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Excellent podcast in every aspect. Loved WC voice. It’s a disgusting story. Did The Loser just copied Berlusconi? I do hope his end is different!!
Two Stars At Best
New Review: I know that until there is a massive backlash of some sort, the likelihood of Wondery changing anything about this is slim to none, but I have found that I am going to stop listening to any of the material. As good as the storylines may be (in some of their shows, this one is an exception) the vast majority of the show - all of their shows - seem to be one giant commercial with a great story interlaced into it. I have tried the free version, it is nice, but I don’t think that as many people are willing to pay as much as everyone seems to be requesting now to listen to each podcast in the form of a story versus a commercial. If you happen to see this review duplicated comments because I’m going to paste it on every one of their podcasts that I have listen to. I would be curious as to how many people actually buy the products that are shoved down our throat‘s. One can’t help but wonder if the juice is going to be worth the squeeze as listeners gradually drop off in this day of thousands upon thousands of available podcasts. I truly pity those who are telling the stories, doing the research, and have put together such a well done storyline as long as they work for this company. Original Review: Wondery podcasts are getting worse with each episode. They used to be outstanding, but now may as well be one long running advertisement interspersed with a story line; in this case one that was uninteresting with a strained attempt at humor.
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Wow. As nasty as American politics are, we’ve found something nastier. Love to hear the stories about Silvio. Reminds me of a former governor of Louisiana who said, allegedly, yes, I’m a crook but at least I’m im being honest with you. He was voted in several times (might be a good podcast). Anyway, I digress, great podcast. Love the narrators. Just the proper blend of humor and facts. Well, Bunga Bunga!!
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Well written and presented!
Love Whitney & her silly quips - made this terrifying story a little more lighthearted. Well done! A great work time binge.
Ok story telling
A lot of tongue-in-cheek humor so it wasn’t boring. I especially laughed when, in the very end, she eluded to how a skirt chasing, money grabbing politician couldn’t happen here! Hahaha! Calling Bill Clinton out like that!!
Huge fan of wonders podcasts and “feeling the story” however in this case I could have dealt with feeling the story through a different narrator as Whitney Cummings made this mostly dull story insufferable.
American girls pretending to know all about Italian politics. The only interesting thing about this podcast is the thumbnail and the title, everything else is Boring.
Loving this podcast, heard a little of this story but great to get a bigger picture. Plus LOVE Whitney Cummings.
Ellen Stagg
It’s prolly a Great story, I just couldnt get into this style of telling it. Also, I dont like the title and the story behind it was pretty anti-climactic.
Ang mr
Truly excellent work, entertaining and horrifying
Bad Jokes
Pathetic storytelling with stupid ironic and heavy handed jokes. Not funny and wish you had simply told the story without all the sing song reading. Sounded like a bad disc jockey
Historical Listener
Insufferable jokes
Great reporting but the host’s jokes are painful and absolutely insufferable. It almost makes this unlistenable. This would have been just as funny with straight narration and none of the forced commentary.
Lively well told and well researched
Absolutely engaging narration of a very weird part of Italy’s recent history. Told in such a way that I feel like I am hearing it from a favorite girlfriend while talking over dinner. Obviously well researched so I learned something too. Highly recommend this.
Mirrors Modern Times
An unethical charming ruler of a country who’s mob rule violates all laws, ethics, and standards? Would never happen in the U.S. It’s like the Trump story if he had sex parties in Mara Lago.
Narration is a NOPE
Story is interesting but the hosts narration is heavy handed, biased, and overall sounds likes shes just trying a bit too hard to make a point. We get it.
Ad reads...no
Interesting story but the ad reads make it intolerable.
Bunga Bunga
Great storytelling and good narration. I like Whitney’s narration a lot but some of the jokes and comments felt a little heavy-handed or forced. Overall a very interesting and informative podcast.
Frame of reference
Whitney’s dismissive style makes sense through an American lens. Yet the interview with an accomplished Italy based American journalist in chapter nine reveals the Italian frame of reference. Not so dismissive at all. The death of objective reporting continues. Whitney didn’t show up for Chapter 9
Great story, horrible narration
This is such a fascinating story, but the immaturity and the ‘Americans are better than this’ attitude of the narrator ruined it.
Would Have Been 5 Stars
Way too US political bias to enjoy.
Thumbs down
Tried to listen but could not get interested. Sarcasm overload!
Bunga Bunga
I love Whitney! She’s entertaining as she tells this story and not too shy to say things as they are. I thought our country was corrupt—-yikes!
Great story, annoying narration
Great story, but the narration editorialized a TON. Like another review said- we get it, you’re a comedian. Just give us the story.
