Call Me When You Get This
Call Me When You Get This
Alexis Rockley
23. Gut Health & Mental Health w/ Integrative Nutritionist, MS, CS, RD, Miriam Jacobson
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Mar 28, 2020 at 9:32 am.
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Show notes

Ooooo, very-special-episode-alert! 

Today’s guest expert human is Miriam Jacobson (She/Her), an integrative nutritionist who uses functional medicine to help people resolve underlying reasons for their 'mystery symptoms' like indigestion, bloating, bowel abnormalities, fatigue, low energy levels and irritability. 

[Don’t know what “integrative nutritionist” or “functional medicine” mean? Don’t worry, neither did I…we cover it in this episode!]

She's smart, dedicated (aka 2 degrees! 3 certifications!) and easy to talk to (has a v. California millennial sound) and SO helpful. 

Across a mildly-decent-internet connection, we cover: why gut health affects our mental health, alien invaders in our digestive system, probiotics vs prebiotics, accidentally suggestive 90’s kids toys called “water snakes,” the dirty dozen and clean 15, science’s verdict on food trends like cutting calories, juicing, and gluten-free everything; the best diets for people prone to depression or anxiety, are carbs bad??, WTF is keto?, and every rapid fire question y’all could think of.

Here's that special link for Miriam's Food Foundations online course!


So, call me when you get this? 

No really—leave me a voicemail with your feedback and questions, and I'll call you back: 510) 394-2104.