Buying Carrots
Buying Carrots
Chris and Tim
Two of the UK's less infamous inhabitants share interesting and thought provoking topics while doing a better job of staying in touch. Often setting the world to rights and revealing all sorts of unusual trivia and opinions unearthed from the internet and beyond, at least you will find more here to entertain than if you were out there, buying carrots. At least, that's the plan...
Buying Carrots - Episode 8
Oh no! Disaster! It seems that gremlins have crept into our podcast files... again! This episode - more '7.5' than Episode 8, has, sadly, gone a little wrong. As you will hear, via a 'solo' (who doesn't like a good solo?!) from Chris part way through... About 25 minutes in, and that's including some 'bonus' (you may not think so when you hear it) audio from the customary pre-actual-podcast-recording chatter which usually happens when we make these - this time including some amusing attempts to create some soundbites for future useage, you'll notice Tim falls strangely silent. We think a mute button may have been pressed. We wouldnt usually include the pre-amble.. well not to this extent anyway! Here, its a large part of all we have! This has therefore been uploaded more for prosperity than anythng, but there should hopefully be something here to enjoy or inspire still. It was more of an editing job than either of us could face after realising what had happened, to go through this and cut out all of the silences where Tim would be speaking, but we have tried to do some. Appologies, and know that normal service will be resumed err.. next time around! Thanks for listening though, it means a lot.
Oct 21, 2014
1 hr 12 min
Buying Carrots - Special #1 'The Hill' (Snowdon)
We mentioned it a few times, and fortunately (or not!) for you, we recorded the experience for all to share!Karen joined us for our little stroll in one of the UK's most scenic and awe inspiring national parks, so you finally get to meet the other 'brain' involved behind the scenes from time to time when it comes to this podcast. Note, due to the.. ahem.. 'interesting' and 'challenging' conditions on the day, at times there may be some 'colorful' language used. Very bad of us, not our usual style - but when we get some photos uploaded.. well you had to be there!
Oct 19, 2014
46 min
Buying Carrots - Episode 7
Episode 7 arrives, with much fanfare! Tim has returned from the lake district, and has some comparisons to Scotland to make. On that note, this was recorded just prior to the Scottish Independance Referendum - so by now you all know the outcome! Other topics touched on with all of our usual finesse include migraines, Google Now, Siri, mobile phones (again - sorry!) and of course the other big bg of recent news - the Apple iWatch! Look out for a bit of perception from Tim on one of it's "killer apps". For the scientifcally minded, we even touch on some recent wikipedia learnings of ours - among them neutron stars and polymerised iron!  As always, enjoy our musings - and send us your feedback over on twitter: @BuyingCarroyts.
Oct 12, 2014
1 hr 14 min
Buying Carrots - Episode 6
Recorded on a bank holiday weekend (it's a UK thing!) there's a slightly muted feel to this episode, attributed to the typical state of lethargy a bank holiday monday evening always brings! Neverthelss, plenty here to entertain and interest as always (we do try..) and the guys start by offering more in the way of a proper introduction to ourselves, and this podcast. Topics covered are nothing short of varied, including the x-files, pink floyd, where to find us on twitter, a bit more about Chester, grumbling, a couple of very fantastic celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge responses, streaming video services and being impatient about obtaining entertainment, Liam Neeson Kicking ass, as well as a touch of retro-gaing joy! "Welcome to Basingstoke", elite (and sequels), and of course a helping of grumbling about certain social networks, and our patented 2-idiots rule. To top all of that, recent thoughts on how to ace an interview (disclaimer - do this and it's on you!) for all you aspiring job seekers there!Oh, and 'Redditch'.
Oct 5, 2014
1 hr 2 min
Buying Carrots - Episode 5
Breakfast is amazing, so is Pizza. Pizza, pizza, pizza. Harvester too - Yum!Chris shares some insights from an early experience with video advertising on you tube, and the guys also talk about Facebook's recent 'experiment', among the usual assortment of topics, including Dark Skies, Space, 'Race the Train', Running, Urbex, preparing for Snowdon, Tim's 'feet'... and some more pizza, and further words about how fantastic breakfast is.
Sep 21, 2014
1 hr 2 min
Buying Carrots - Episode 4
We must appologise for the terrible quality on Chris's take in this. We strive to at least maintain a decent listener experience in our musings, but in this case we had insurmountable problems dealing with background noise, and our atempts to fix this have been.. hem.. poor! Still, Tim sounds like his usual self, and the guys cover many varied topics; Mondays, Geography, Sheep problems, Ekranoplans, Infinite monkeys and DNA, (digital) Storage and it's maintenance, archiving and ongoing growth.. and Steel Drums of all things. Truly fascinating fun stuff, amongst much other coversational flotsam and jetsam.
Sep 14, 2014
56 min
Buying Carrots - Episode 3
Continuing our theme of assorted trivia and randomness, in this new episode we touch on such marvels as Birmingham (UK), Libraries, The elevator song, Battleships, Pub Quizzies and other assorted 'Buying Carrots' (non)content... we even explain the virtues of being 'Windows phone' users - including the ever quick, simple and versatile 'One Note' app and it's alternatives.Also contained witin is a new food invention that *will* BLOW YOUR MIND. You heard it here, first, folks.
Sep 7, 2014
1 hr 12 min
Buying Carrots - Episode 2
Buying Carrots - Episode 2 Continuing with our theme of the somewhat random, slightly off the wall content while we wam up and really 'cut our teeth' on podcasting, Episode 2 is here! The fact that we pretty much live in Science Fiction, Great Wall of China, Temporary death, Ithsmuses (Isthmii??), Writing a Canon (music) and the master of that kind of work - Pachabel and his Canon in D. Also, Apostrophe's, popcorn, Dumbells and many other assorted topics. We've even touched on some weight training insight.
Sep 6, 2014
1 hr 10 min
Buying Carrots - Episode 1
Our very first Episode! The Inagural episode of the "Buying Carrots" podcast, featuring (or perhaps more apt, touching upon!) such moments as "how not to synchronise two people talking", our new theme tune, flying cars, mangrove swamps, Mr 'Auto-Harp' and Segway personal transporters.
Sep 1, 2014
55 min
Buying Carrots - Pilot Episode
Buying Carrots - Pilot Episode It made sense to test the water in terms of our production, set up, and ability to actually come up with interesting and hopefully, at times, amusing content. Thus, this pilot episode came to be. Topics include social media, "Buying Carrots" - origin of the name, Bananas, Unusual weapons, Steam and board games and various other topics that we pick up.
Aug 26, 2014
1 hr