Whitney gives good voice
This is a top-dog production amongst the clutter of podcasts on political theatre which is a subset of historical significance. 90% is because Whitney Cummings voice delivers the story and keeps the wandering mind in the story and wanting more. Excellent! RT Stewart
Santa fe Jack
narrator is annoying with fake voice inflections, but story is good
Annoying background sounds!
The music and background sounds are very annoying. I would love to be able to hear the story without all the noise and the narrator keeps trying to be funny.
Way too overproduced and the narrator is obnoxious. Bummer because I was interested.
After reading the reviews:
My podcast listening time is small. After reading the reviews, I know I won’t care for Whitney’s delivery.
Cummings vs Harris
The voice expression reminds me Harris’ facial expression during the first VP debate. You know what I mean🤭
A good narrator should
hardly be noticed. The story was compelling but this narrator tried too hard to “entertain” missed the mark big time. We get it, you’re a comedian.
Bravoholic Ann
Potentially interesting subject, poor execution
In this case a straight forward narrative, without sensationalist style would have been more interesting. The character himself is intrinsically fascinating. A simple history of his life, rise and (semi-) fall would sufficed since Berlusconi is interesting and horrifying.
Fascinating Story
Loved the story telling narrative. A long overdue work on a bigger than life character
Political junkie Florida
Bunga Bunga
Interesting story I was mad and I laughed too. Whitney is great story teller
Irritating overacting/sarcasm of the narrator
...seriously irritating....has that sort of American ‘I’m above it all mocking all of this throughout’ that is cringe-worthy.
distant sky
Interesting story, grating narrator
Feel bad saying this and I hardly ever leave reviews, but the presenter’s tone was so very annoying. The story itself is interesting, but the editorializing and as reads could get insufferable at times. Rather surprising, as other Wondery podcasts don’t have this issue.
Way too drawn out
Could have been half as many episodes. Last half of episodes really said nothing new. Waste of time.
Not a fan
I tried to ignore the unsubstantiated trump references but couldn’t. It made me question how much of the podcast I could trust. Also, story jumped around too much. Listened through episode 3 and then stopped.
ann barb l
Great Podcast
Super interesting story, and is presented beautifully. I hope Wondery brings Whitney back for more podcasts, she really brought it over the top.
Glenn Mill
Loved learning about Italian political history from a funny perspective! Thanks Whitney and writers!
What a story
The story sounds like what’s happened in the US. Real estate developer, minor tv personality becomes our president. History repeats itself. And not in a good way. Excellent presentation and narration.
Drop the sarcasm
The storyline was excellent, but the constant sarcastic tone was immature. I guess she thought her tone was funny. I cringed and fast forwarded many times to get away from her editorial tone. What happened to the days where stories were told in a factual tone? I will not listen to any podcasts narrated by Whitney Cummings a Rachel Maddow want-a-be
Frustrated at check in
Not that exciting.
Sorry but it wasn’t.
So. Much. Fun.
Highly entertaining, LOL podcast! Whitney is excellent narrator & makes this a FUN podcast to listen to. Love it!!!
Perfectly frivolous podcast
The story of Silvio Berlusconi is wonderfully entertaining, and Whitney Cummings' narration is excellent. You'll enjoy this one.
Berlisconi, Trump, Bolsanero—the rise of the narcissistic businessman head of government
So many parallels to Trump’s rise and administration. Whitney Cummings is hilarious!
Great Podcast
Apparently some reviewers only want to listen to Dragnet (just the facts, ma’am....). The story is absolutely fascinating in light of the events we are living through in the U.S. Whitney Cummings is easily the most entertaining podcast host I have ever heard (and I’ve listened to hundreds). If you want a good dose of irreverent humor with your political exposé, this podcast is for you.
Make it stop
Oh good lord. So disappointing because I’m very intrigued with the story. Had to stop listening. The over-the-top narration is absolutely cringe-worthy. Staggeringly unfunny. Still love Wondery, but things are regressing.
Politically transparent
Good story... annoying narrator. Also I find it ironic that the writer COMPLETELY skipped the Clinton antics with women and jumped to Trump.. don’t leave Trump bit you can’t deny the similarities between Silvio and Clinton.
Super hard to follow
The way the host tells this story is super had to follow. She keeps putting in jokes that aren’t funny and throws off the story. I feel like she is trying to paraphrase the story and the events that just downplay the story and the important parts. I found myself having to rewind and listen to parts multiple times to understand what was going on. Skip this one
Listening to this as an Italian from Italy
The podcast is pretty accurate, with some clichés but not as many. But Episode 9??? "All Italian men have affairs", "Younger women do not seem to think Berlusconi's sexism is a problem". Excuse me??? Where was the reporter when thousands of women went down the street protesting (so many times!). "Se non ora quando?" does it ring a bell?! And what about all the young Italian women who emigrate day after day to pursue a career in less sexist realities? Also a few people were outside the hospital when Berlusconi got COVID, the reporter made it sound as half Italy was there.
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