Campaign: Skyjacks
Campaign: Skyjacks
James D'Amato
Campaign is long-form actual play podcast. Our current series Campaign: Skyjacks takes place in an original setting inspired by folktales and classic adventure fiction. Join Liz Anderson, John Patrick Coan, Tyler Davis, Johnny O’Mara, and gamemaster James D’Amato as they tell a tale of daring sky pirates. … Also it’s basically an elaborate re-telling of Weekend at Bernie’s.
Skyjacks: Episode 87
The crew holds a seance to commune with the spirit of their departed friend. He is not the same man he was in death that he was in life, but there is still much they have to tell him. They intend to learn more about the captain, but they discover unexpected danger.
Dec 2
1 hr 2 min
Skyjacks: Episode 86
Margaret arrives to council our heroes on how to navigate the tricky social faux pas of using necromancy on a man's body to pretend he is alive while he happens to be haunting that body. We've all been there. Together they decide it might be wise to get some help and Travis thinks of the perfect person to do it.
Nov 17
57 min
Skyjacks: Episode 85
The crew reacts to Gable's story in the Grandfire. Before they get too much time to process, Jane takes the stage and tells a story about Rusalka that a stranger told her in a bar. Then Travis is compelled to enter the fire and gets compelled to do something he only very recently has grown accustomed to: tell the truth. That obviously causes trouble and our heroes are forced to hide in Dref's office.
Nov 10
1 hr 6 min
Skyjacks: Behind the Sails: Worldbuilding Nordia
We gave Casey the week off because the last two days have been A LOT. In place of an episode, we're bringing Patreon content to the main feed. This is the worldbuilding session zero that created Nordia! We also thew in James' thoughts on the Nordia arc and answered listener questions.
Nov 4
1 hr 29 min
Skyjacks: Episode 84
Pulling away from Nordia victorious, the crew of The Uhuru is alerted by the ringing of the heart bell. The Captain is calling for a Grandfire – a tradition from his homeland that calls for the exchange of stories around a massive fire. Different members of the crew are called before the fire to tell stories prompted by stones drawn from the coals.
Oct 28
1 hr 10 min
Skyjacks: Episode 83
The crew of the Uhuru say their final farewells in Nordia. Gable has to work out the best course of action with Il Sangue Dio deciding whether another ship is worth the trouble of drawing the ire of The Church. Jonnit tries to talk Adrienne down from preaching the gospel of The Slain God's newest prophet. Travis doesn't really do anything but we've probably had enough out of him for one arc.
Oct 21
1 hr 56 min
Skyjacks: Episode 82
After banishing the Mariner from Nrodia the Uhuru pirates work to pick up the pieces. Travis and Margaret dance around where they might be now. Gable struggles not to lose themself in who they were. Jonnit tries to reign in the gifts and adoration this town has for a young man who must be a prophet and seer.
Oct 14
59 min
Skyjacks: Episode 81
The crew gathers for an epic stand against The Mariner himself. Jonnit and Orimar try to keep him pinned while Gable and Travis work desperately to draw his attention. Can any ship– even the greatest corsair vessel ever to touch the sky– stand against the wrath of the sea? It all comes down to a single bottle of bog wine.
Oct 7
1 hr 10 min
Skyjacks: Episode 80
Gable and Travis are wrapped in 200 years worth of complicated tension and realize if they want to help Jonnit they will need to find a way to resolve it. Jonnit faces down The Mariner. Everyone who rushes to his defense is driven back by the hateful power of the sea. He must face a bitter truth: there is no one alive who can help him.
Sep 30
1 hr 14 min
Skyjacks: Episode 79
Travis does that totally reasonable thing and takes some time to yell at Gable in the middle of a battle with The Mariner. Meanwhile, Jonnit and Margaret face off against La Llorona together only to discover that she isn't alone.
Sep 23
1 hr 10 min
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