Business Wars
Business Wars
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Just love this show, the subjects are always interesting and though provoking. Great work guys!
Good job
Just one question? What days do you upload
Hey absolutely love the show. Ever think about revisiting Southwest vs American? With COVID I think that’d be really interesting to see how they all had to adapt.
Sehn Mavrey
Cola Wars New Customer
I am giving this podcast 5 stars because of the knowledge and the interesting way the shows are portrayed. I’m also giving five stars because I’ve never drank pop in my 26 years of living and listening to Dan describe the wars I had a hankering to try Pepsi and Coca Cola. I am a fan of both and am hooked. Thank you, Dan for your entertaining stories and ability to get people to try new things!
These are surprisingly interesting stories narrated In a compelling fashion. Great job.
Even if the title doesn’t do it for you, you will definitely find several stories David has done, extremely interesting. Great stories, great storytelling. David could be the best narrator going right now.
the 3rd Jim
Surprisingly good
Even though I’m not a big fan of business, I find all these episodes very informative and entertaining. Great job by the host.
️TNR supporter
It could improve
Not as good as it used to be. The older episodes were entertaining; I really do not care about the companies they profile now.
So interesting
This is so great! I’ve listened too all the seasons! 😃 Great for many ages. All seasons are amazing from the first episode.Really liked Duncan v Starbucks and Hershey v Mars. This podcast is great! From the usual and sensible to the strange and unorthodox, this covers all the business war it can, and I love it!
Some good content but mostly filler
Between intros, bumper music, ads and acting. There is barely 15minutes of content in a 30min podcast. The 15mins if content isn’t bad, but could definitely be expanded upon and all the extras need to be minimized or eliminated.
mat tel
I always learn something when I listen to the podcast.
Great research
Love this podcast
Great Binge Listen
Discovered this podcast about two weeks ago, and I already listened to four seasons. Amazing storytelling and pacing. My favorite season so far is Blockbuster vs. Netflix.
Low on content, high on sensationalism, and poorly presented.
Great podcast
Lowe’s vs Home Depot might be interesting
I’m hooked
So interesting! Now I have to go back and catch up!
Best darn show out there
The material is amazing, writing is polished and the host is killer. He will randomly mispronounce some words but this is still the best podcast I’ve heard.
Great content, FAR too many ads.
This podcast has great, high quality content, but has significantly more ad time than other similar podcasts. The ads may be why they can sustain the quality of content, but it feels excessive. The longest ad segment is in the middle of the story, which unfortunately ruins the immersion. Ideally, you’d have shorter ad segments midway, and a longer segment at the end.
Where are the missing Gallo episodes?
Bunker Spreckles
Learn Lessons of Business
I was first introduced to this podcast by another, by Russell Brunson who said it was one of his favorites I tuned in and immediately learned a ton of business lessons from the mistakes of titans. Great podcast
To many comm
This is a great podcast! Interesting stories about rivalries between businesses, great story telling, informative, and inspiring! I got hooked when I heard Dunkin’ & Starbucks...
One of my favorite podcasts! Even for businesses I didn’t think would be that interesting, I find myself sucked in on each series. Patagonia vs. North Face is great, and the new series on Gallo is especially cool!
This show is okay
This show is pretty good, I feel like it leaves out some important information that you would need to know. Overall, I would recommend it, i really liked the mcdonald’s vs burger king!
Explore China Enterprises Pls.
Excellent reviews, for most of the topics.
David, in your promo you need to clearly articulate the name
I am perhaps unfairly giving this podcast one star before I’ve listened to it not because I’m not looking forward to the subject, but David your “i’mdavidbrownthehostofwond(?)ery’sbusinesswarsshow” promo is such a Niagara Falls of no space between them words that I had to listen to it three times and Google as many relevant pieces to find it. Note that the iPodcast app’s search function is anything but smart, so if something sounds interesting but the promo is badly done, it’s a lot of work to find it. Slow down to go fast in building your audience? Looking forward to give you five stars soon!
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Best in Show
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts!
J Martin83
Absolutely hooked!
I am so glad I heard an ad for Business Wars while I was listening to another podcast. I'm so excited that there's so much more content I need to get through. GREAT production! Keep it up!
Manuel Rocker
Fantastic podcast! A must listen!
I am new to podcasts. I never really thought I’d like them, but I was recommended this specific one by a few people on Reddit and a couple friends of mine. This podcast is FANTASTIC! I binged the first season while out on the road, and I just started the Nike vs Adidas one. The intricacies, the depth, the sound engineering, all of it is just great. Definitely give it a listen!
