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Favorite Crime Podcast
Casey (anonymous host) does an amazing job with each case he covers. The research done by the team and the way the stories get told are my favorite part of this podcast. Each story covered is told without bias, and all details are revealed. I feel like while listening for entertainment purposes, I end up learning so much about cases, victims, laws around the world, and so many little things we don’t think about when a crime happens. I love cases are covered worldwide so I never know what case I’ll hear. As long as episodes keep dropping, I’ll always be listening!
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Always ready for the weekend!!!
Always listen on the weekends when new episodes drop. Keep up the good work.
Finally a great podcast
I find many podcasts to be a lot of chatting on thoughts and opinions, which just are a turn off personally. I love and appreciate the way Anonymous host talks to pure facts and outlines the case information available. Just so well done and interesting stories globally vs one area. Worth the patreon subscription with so much additional content and shows. Thanks for providing what I find the best true crime show out there.
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Sarahazack I
Best of the crime pods
This is the first true crime pod I started listening to. This still is my favorite one Respectfully to victims and presented clear logically
Best crime podcast
I’ve been listening to Casefile for almost 3 years and I re-listen to episodes daily, and even subscribed to the patreon so I could get new episodes sooner! I love how this podcast states the facts - definitely not an armchair sleuth type of podcast at all.
Lux Julienne
Absolutely favorite podcast. I count down to new releases and I love listening to Casey!
The best narrator
Fantastic narration. The anonymous narrator is absolutely brilliant. He simply tells the story as it is and I appreciate that. Many narrators throw in their own beliefs but not here. He covers complex, creepy and deeply disturbing cases so it is not for the weak minded. Highly recommend this podcast to all true crime/mystery junkies out there! Keep up the terrific production.
The best!
Definitely my favorite podcast. I look forward to receiving my weekly “new episode” notification!
Long time listener
I’ve been listening to Casefile since it’s inception in 2016 and I have to say this is the only podcast I’ve kept up month after month, year after year. I still remember listening to the Wanda beach murders and the Somerton man for the first time. As major consumer of all things podcast, Casefile has always exceeded my podcasting expectations. They are truly the best in the game bar none.
Best podcast out there
Casefile is the absolute best of the best when it comes to true crime podcasts, and honestly my favorite podcast in general. The cases are presented in a fact based story format without commentary, opinion, or dramatization. Although details of the crimes are given, it’s done in a way with respect to the victims and highlights their lives and the impact their murder had on those around them. Their coverage of the EARONS case was particularly well done, but all episodes are beautifully written/done so it’s hard to pick a best episode. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this podcast to anyone interested in true crime.
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My favorite podcast
The level of research and calm consistent tone of the narrator is fantastic. I love it!
True Crime podcasting at its best!
Casefile is the ultimate in good storytelling. No banter, no chit-chat, just the facts of the case. My favorite true crime podcast of all time!
On of the Best!
Been listening to Casefile since its it began. Always professional, well-made, and honors the victims of crimes - not just spotlighting the killers. Always excited to see a new episode in my podcasts app!
A great listen
Martha Joy
well thought out, brilliant story telling, huge variety of cases. This is literally the beat podcast out there.<3lets.imeanthis.
Well researched ✔️ Unbiased story telling ✔️ Uses platform to bring awareness to less known cases ✔️ Soothing voice ✔️ As someone who’s listened to everything true crime for the last 15 years, I really appreciate this podcast.
Best true crime podcast out there!
Love this podcast. The style, no opinion, just straight up story telling. The best. Also ya’ll need to do an episode on the Brabant Killers . Crazy story. You’d kill it, pun intended.
By far best true crime pod
This podcast is so well written and perfectly delivered.
Absolute fav tune crime pod
This is my fav podcast I get so excited every Saturday to listen! Keep up the good work. I love how they really research and leave links if you wanna know more about the case.
Jordan McKinley
You are a gem!
The best, most well-produced & well-researched true crime podcast out there.
Here to say this is the best
I can’t personally respond to this persons review bashing the tone of the narrator so I will here. No one wants another narrator. We all love the one that they have. This is probably the most globally downloaded true crime podcast. Kinda clear you don’t know much about them either when you listen the ones you did. Keep on rocking on Casefile. the OG
kaits cleaning
Can we pls stop making people seem guilty because they brought a lawyer for questioning
I don’t write many reviews . I was very upset with how quickly the narrator claimed if u are innocent y bring a lawyer it makes u look guilty when being questioned. Have we not learned from all the past wrongly convicted men and women and families being destroyed by accusations. The cops r not ur friend if u r being questioned/interrogated Protect urself always especially if u r innocent . Who care if they think u look guilty by requesting a lawyer. If u r innocent protect urself at all cause.
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Simply the best
Keep it up! Love this podcast and love your consistency recently ! 🔥love the voice! Love the story telling ! Perfect is an understatement!! Thank you
Love it
This is absolutely my favorite true crime podcast. I adore the amazing anonymous host. He has a way of making the most horrific things sound a little less traumatic for the listener. He is considerate and thoughtful in his story telling. The way he tells the stories are just so intriguing and often have me at the edge of my seat. I’m grateful for this podcast and for the amazing survivors and victims who’s stories live on in our hearts.
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But who are you….
Don’t bother googling him….you won’t find him. He anonymity only adds to the spookiness of these stories of death chaos and mayhem. The best around💯
Pick of the Litter!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Their episodes are thoroughly researched and there’s no better narrator than Casey. When I hear other True Crime podcasts, I hurry over to Casefile to find their version of the same story because I know that Casefile will do a better job. I also like that many of their cases are from incidents in Australia and new to me.
