her own business. She really makes success seem accessible for anyone. Haley also has some top notch guests-- biz owners who are KILLING IT, as well. Every episode is packed with really valuable takeaways that you can put into action immediately. Keep it up, Haley!
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Anjelica P.
This podcast changed the way I run my business!
I’m already a focused and hardworking women, but Haley was able to help me to channel that energy and focus on the MOST important things in my business, the things that drive profit!
Incredible podcast!
By far this is one of my favorite podcasts ever!!! Haley offers amazing information and resources for all types of businesses! I’m in the process of starting mine and this podcast has helped me so much!
Daniela Cervantes
Haley is a MUST for online entrepreneurs!
If you aren't following Haley and listening to her podcast, what are you waiting for? When it comes to online business, this girl really knows her stuff. And this podcast is FULL of tremendous value to help you make more money without resenting your business in the process. When I first discovered it, I binged on so many episodes and was never disappointed with the advice she shared. The podcast and her Profit Planner Lounge are my go-tos as a business owner.
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I’ve learned SO MUCH!
I’ve been a listener for several months now and so much of what Haley teaches has taught me how to steward my time well and put my energy where it will make a difference!
Transforming my Business
This podcast is everything I’ve needed in my business. Thanks to everything I’ve learned from Haley, I’ve officially had my first five-figure month this month! Thank you Haley for sharing your gift and bringing on such wonderful guests!
So Excited
I’m so excited about the Podcast! It’s a great listen when I’m driving to my 9-5 knowing I won’t be there for long!
Hard to hear
I am sure the information is good but I just couldn’t hear it all.
My Favorite Podcast!
Thanks for providing all this wonderful information regarding systems and automation! Can’t wait to hear more 💚
The Simple Life With Latasha
where is the content?
New listener here - I downloaded an episode, and I can’t even get through the first one. Not only constant promotions for their products/workshops/sponsors (which is super hard to follow because they don’t explain what is what, or even how to spell them so I can Google it) but the content itself is repeated phrases and no actual explanation, just more promo. “Get systems in place! You can do more with systems! Systems! Yep, and we’ll show you how at our summit.” Okay...? Just really turned off from the get go. :(
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cara lynne
Empowering & Must Listen!!!
Haley is such a force of light! Her podcast is my immediate go to when I need to make empowering decisions in business, productivity & setting myself up for a lifestyle that lights my soul up. Thank you Haley for reminding of the life that is beckoning me to step forward & shine.
Haley is the best!
Honestly such an inspiring podcast! Haley is positive, realistic, fun and realllyyy knows her stuff. Each episode is packed with super helpful tips and tricks that are easy to put into action! I cannot recommend this podcast enough for anybody looking to rev up their online business. Subscribing honestly makes me feel like I've got a personal business bestie / cheerleader in my court! Haley even help me set up and understand convertkit automations / sequences :))) Do not miss her priceless insights & inspirtation!!
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Love Profit Planner and Haley 💗
It took me a looong time to wrap my head around podcasts. I’m more of a reader but then I found Haley. She has the best information, is super generous, and has great guests. I’ve been learning sooo much and eagerly await the next episode.
New Best Friend + Marketing in One
I love listening to The Profit Planner Podcast anytime! Having Haley in your ear is like having a new best friend AND you get the best of the best advice for all things strategies, systems, and planning for profit. Haley always lays things out easy to follow ways. Her energy is just INFECTIOUS! Not only will you have so many incredible strategies to implement in your business, but you'll feel so much more sparkly throughout the day too. I cannot recommend or thank Haley enough for sharing herself and her amazing content with us!
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Melanie St. Clair
Haley lives up to her Profit Planner name! ✨
I’ve been listening to Haley since the beginning, she’s informative, funny, and relatable being that we are the same age! Her tips aren’t fluff, she gives real tangible advice that anyone can apply! She also picks unique guests from a variety of industries and backgrounds. I feel like I know Haley personally and I’ve even purchased her lounge membership and I can’t wait to continue to scale my business with Haley’s help!! 💕
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Haley + Profit Planner Rocks
Haley is not only extremely informative, she’s also an absolute delight! Profit Planner is a podcast that you can learn much from and still be entertained at the same time. Haley truly is a cheerleader and coach of your business.
Ashley - CTG
I can’t get enough!!! I love Haley and the way she breaks down all her wonderful knowledge. I love listening to the interviews and being inspired by the stories and processes that are u covered.
Awesome content and so much positive energy!
If you’re a small business owner and you love systems and having a solid plan to approach your business, the Profit Planner podcast is for you! I love Haley’s high energy and how she gives you a behind the scenes look at her business each and every week! Haley has empowered me to take control of my business and to dream big! Thanks so much Haley and keep it coming!!
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