Call Your Girlfriend
Call Your Girlfriend
Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow
A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.
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You two are fabulous. Thank you for the work, honesty, and intentionality you put into each week. The value per minute rating of this podcast is OFF the charts. It’s just a bright spot every week no matter the topic. Thank you!
The only podcast I’ve written a review for
This podcast is sometimes the highlight of my week! I always look forward to their carefully crafted interviews, but love the shows where they do deep dives just the two of them. So easy to listen to, funny and actually improves my life.
I love this podcast! I read Big Friendship, which is amazing as well, it talks about their podcast so here I am! I am on episode 6 with no plans to stop until I am through them all!
It’s Good...But Not For Me
I ordered their book, “Big Friendship” and it is great, but the topics of the podcast are not for me. I like the topics in the book because I can relate to them more, but these ladies are great and they are doing their thing!
Focus on the relationship you have with one another
I love this show so much and always will, but I feel like Ann and Aminatou have lost sight of what drew people to this show to begin with. I come to hear the two of them talk to each other, not to others. That’s where the magic is. These are two incredibly intelligent, funny, insightful, and relatable people who have A+ chemistry. But it’s diminished when the show keeps focusing on them speaking with others. I don’t think outside interviews have to be done away with entirely but it seems like these make up the bulk of the show now and I wish it were the exact opposite.
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My favorite podcast of all time
I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this one tops them all. Ann and Aminatou are smart, thoughtful, and funny. I’ve learned a lot, cried a lot, and laughed a lot. Wish I could give 6 stars.
Y’all are some judgmental ladies. I listened for several years and finally stopped because I felt bad about myself after most eps. No real self reflection here, just self adulation. Letting Kamala get off easy, then judging people for liking true crime. K lol.
Not a lot of substance here.
Like, super irritating
Like, umm, like you know? I want to love this podcast and I am super far from perfect but it is hard to listen to. The ummm, like, ya know is hard to listen to.
Sadly, unsubscribing
I can’t listen to these two talk about their book for weeks on end. I’ve been listening since day one and somehow I’ve only just realized how irritating Aminatou and Anne are
Just discovered this podcast (shamefully late), because of Aminatou & Ann’s new book Big Friendship. Can’t wait to binge.
Cusp Fam
Always learning and often laughing
I know that each episode I’m going to learn something and most likely laugh a lot too. They have eclectic smart guests and Aminatou and Ann have the intellectual and down to earth conversations that I love!
captain inmo
Wow, the trapdoor episode. Thank you.
Relatable and delightful
This is one of my favorite podcasts! I love the friendship between Aminatou & Ann, their range of amazing (primarily) female guests, the topics they cover and their love of books. I get so many great recommendations from this pod and their topics discussed are jumping off points for my friendship circles.
Informative and fun!
Aminatou and Ann continue to bring interesting topics and guests to the podcast year over year. I’ve been listening since 2015 and still make sure to carve time out of my week to listen to the new episode. They’ve turned me onto so many new people to read/ listen to, and help me put words to my feelings about current issues in ways I have never been able to before. They really put so much work into the pod, but it comes off so casual and relaxed. 10/10!
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Soothing and stimulating all at once
Aminatou and Ann share their hearts and minds with laser focus on the topics at hand. They celebrate Big Friendship and illuminate it for all of our benefits. This is a joy to listen to, and I always learn a lot.
They feel like your best friends!
I’ve never missed an episode!
I miss the old CYG, when Ann and Aminatou were approachable and relatable :(. Now it just seems like they are in their own know-it-all bubble, which I understand happens when you get a little fame in the creative world, but come on...Stop self-promoting and promoting your “artsy” friends and go back to talking about anxiety, politics, and societal commentary!
Love this podcast
These gals always make me think and make me laugh. They provide thoughtful commentary about tough issues, and I always come away with some newfound perspective. Anxiously awaiting my copy of their book! Love them!
Highlight of week
CYG is a highlight of my week. I always come away learning something. I appreciate Ann and Aminatou’s point of view and how they combine intelligent conversations about racism, politics, news and culture with reflections on friendship. A rare podcast that shows that women are multifaceted. I have been a loyal listener for several years and can’t wait for the book to come out.
addictive but has to go
I hope aminatou gets her money. I hope ann gets a personality.
Long time listener
I have listened to the podcast for a few years now, and I absolutely love the show. It’s an amazing combination of funny conversations, heart to hearts, and informative interviews. Ann and Aminatou are lovely, powerful, and grounded. They have taught me to really cherish my female friendships. Sending with love!
