Career Roulette
Career Roulette
Hi, I’m Katie Myers, welcome to the Career Roulette Podcast. Every episode I sit down with a different professional to learn what it means to do what they do. Cover art by Doug Moscowitz.
Jennifer the Cosmetologist
This episode on the Career Roulette podcast, I sit down with Jennifer Lavender at the Embellish Study in Niskayuna, NY. We chat about dealing with clients and staying up on the lastest trends. Episode suggestions always welcome!
Jan 1, 2020
36 min
Elementary School Librarian SHHh?!!
This episode I learn about being an elementary school librarian from Ms. Rattner. With special guest host, my son TJ, we discuss what librarians do and how to get kids excited about reading. Be sure to check out her blog: and...
Oct 24, 2019
33 min
48 States Together
Ever wanted a Career that will help you see the country? Today on Career Roulette learn what it’s like to drive tractor trailers from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Big thank you to Jon and Diana who are not only my guests but also my amazing in-laws!...
Oct 8, 2019
1 hr 1 min
Supply and Demand
For today’s episode, I sit down with my friend Kyle who has a background in marketing that he translated into a career in supply and demand operations. If you have a product to sell you might need a guy like Kyle in your corner. From yogurt to...
Sep 18, 2019
30 min
Jetta the Tattooist
Today I sit down with Jetta Hall, professional tattooed and piercer for almost 20 years. She explains to me ways to look for an apprenticeship and how to work with customers ideas to create art. Check out her shop at Episode...
Sep 8, 2019
37 min