New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast
New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast
Vin Coca, Beth Lawler, Paul Nesja, Nicole Chrolavicius
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Perfect Podcast for Serial Captionists
These guys are my new caption therapists! Love their witty discussion and opinions. I share my weekly New Yorker Cartoon Caption submissions on Insta @NEWYORKERCARTOONCONTEST by Winifred. The scientist working on a problem addressing someone entering the room. ‘I just figured out how to kill time.’
Michaell scottt
Enjoyable banter … but images aren’t described!
It’d be the best podcast ever if they’d remember that we can’t see the pictures; so they need to spend 5 seconds describing each drawing or it’s babble without context :( .
The Art of Humor
or is it the humor of art? Either way, this is a great podcast! I’ve been entering the New Yorker caption contest for years and have never seen my caption after I’ve entered it. Now here are three winners of the contest talking about their strategies and how they come up with their captions. You bet I’m going to listen to this. As a bonus, they talk to the New Yorker cartoonists that come up with the cartoons for the contest. Now that I think of it, you shouldn’t listen to this podcast, because I don’t need the competition!
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Great podcast to listen and relax to.
You want to get your mind off this crazy world for a little bit. Then look no further than this podcast. It’s interesting to listen to their point of views on these cute cartoons. Normally I just look at the cartoons and never give any second thought to them. Vin and the gang go into detail on their perspective of the cartoons and give you something to think about. Stop reading this review and just press play and give them a listen .
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Finally a podcast about the Caption Contest! Definitely looking forward to tuning into future episodes.