Carleigh N.
cannot recommend highly enough
I love old school CYG phonecall episodes between Amina & Ann, but also been thoroughly enjoying the interviews lately. Both are both amazing and thoughtful interviewers, giving their guests the opportunity to shine and be fully themselves in a way that I think few other platforms accomplish so well. Ann's recent interview with Mariame Kaba was a deeply pleasurable listen; like not just informative or illuminating, but lighting up parts of my brain and heart in a really satisfying way. thank you for making this beautiful show and giving me something to look forward to every Friday!
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Episode 281
I just shared episode 281 with my church and we’re now using it as inspiration for our community’s racial injustice action moving forward!
Caroline E. H. C.
I Appreciate the ongoing work and information
J. Biden episode
Thank you so much for your deep and thoughtful conversation about Biden and his campaign. I really appreciate that someone with influence is talking about how we need to be discussing the concept of apologizing with integrity and remorse and how it is possible for politicians to admit that they made bad decisions. We need to hold them accountable—probably especially if they are part of the party we support.
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The voices are like manly I didn’t like it at all
Great hosts!
Love how much you two love, respect, and support each other! The deep connection is so apparent in each episode. You two are always having the most fun!
Joe Biden episode
Thank you so much for this episode. If someone has a problem with you simply bringing the facts than it says more about them and what they think is or isn’t important enough to discuss than it does about this show. The media coverage and statements by public figures I respect have all been extremely disappointing. Nancy Pelosi saying “Biden is Biden” was a cherry on the hypocritical cake. Instead of focusing the episode on what a “dilemma” this problematic information is you are treating the information with the seriousness it deserves and giving historical context. As progressives we can’t be so wrapped up in defeating a single person that we start to resemble him. Anyway this episode crystallized so much of what I love about you both. Thanks
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Joe Biden episode
While I understand not every candidate is for every person, I think publishing an episode diminishing a civil servant’s accomplishments without verified accounts of something is irresponsible and embarrassing. Roe v Wade is on the table and this is what you guys are doing with your platform. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Unsubscribing.
Week in and week out new episodes of this podcast brighten my Friday morning!! Many thanks to Amina, Ann, and Gina for a wonderful show.
Long time listener
I’ve been listening to CYG since day 1 and it still keeps me coming back for more every week. I am about 10 years younger than Ann and Amina and their conversations always make me feel like I’m listening my two older sisters chatting away. They talk about everything I care about - from pronouns to politics to thrift shopping - from a feminist, intersectional lens. I’ve been learning and growing from this pod since 2015 and I will stan CYG until the apocalypse. Thanks Ann and Amina!
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My favorite podcast
Love this podcast. Thanks so much!
Wow, no thanks
I’m not familiar with Samantha Irby , but it’s hard for me to listen to, much less take seriously, someone who more than most 7th grade girls.
Great way to feel connected to other women
I love listening to this podcast whenever I feel like discussing girly stuff and women's issues. Being the only woman in my family, listening to this podcast is a time where I get to feel like I'm understood.
Marina 'The Trader Chick'
This podcast is my therapy!
So so so grateful to have Ann and Amina during this crazy time. I’ve listened to you guys for 5+ years and glad for your focus on topics like books to help get my mind off anxiety. THANK YOU!
Makaiah Mae
All the stars
Aminatou and Ann bring so much humor, candidness, and realness to a variety of topics impacting women, from entrepreneurship, to health, to reproductive rights and finances. They make the heaviest and driest of topics enjoyable and accessible. Thanks y’all!!!
Love this podcast. Except the latest ep on COVID. DONT MAKE THIS VIRUS THAT IS THREATENING THE WORLDS POPULATION ABOUT RACE. Seriously, the fact is this started from a specific country due the their cultural culinary practices. Anyone has the right to not be pleased about that due to fear and emotional responses. It isn’t racism. It is a short term reaction to the root cause of this virus. It will pass. Let’s not spread further panic and make this into something it doesn’t have to be. You reach many people and should be more responsible in your messages. No need to put racism into the minds of the masses.
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HungryForResults, MS RD CSSD
Love it!
My Sunday meal prep podcast going on 3+ years. Please, please do some Keep It/CYG crossovers. In this scary corona time Amina and Ira content is what the people need.
I've always loved Ann's pie charts and subscribe to her newsletter. But I just started listening to CYG and I really enjoy it. I recently listened to the Bad Bosses episode, there were moments where I couldn't relate since I don't work in the corporate world, but it was still really interesting. I'm going to keep it in my podcast rotation!
