Celebrating Life With Mahatria
Celebrating Life With Mahatria
Mahatria’s unique method of blending spiritual seeking with materialistic ambition is changing the way spirituality is experienced. He is uniting a world that has been divided in the name of God and religion, through ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’. Subscribe to this Podcast by Mahatria where He provides clarity in all aspects of one's life.
Ep102: Perspective
Want to know what role does work play in our life? Then you should listen to this podcast.
Sep 24
24 min
Ep101: How To Be Peaceful In Life?
Listen to this podcast to know how to accept life's surprises, good or bad!
Sep 17
20 min
Ep100: Why Do We Pray?
Listen to this podcast to know why we pray!
Sep 10
14 min
Ep99: Can You Change The World?
Want to change the world for the better? Listen to this podcast to know where to start!
Sep 3
4 min
Ep98: How To Stop A Person Who Is Blackmailing You
Listen to this podcast to know how to face and overcome being blackmailed!
Aug 27
5 min
Ep97:How To Choose Your Career Field?
Finding it difficult to choose a career? Listen to this podcast to better understand the professional road ahead!
Aug 20
2 min
Ep96: Does Money, Fame, Power or The Opposite Sex Ruin Us?
You need to listen to this podcast if you think you are addicted to money, fame or power!
Aug 13
2 min
Ep95: How To Fit In With Youngsters
Are you having trouble getting along with youngsters on the team? Listen to this podcast to know how to resolve this.
Aug 6
5 min
Ep94: How To Get Over Your Past
Does your past haunt you? Listen to this podcast to know how to get over it!
Jul 30
5 min
Ep93: How To Make Children Accountable
Mahatria explains how the culture and the environment surrounding children play a major role in shaping their view of the world.
Jul 23
5 min
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