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Always a good listen. I discovered it during the covid lockdowns so there was a good backlog of episodes for me to catch up with. I’ve since listened to all of them and now I look forward to a new episode every week. I was a fan of Alaska’s group Hangar 18 when they were on Def Jux, but had never heard anything by Castro or Zilla. This podcast put me on to their music and the music of all the dope guests they’ve had on and it’s made me go back and re-listen to the classic albums and artists they discuss on the show. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of Eminem or Erick Sermon.
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unrivaled greatness
It is hard to describe how good this podcast is, because there is not much out there to use as a comparison. If you get why ego trip magazine back issues sell for ludicrous prices these days you will thoroughly enjoy the shows. Just enough of everything, entertaining for sure, also informative, with the sensibilities of good morning radio and 90s college mix shows blended into unrivaled greatness.
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Thank you
🕊️ 🔌 🔌 tribute 🙏 😢
Mista Hippo
The best hip hop podcast on the interwebnets.
Always look forward to hearing new episodes from these dudes.
Longtime listener, great show, everything that bothers the one star reviewers is why I dig this show! Keep it up fellas
The new objective
ShabLam Shablow
Love this podcast! Roundtables, guests or the core. If I had one complaint it’s strictly comical, Castro mic level, screaming has literally had me jump from my desk at work & he must own some Walmart type smartphone or is on speaker cuz his audio in comparison to others is GARBAGE! But it makes the pod raw uncut &
Just discovered and digging it!
I’m playing catch up! Glad I found this podcast. Love hearing the Indy label talk of the 90s and early 2000s.
Rough listen…
I get it, everyone can do a podcast these days but sheesh…the production of this, everyone talking over each other, the lack of editing out unnecessary content and frankly multiple inaccurate comments made this a really rough listen. I’m speaking specifically of the Common episode. The attempts at humor fail for the most part and it sounds like a bunch of bitter rappers. I’m actually surprised that Sean (who I like a lot, does really good professional work on Can’t Knock The Shuffle and The Questions) agreed to be on this show.
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The best rap podcast in the game
I listen to a good amount of rap podcasts and this is the best. They’re one of two I never skip an episode of. I think the main reason it’s the best bc they’re all rappers themselves and their perspective is beyond what a fan would ask or talk about. Although of course they’re fans of rap.
One of my favorite rap podcasts
I’ll give these guys credit: all three of them know hip hop. Although I don’t always agree with their opinions, I respect their perspective. I expected that they would know a lot about underground hip hop, but I’m surprised how much they know about mainstream hip hop as well. Great listen..
Best hip hop podcast from lifelong fan
It’s the best hip hop podcast. 3 friends and dope artists who at the end of the day are super knowledgeable fans. There isn’t an episode where I don’t find something new about and old favorite or a new favorite.
Thee Best!!!
Hands down the best hip hop podcast to ever podcast. The best there is, the best there was, you know the rest. Much love!
more john blaze
Shaaaa Blaaaooow
The perfect length to sit in my car waiting or alternate side parking time slots to pass. Never fire Castro.
A Must Listen For Hip-Hop Fans
A great mixture of hip-hop appreciation and commentary on today’s culture.
Good dudes great podcast
Thought provoking work
George Bestest
Good rap talk
Best Eric sermon related podcast 5 stars
Matt Meinen
Typical Underground mc's opnions
I love this podcast even though I only agree with only like 25% of their opinions on rap music. They remind me of the typical underground/ aspiring Mc's opinions from back in the 90's. They swear every other Mc's album is trash, but their own material is horrible. I love this podcast though, becasue it is well done, and their perspectives are interesting.
One of the best hip-hop podcasts you’ll ever hear
A weekly must-listen for my Friday afternoon commute home. Hearing three lifelong hip-hop fans like Zilla, Alaska, and Castro discuss some of the topics and backstories I’ve been interested in makes for one of the most refreshing podcasts you’ll listen to.
Vincenzo Adama
Must listen show
Been a fan of these guys for over 20 years and I particularly appreciate the discussions on the underground hip-hop I grew up on (ex: Can Ox and Breeze episodes). Side note: I’m listening to the Can Ox show and I, too, remember when the “Dear Elpee “ and “Linda Tripp” lyrics were posted side by side, and it was on Hip-Hop Site. That introduced me to both Sole and El-P and, by proxy, all of you. Thank you. Keep up the good work!
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These dudes just constantly got the most interesting takes and back it up with a collective encyclopedia of knowledge on the rap game. You gonna learn somethin every episode.
Best rap pod out!
If you dig encyclopedic rap knowledge off the cuff this is it in its best form. Thoroughly entertaining slang editorials from these guys. Recommend to any rap fan
Call out culture!
Rap, rap, rappity-rap, rap to the rap, rap, rap I love this podcast.
dj pawl
one of the best hip-hop podcasts out. This is what we need more of - people who actually participate in hip-hop talking about it
Forrest Whitaker
What Hip Hop needs is more Hip Hop
Keep rocking on! This is a great listen and addition to my Hip-Hop Daddy downtime.
Been waiting for a cast like this 🤘🏽
em marley
Dope podcast, but ...
Tim needs to wash his nutsack. Sincerely, Professor Science Laser Beams
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