Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart
Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart
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Harrison interview.
Hearing this made me cry and laugh and everything inbetween! I seriously cannot understand how in the world South Carolinians missed the chance to have this brilliant man be their Senator.
JC’s interview style is appealing and brings out the best in his guests. Every interview is compelling. I’ve leaned so much and met so many great Americans through listening. He’s my favorite podcast today.
Getting to know Simone Sanders
Enjoyed your conversation with Simone Sanders. Will be watching her as she navigates her new position with Kamala Harris. Thank you.
Excellent Interviews
One of my favorite podcasts for bringing brilliant political thinkers into my world. If you’re listening to the rest of the standard political/social podcasts, then you need to add Cape Up to up your polisci game.
A Favorite!
Always thoughtful, smart, and kind. Capehart engages in real conversations that capture a big-picture political moment and an intimate, personal connection with guest, at the same time. He has a real gift as an interviewer, chooses great guests, and is just a pleasure to hang out with. I’m disappointed only when the episodes are too short!
One of My Favorites
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I appreciate the original line up of guests and topics. Great energy and focus.
Covington GA
Informative show
Brittany Cooper and Darrell Scott would be an interesting debate episode.
This is a great Pod!
Stumbled upon this and it’s fantastic!
Dana. @hyperbolic6
Love this pod.
So glad I found it!!! Great conversions!!
mama hart77
Like a book you can’t put down.....
Thanks for the perspective on black men and black women.
Chris Coons
Mr. Capehart, I always enjoyed watching and listening to you whenever you were on A.M Joy on the weekends. I especially enjoyed whenever you sat in for her. You’re brilliant. You teach me every time you speak. I especially enjoyed you podcast with Senator Chris Coons. Your knowledge base and questions made the interview fly by. Additionally there was so much I didn’t know I feel compelled to listen twice so I can retain all I heard. It was was frightening knowing the devastation an Judge Amy Coney Barrett will do to our courts and our government. It was bad enough as a survivor of rape as a teenager that I needed an abortion. I thought it would ruin women and families lives for generations, but I didn’t understand she’ll undo marriage equality but to undo environmental and the various government protection agencies. I’m in a panic wondering how we will ever fix what the gritting and wreckage of the Trump presidency? I was unaware of Senator Coons impressive education and what a genteel well seasoned dedicated public servant he’s been. And I knew I liked Joe Biden, I remember you calling him Uncle Joe and now I know why your family likes him. I pray Trump doesn’t strong arm this election and we all together can help build our republic back better. He is a perfect president for our broken Nation. It’s a shame you didn’t take over the AM Joy. I don’t watch anymore on the weekends. It doesn’t have the same vibe. Nonetheless your podcast is a must for me to stay well informed. Thank you! Sally
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Bob's Cowboy Coffee
Great podcast
Always interesting and informative.
Chris Coons
Deeply inspired and grateful to have re-discovered hope for the survival of democracy.
Meaningful Conversations
The most recent podcast (Oct. 2020) with Chris Coones gave me hope and reminded me of what a hard job we have ahead of us.
Excellent conversation!
The insights shared by Rev Al are hugely helpful. Very glad you talked about the need to support our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Wonderful, honest conversation. Thank you, Gentlemen!
Welcome back!
Always informative, Jonathan. Love you on TV and on Instagram—love your podcast too. Great to have you back!
NM governor
Excellent interview with NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham
Good variety of guests and Jonathan Capehart has an interviewing style that's both deep/insightful and friendly/approachable.
Thanks for sharing these perspectives!
I just finished reading White Fragility with another white friend and came across The Atlantic piece by John McWhorter. Any chance you might interview him to hear more about his criticisms of this book? Fans in Davis, CA
K. Ray5
Informative and Insightful
Great interviews from a different perspective with really interesting guests !
Great show!
I always get so much out of your commentaries on the news, and love the deep-dive into important topics on this podcast!
Josh H
Great and informative. Love it!
Great podcast but please put put your devices on silent during recording!
The content of this podcast is fantastic and I appreciate that I get as much if not more out of these episodes as I do from, say, Ezra Klein’s which are so freaking long. BUT since he started doing the virtual recording, it seems like every single episodes features the dinging of phones/instant messages. Please put your devices on silent and ask your guests to do the same.
First rate!!
Jonathan is always sane, thoughtful, mature in times that are so very stressful. Bravo!
Susan Rice
I vote Susan Rice for VP. Honest and competent patriot!
Grant from Louisville
I've really appreciated your perspective and reporting on PBS newshour when you've been on the air, so when I saw you had a podcast I was eager to listen. It does not disappoint! Thank you for the excellent interviews and insightful conversations. Love it.
Honest and Important
Superb podcast, notable for its honesty and its willingness to go deep into interviews with people who challenge our world view. Very, very worthwhile.
Great pod
I really respect Jonathan’s point of view and fair minded conversations
More please!
I couldn’t stop listening to the episodes. Jonathan does a fabulous job asking important questions while allowing the guests to go deep. My favorite new podcast.
Whit Rage’s Carol Anderson was fantastic!
