Cat Talk Radio
Cat Talk Radio
Molly DeVoss and Dewey Vaughn
Cat Talk Radio is all about cats, what makes them do what they do, why they occasionally misbehave and what cat guardians can do to fix it. We educate you on how to modify unwanted cat behavior by providing the proper environment and stimulation, enabling cats to express their natural behaviors in ways that are preferable for both the humans and cats. You will learn how to have fun with your cat, fascinating cat facts and be inspired to try new things, which will lead to a happier relationship and closer bond with your cat. We’ll also call attention to the plight of cats in our country, feel compassion for their challenges and share the message.
Solo Kitten Syndrome
How does being raised as an only kitten impact the behavior it develops as an adult cat? Molly and Dewey discuss the behavior issues that can appear in adult solo kittens, what you can do to prevent solo kitten syndrome, and what to do if you are already experiencing behavior issues related to this.
Nov 25
31 min
Hyperactivity in Cats
Is your cat all of a sudden no sleeping as much as it used to? Is Kitty more active and assertive with your other cats? Have a young cat and want to know what's "normal"? Cats reach social maturity between 2-4 years of age.
Nov 18
24 min
Is Your Cat Bored?
Yes. Your cat is very likely bored. Find out why, and what you can do to liven up kitty's life in this episode.
Nov 11
29 min
Molly's Cat Tales
A listener asked Molly to share stories about her work; interesting cats and people she's met, new things she's learned, strangest things she's seen, funniest cat case, etc. There's a little bit of something in this episode for everyone!
Nov 4
47 min
Bonding with Traumatized Cats
Psychotherapist and Attachment Expert, Dr. Anabelle Bugatti, talks with Molly about her tried and true methods of bonding with traumatized cats.
Oct 28
41 min
Cat Aggression
What causes cats to be aggressive and what can you do to help them be more calm? Molly and Dewey discuss the six main causes of aggression and some tips for dealing with it.
Oct 21
39 min
Color Therapy for Cats
Color Therapy is an alternative healing method using colors to change the physical or emotional well being of people.
Oct 14
26 min
Animal Souls, Afterlife & Reincarnation
I had the pleasure of chatting with Diane Pomerance about animal souls, afterlife and reincarnation. No matter what your belief, I think you'll find this podcast an interesting listen.
Oct 7
28 min
Giving Medication to Cats
Administering medication to cats can be a very unpleasant experience for cat and owner alike. In this episode Molly and Dewey talk about how to condition your cat to the experience so it becomes a pleasant one.
Sep 30
39 min
End of Life Experiences
My remarkable guest, Coleen Ellis, and I chatted about ways to make your pets' end of life an experience, rather than just an event. Coleen is full of inspiring ideas sure to motivate you to take action at your next pets passing.
Sep 23
35 min
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