The best
Love this podcast - well researched, interesting narrative - they find the best cases to review and investigate - highly recommend
My favorite podcast!
Every story is told in such depth, sticking to facts and not opinions. Love love love!
Long time listener
I have been listening to CaseFile about four years now. I listen to it every Saturday morning and look forward to the new episode. Huge true crime pod listener and trust me, this one takes the cake. Storytelling is remarkable, research is thorough, and the host’s voice never gets old. It’s truly the highest caliber true crime pod out there.
Always well done
“Casey” and his team always put in the work. Well researched, well written, well delivered every episode. This is a constant theme with this podcast. If you’re looking for a True Crime podcast with serious facts and reverence to victims and their families, you’ve found it.
Best Podcast!
Long time listener. Great stories and best host.
This is the perfect TC podcast. They cover all kinds of stories, with dignity, respect and facts. I love the evolution of the quality and it only proves to their dedication. I adore that the host is anonymous, and doesn’t let the attention to get to him. I’ve stopped listening to every other podcast. Nothing compares.
Part of my weekly listening routine!
This is one of my favorite true crime podcasts. Well informed, great narrator, compassionate. I recommend to everyone I talk true crime with.
J Money c.
Very good - It’s to the point
Stumbled upon this podcast a few days ago. I like it more than Crime Junkie. The banter in that show is simply annoying. This is simply the story with the facts. So much better.
Sober Christian Man
Absolutely love the tone of this great podcast! His voice is perfect for this type of podcast.
This podcast sparked my initial interest in true crime and, since then, no other true crime podcast has been able to live up to its standard. The concept of an anonymous narrator who does not stray from the case removes much of the (in my opinion) undesirable biased input that is so common with other story tellers. It is a podcast that allows the listener to develop their own opinions without romanticizing tragedy. In addition, it is the perfect combination between spooky and informative. My only critique is that there are not more episodes for me to binge, nor is there another true crime podcast of this caliber. Thank you so much for creating this. I look forward to it every Saturday. Sincerely, a criminal justice law student.
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My bedtime story
Someone else mentioned this in the reviews below and I wanted to add that I, too, am one of those weirdos that listens to Casey’s voice to fall asleep every night
Casefile Presents
Just finished listening to “Searching for Sarah MacDiarmid”. What an excellent podcast. Highly recommend!
My bedtime story
I love this. I personally find the narrator to have a soothing voice, compassionate but to the point. Yes, there are sometimes unusual pronunciations, but I am an American and heaven help me if I ever start a podcast and have to try pronouncing names from Wales or Germany!! Just roll with it people. the research is very solid, well referenced (yes I check them in case I’ve heard different info somewhere else), and violent details are never gratuitous unless necessary to get the point across. Best is that some regular cases are covered, but there are so many that I’ve never heard of before. Highly recommend
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I want to love it so badly!!
I love the content and the details included within these stories, but for the LIFE OF MEEE, the voice is sooooo horribly boring I cannot stop tuning out each episode. I am constantly rewinding once I realize Ive spaced out. I havent completed a single episode of CaseFile, but I have listened to every single episode of 20/20, Dateline, CrimeJunkie, and Unsolved Mysteries.. respectfully, a second host would boost this podcast!! I love true crime podcasts and want to love this one but its soooo monotone and boring, i cannntttt :(
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Longtime fan
I have been listening since 2018 and have been spoiled - I don’t enjoy any other true crime podcasts as much! I like the style of one narrator who does not editorialise, and Casey gives the victims the respect they deserve. 10/10
i LOVE this podcast. the narrator is amazing with the way he tells the story. many people are saying that his voice is very monotoned. for me, i think his voice adds to the experience. 10000% recommend this podcast. i listen to it when i am sitting in class doing homework, makes the time go by faster!!
gracie staheli
Well researched, thorough. Casey’s voice just adds a special intriguing touch to these stories. He remains respectful to the victims through the narration. Must listen. I’ve heard some of these cases before, but none come close to being this researched! Seriously Casey gives us so much more information than others. I was on the edge of my seat listening to Butcher Baker , 3 part episode but so worth it. Love you Casey and the Casefile Team Xoxo BB
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Well researched, terribly narrated
I really want to like this show. Well researched and written and the production value is second to none. But the narration is so insanely flat, it’s borderline comical. Does he know that he’s allowed to change his inflections from sentence to sentence? It’s as if he’s imitating a robot the way he emphasizes WORDS and sylLABLES seeMINGly at RANDOM throughOUT a SENtence, maKING it exTREMELY hard to FOLLow. The ad reads are the best part of the narration! Read the stories like the ads!
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Excellent podcast
Great narration, unbiased, and well researched!
His voice
Im one of those weirdos that falls asleep to Forensic Files and this podcast. His voice is just so smooth and soft.
Still the best!
Best researched, most interesting cases in the true crime genre. Host has great narrators voice and presents from an unbiased angle.
Fuzz, Andrew
pls go back to the old narration style💔
I started listening to this podcast last Christmas. I start from the oldest episodes have been working my way through. I loved the way Casey narrated. His tone was always somewhat soothing and just slightly eerie and you could tell he really got into the story telling. I have always thought he‘s very respectful of the stories he’s telling as well as the victims they pertain to. HOWEVER, after listening to the EAR/ONS episodes, I skipped ahead to listen to the 2020 update on it, and I was APPALLED by the change in Casey’s voice. I had already heard it because of the ads but I was completely horrified to find out that would become his new narration style in newer episodes… Thankfully I’m still in the older episodes before the change, but the one episode I did listen to using the new narration style was next to unbearable. I’ll be really disappointed if I have to find a new podcast):
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I love listening while driving!! Best Ever, won’t disappoint promise you.
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