She stole my caption!
Hey Britt! I recently had another stylist follow my hair account, so naturally I went to creep and one of her first 3 posts was WORD FOR WORD my very own long, heart felt one year behind the chair post. Im all for inspiring people, and it’s definitely flattering for someone to like what you put out there, but at the same time I was so dang bummed that she used something so meaningful to me and straight copy and pasted it on her page! I freaking love your podcast AND thrivers and all the truth bombs you drop, and I would love to hear your take on this. In the grand scheme of things I don’t think there’s a lot to do about this, but I want clarity and your thoughts on this subject. We all post similar things as we are in the same industry doing the same things, but I think it’s going a little far to copy someone else's’ post word for word, especially one that’s so meaningful. Thank you so much! Keep killin it 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
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Smart, funny, and real girls!
I started listening to this podcast when all of my girlfriends had moved away, and I really just wanted to hear girl talk and ladies laughing and having a good time. I listened to this podcast every time it came out. I looked for others, thinking I would find many good ones like this one, but this is still my favorite! And the blessing in disguise, that I have so much enjpyed is that I have learned a lot about politics. These girls are so smart, they talk about what's currently going on, and they're just REAL! Love them. And honestly grateful for their time and dedication to this podcast. It has to helped me feel not so lonely & filled my cup for girl talk.❤️ This podcast not only helped fill my void of I-miss-talking-with-my-girl-friends! When they began to talk a lot about politics, in a way I could understand! I learned that *I am* “smart enough” to talk about politics too! I’m actually even capable to use my voice to help make change.
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the best show
Such a lovely and informative show!! I really enjoy the dynamic between Ann and Aminatou and I always feel supported, affirmed and educated after each episode. A gem!!
Def in love!
Thanks ladies for a solid show on things that are of substance!
Thank you for the work you do <3
Aminatou, Ann, Gina - I don't even know how many years I have listened to you - probably close to 5. At that time, my husband's friend's woke girlfriend recommended you to me. And I've been listening since! I'm so grateful for the lightness you bring while waking me up. I grew up in a religiously conservative and sheltered home and had to learn how to un-brainwash myself. Through going to school for social work, I got on that path. And filling my ears with your conversations has helped continue that work of questioning the things I was taught and checking myself for living a life congruent with my values. I've been challenged by you, but in a way that is gentle and also leaves me thinking for days. I love the guests you bring on to broaden that conversation (finances! preach it!). Since becoming a mom 2 years ago, listening to you reminds me that I'm not a one dimensional person. My stay-at-home mom life/part-time weekend social working is not all who I am. From you, I get to hear conversations about substantial topics, continue to check my privilege, and am so humbled to learn from every episode. Love your work - keep it coming! We shelltered girls need it!
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Emily J-H
Love this podcast
On my list of favorite podcasts
Thank you to the writers and producers! You teach me about current issues, make me laugh, and give me an excuse to listen to my favorite Robyn song all the time!
Loving recent episodes
I feel like I’ve been coming home to this show in recent episodes! Listening to you two discuss Can a Woman Be President? And Bad Bosses was like seeing old friends and reconnecting by talking all night over wine and edibles! I felt seen by your reflections, learned something, and had my mind opened to new things. This is your show at its best! Loved the discussion of negotiating progressive values while participating in capitalism, HERE for the nuanced discussion of how misogyny trauma is part of our response to warren/sanders drama! This makes me very excited to read the book. Thank you for these episodes!
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Bernie 2020
The way that they talked about the 2020 presidential candidates. So disappointing. Taking HRC’s and Elizabeth Warren’s smear campaigns seriously. Failing to acknowledge all of the very real (here’s to you Warren) poc women in the Bernie Sanders campaign. I am a women and I can see past the white feminism of HRC and Warren to the intersectionality of Bernie Sanders. Do they really think that MLK would be supporting any other candidate then Bernie Sanders in 2020 if he was alive? You’re privilege is showing. Sounds like you would rather have a hashtag “girlboss” running the amazon warehouse than vote for policy that could save people’s lives. Feminism is not awhite women who claimed to be the first professor at Harvard of color. Feminism is not a women who covered up sexual abuse. Like rashida tlaib I saw booooo to HRC and booooo to call your girlfriend.
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Educational and fun
I have learned so much through listening to this podcast. I love that the hosts assume their listeners are smart and informed. This allows the conversations to go to a whole different level. They are deep, complex, and thoughtful. Thank you Amina and Ann.
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