New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast
New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast
Vin Coca, Beth Lawler, Paul Nesja, Nicole Chrolavicius
Episode 128 - Ken Levine
1 hour 49 minutes Posted Oct 11, 2023 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

Emmy Award winning writer and cartoonist, Ken Levine joins us on the podcast this week. Ken has been a writer for MASH, Cheers, Frasier, Wings. The Simpsons and many more TV shows.

 Ken tells us about his first attempt to get in the New Yorker back in the 1970s and his most recent (and successful) attempt just a few years ago.

We also talk about his dream career as a sports announcer for professional baseball teams.

We talk a bit about his blog and highly rated podcast, Hollywood and Levine. You can find them here:

Ken has also written several books (that we forgot to mention in the podcast). You can help us feel better by ordering them here:

On Part 1 of the episode, we discuss...  
The winning caption for New Yorker contest #866 (It's not all water weight, it's actually just 70% surface area. A lot of people get that wrong).  
Finalists for contest #868 (You need an air freshener, it smells like cold dairy air in here).
Current New Yorker contest #870 (It's a vocabulary builder for the baby. Money talks). 

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