Travis WA
A must listen podcast
I’ve listened to every season it’s amazing at first I didn’t know what to think about the re-enactments but now I love it I really look forward to every new episode.
Bobby G43
Best podcast
Woke up with a nightmare that they were cancelling this show. It’s extremely entertaining, yet very educational. This is the best podcast out there— and I listen to a lot of them.
Very informative and high-quality podcast
If I could rate this podcast higher than five stars I would. I learn a ton and it really helps while driving on the road. I recommend it to all entrepreneurs as there are a lot of learning lessons in each episode. Keep them coming!
Team Gorman
Very informative, enjoyable, greatest podcast ever and I look forward to every episode.
How about: Google vs. Yahoo IBM vs. Apple VHS vs. Beta
Fusion Frank D
Close but no Cigar...
I really love the stories themselves, and the execution (audio quality & sound effects) are good. But it suffers from “The Wondery Effect” They need SOMEONE... ANYONE to do all the female voices, even if his accents aren’t great David playing all the men is fine but when he switches to a “female” voice it’s grating. “Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo” would be cool. Also politics, but hey it’s a free country and it’s your podcast... A podcast that has nothing to do with politics but chooses to comment/push its agenda anyway... I’m gonna stop now.
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Joshua A. Mangrum
One of the best.
Very interesting, wish there were more episodes. Let’s see Samsung vs. Apple!!!
tech podcast listener
Very informative!
I love this podcast because of its relative content. I remember a lot of these battles as they were playing out but it’s nice to get some behind the scenes info too! Keep it up!
FedEx vs UZS
Good series but one episode indicated that Federal Express would never have a union because they incorporated as an airline. They don’t have a union because they keep their employees happy without a union. Airline companies have unions like any other company. Bad impression in the episode.
Pizza Hutt vs. Dominos
Pizza Hutt vs. Dominos?! Yes!!!!!!!
Excellent show - Suggestions
Great podcast, love the content, keep em coming. Buffett vs. The World. All of Berkshire’s acquisitions and investments in various industries. Just listened to Hershey vs. Mars, which gave me the idea there are likely others. Great stories around him. Proctor and Gamble vs. Unilever Shell vs. BP Cartoon wars: Disney, Warner bros, 20th century fox, paramount, Winkler, Universal, Columbia etc. MCI vs. AT&T IBM vs. HP
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OfferUp v LetGo
I love the show! It’s so cool hearing about the history of company’s many to almost all Americans use daily. I just saw that OfferUp has LetGo now on their logo, so I thought that would probably be a good series. You guys are awesome keep up the great work!
A great subject
Oreos vs chips a hoy would be a great business wars
Mr. Nick2k6
Accents are terrible!
Great podcast, but I’m listening to FedEx v. UPS, and the accents are go beyond inauthentic, they’re distractingly atrocious. Gross! Y’all need to work with a linguist, or better yet, hire a Southerner.
Entertaining and educational podcast
I have enjoyed all the series that they have covered in this informative and interesting podcast. It is great to hear the backstory on these companies that I was not aware of.
Country Does Business
The content is alright, but if you listen to the dramatizations in this, you will quickly form the impression that everyone who ever started a business has/had a Southeastern US accent. Doesn’t matter if they are from Austria, the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast... they are all *really* from somewhere between Chattanooga and Atlanta. It’s like the founders of Cracker Barrel got together and recorded a podcast about the founding of UPS, NorthFace, Starbucks Pepsi, FedEx, RedBull, De Beers, etc.
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The Calvello Kid
Can’t get enough!
I never thought I’d like a podcast called “business wars.” Some seasons it takes me a couple episodes to get into it, but they never disappoint. The Hershey v Mars season is my favorite so far.
It could be great
With such great potential stories, I don’t like the dramatization approach this podcast has chosen. Having one male do all of the voices is not effective, especially when it comes to women’s voices. I would like this podcast much better if they were telling the stories more as a documentary rather than a dramatization. The music is a bit too dramatic.
Obsessed with every episode
I can’t get enough! Every season and every episode is beyond amazing!
My favorite podcast!
This a great podcast. It is a little hard to keep people separate though with just one person speaking. One idea was electric cars wars. Maybe Netflix vs. YouTube/Disney+ Also Airlines wars: American, United, Southwest, and Spirit. By the way, Dunkin Donuts v.s. Starbucks was so good!!!
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