Her knowledge of history is deep and her explanation of white backlash to African American advancement was so clearly explained. I’ve been meaning to get her book. Thanks for the reminder. Great show.
White Fragility
Jonathan, I don’t usually write reviews on podcasts, but please, please, please don’t stop promoting this book! It’s such a valuable tool to help us white people look into our souls to see and recognize our own innate biases and prejudices and to understand the true concept of white privilege. Then, we need to be able to recognize how damaging our sense of white privilege is in this country and how hurtful and oppressive it is. I truly believe, as a 67 year old white woman, that whites created this systemic and evil problem when the first kidnapped African people set foot in this soil and were sold as slaves and that we need to step up and end it! I need people like you and books like this to make me a better and more unbiased person. More book recommendations would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you!
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;D xoxoxoxo
White Fragility
Thank you, Jonathan, for being willing to give time and space for this book and conversation. We, as white people, have so much to learn about internalized and systemic racism in order to be effective in helping to dismantle it. This book and your interview are really thought provoking. I have also learned a lot from listening to you over the years. Please keep up your great work!
Much Needed Perspective
I have seen Jonathan on many different news shows and found the podcast. I appreciate his perspective as well as when he challenges my perspective with his conversation.
White Fragility
Jonathan’s interview with Robin DiAngelo was very moving for me. As a white person, being confronted with the ways in which I benefit from racism every single day and the subconscious biases is extremely uncomfortable. But part of doing to work to interrupt racism within myself and in the community means holding myself accountable and getting uncomfortable. Thank you for this interview.
White Fragility
Each time I listen to Jonathan Capehart, be it on his podcast or on the news, I learn so much, and I’m motivated to search for more information on the topics. As a white woman of a certain age, I was able to identify with the comments and situations presented. I left the podcast with the intention of purchasing her book and working harder to continue to overcome my conditioning.
Kathy 70
Interview with Robin DiAngelo
I really enjoyed this interview & the honesty that was shared. You’re doing a fantastic job! Thanks for keeping us informed.
Love this podcast!
Always thoughtful and insightful, I especially appreciated the latest podcast with Robin DiAngelo! Sharing it with friends and fam! Thank you! 💫
Madeline Claire Webb
Powerful and Insightful
This is my favorite podcast. The guest are always relevant to what is going on in the world. I look forward to Tuesday and I am always engaged. Professor Capehart is simply brilliant and I love him!
Great podcast!
Always insightful! Thank you, JC Superstar! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Brilliant selection of guests
The content is so insightful. Topics speak to what’s going on right now. Nice, relaxed tone, yet perfectly pitched questions that unearth what I want to know. That Billy Porter episode though. Solid gold.
One topic I hadn’t thought about, at that scale at least. Helping and giving for sure, but anyway, as always, learned a lot and enjoyed it. Love that you let people answer your insightful questions. Thank you.
Susan rice
Great interview - one question I had hoped you would ask was what specifically has to be done logistically to take over the production chain to produce masks, ppe, ventilators - the Stable genius gets his news from cable maybe he needs to be shown how to use the dpa because he and his staff Clearly don’t
kauai travel
Character, Leadership, Thoughtfulness
Great interview … thoroughly enjoyed your relaxed style of bringing out the depth of character and thoughtfulness of Ms. Rice. Look forward to listening to many more of your podcasts. Appreciate all the great work that you do with WAPO.
MB 79
Awesome Work
Thank you Jonathan Capehart for doing amazing, timely, prescient work. From Kampala Harris to Bryan Stevenson’s Legacy Museum to How Dr. King’s letter was smuggled... you have ascended to a new level of educating the masses. With every podcast (and I’ve listened to them all), your preparation, flow, commitment to asking smart/intelligent questions such that we hear a full story with a beginning, middle and end is ever so evident. Always a top notch production. Simply put you are doing Great Work! Sort of a male version of OW. Very Well Done, sir!!! 5s all the way. Wish you were on more often!
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Injeel H
Val Demings
What a fascinating woman! I thought she did a masterful job during the impeachment hearings. Representative Demings will be a fabulous choice for VP—Joe, are you listening?
The interview with Dr. Bitecofer was extremely enlightens, to say the least. She clearly communicates her reasoning and makes a compelling case for the dramatic impact of this president on the electorate.
Review of Pete Buttigieg Interview
An interview well done. Appreciated Jonathan asking hard questions with an attitude of fairness and his ability to ask Mayor Pete to deal with the personal as well as the professional.
maddie faddie
Stacey Abrams interview was fabulous!
Great conversation with Stacy Abrams! She must take her rightfully earned place in the leadership of our government. This long interview covered a lot of ground and displayed her outstanding grasp of so much. Thanks, Jonathan Capehart! I needed that!
Excellent consistent interviews
Capehart brings great guests to the podcasts, asks quality questions, and gives his guests ample opportunity to speak.
Rick in Marietta
So uninformed its sad
Jonathan makes baseless claims and draws fake connections between politics and sports because he has nothing of substance to say.
Mike the quat quattrocki
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