Bunga Bunga
Silvio Berlusconi was a charismatic multi-millionaire real-estate mogul who upended the Italian political order and hypnotized an entire nation. He was one of the longest-serving prime ministers of one of the world’s wealthiest countries, until he was brought down by three powerful women - and two words: “Bunga Bunga.” From Wondery, the makers of Dirty John and The Shrink Next Door, and hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings, “Bunga Bunga” is an eight part series on the incredible true story of the rise and fall of Silvio Berlusconi, told with Whitney’s signature wit and style.
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Lots of profanity and cheese factor
Eh.... I’m still listening. I don’t mind the humor but the constant cheesy curse words... the whole schtick just gets old. She needs to dial it down a couple notches. It started better than its ending up. I like to listen to podcasts while I do housework and this one has too much crassness to leave on with my kids around. I found myself growing tired of her in the 3rd episode.
Love it 🥰
Best podcast in ages. It’s got everything: rampant wealth out of control, deep imbedded political corruption, a TV magnate, sex, power, football ⚽️, and that’s just in the first few episodes!!
Alec Leamas
Just not interesting. Too much use of unnecessary vulgar language by narrator.
More story, less filler
Good story, but too much filler that slowed down the story. Not a fan of the narration
Too much snark
I’m no prude - actually I’m a regular sailor of the cussing sea - but the host was too much. I really tried to think through my feelings... I always worry that we judge female hosts more harshly. But I can’t get past the structure of the storytelling. The sarcasm and casual nature of telling us what happened kept distracting me. It would have been a lot better without all of the silliness... sorry to say.
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A much welcomed escape from American politics! Whitney Cummings is perfect! She sets just the right tone-Informative, cheeky and funny.
Come on Wondry
Overly produced, bad story telling and narrating. Could have been an interesting listen.
If only...
If only the crudeness and overly-snarky delivery were left out, this could be a good podcast on an interesting subject. But the style doesn’t fit the subject. First Wondery podcast I may not finish.
Whitney Cummings shines here
As host and narrator, she’s fun and entertaining. Her comedy work has usually been a bit raunchy for my taste but her style works perfectly in describing the sex-crazed rise and fall of Berlusconi in Italy.
There was more than one...
Ah I get it now
I was wondering why first week the ratings were so low. I listened and realize now that some Americans might find this story very familiar... and it has triggered them.
Bravo !
Very informative.
If Americans weren’t so self obsessed
Angie Rocks
5 Star Story But Only a 1 Star Narrator
This story is beyond fascinating, and I love the interviews with those who are involved. But the narrator brings the quality of the podcast down.
Beverly Hebert
And yeah I can listen to Whitney all day.
Very good
I liked
Bunga Bunga
Love this podcast! Great story telling, not a fantasy, but the truth that we should have been paying attention to here in America to save us from the mess we are in politically today. Keep up the good work😎
concerned in rural AZ
Great show
Great show, interesting subject matter, and a wonderful host. Love the podcast keep it up.
magic mikey
Insufferably Snarky
Annoying narration
So Smart.
All in. Love the performance- obviously! But the production- the writing- just excellent. And so timely. Thank you!
Wow - scary and RELEVANT (with humor)
Love this podcast. The tale sounds nearly too crazy too be true. Also feels very fitting for Americans, as we see this very thing with people who want fame and money tricking people into thinking they should be leaders. So timely! Love the narrator, Whitney brings the perfect amount of humor into this story. Well researched and well done.
Why? You’re fine, your original unscripted podcast is great.
Terrible narrator.
The narrator’s flippant copy and Entertainment Tonight approach gets tedious fast. And she’s far too quick to laugh at her own “wit.” Fortunately, the story should be able to rise above the twit telling it. Her ads are even worse, but at least you can skip those.
Whaaa have they heard a fair podcast? This needs serious help !
Bunga bunga funga funga E4
News of Berlusconi’s rise at the time (I wasn’t paying much attention) certainly seemed a bit bizarre. Here, the crafting of the early rise in E1-E4 and his (soon comeback?) is fascinating. I have been avoiding to look at the end-story elsewhere. I’ll wait for the whole story of Bunga Bunga here. Well done.
Great accent!
The narrator has a good accent. Clearly she knows her Italian.
unhappy in bellingham
It is bad for me
Mazer Loves Oscar
It’s ok
I like Whitney’s writing so I’m hoping for the best. Can’t quite put my finger on why I can’t give it a 5 rating, so I can’t be helpful. Some of those snarky reviews are just over the top. Why be mean when you could be constructive?
😍 I love it
This is one of the most interesting political Podcast I’ve listened too! Whitney Cummings needs to narrate ALL political documentaries from now on!! She brings humor and a nuance to this Bozo’s crimes. She’s saying what we are thinking. Thank you! You hilarious woman you!!
Loving it
The host is Fantastic! It’s funny..... if I didn’t know I was listening to a pod about the former Italian PM, I would Swear I was listening to a pod about another megalomaniac. Seriously though, this is a most excellent podcast.
Little imp 715
Another A+ from wondery!
Wondery does it again!! Anything they report is amazing this one is no exception...thanks for always telling a great story!!
Whitney Cummings shouldn’t do podcasts
Don’t take this personally, but, not everyone can do podcasts/radio/news.....she ruins what could potentially be a great story...into a big bore b/c her voice drains...it’s really uncomfortable! Just my personal opinion!
*Eye Roll
Another podcast desperate to paint one man as the epitome of all that is wrong and evil in our world by making comparisons to others in other countries. Trump is President. This is the Worst Temper Tantrum in history. Also the attempt at humor falls flat. Please don’t try again.
Too snarky for me
I like a little snark, but this was a little too much. I found the sarcasm jarring and it disrupted my enjoyment.
I’m listening
Not sure there’s any way Burlusconi is actually a crazier story than Trump, but I’m interested.
Really enjoying it!
Whitney’s humor takes this story to the next level- I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
Good podcast, annoying narrator
I can accept all of the commercials but does the narrator have to chuckle through all of them. Why does she keep laughing at weirdly inappropriate places while reading the commercials? I must not be in on the joke.
Booze analogies need work
100 proof means 50%
The most fun I’ve had listening to a podcast in ages
Good story telling and well produced
Couldn’t Stop Listening
The amazing true story of an Italian real estate mogul who charmed Italy through his television network and got himself elected Prime Minister, while consorting with prostitutes and partying with the country’s richest men. Sound familiar? You won’t be able to stop listening.
You had me at Larry Hagman
You had me at Larry Hagman from *Dallas*
Cainiac family
Something other than cheeky medical horror?
New for Wondery. I’m into it.
This story is BONKERS
Ok I gave in and subscribed to Wondery+ and am on episode 5, “Look in the Mirror”. It is absolutely bonkers. Whitney is great
Awesome , fun narration Great voice.
I’m hooked!
It’s awesome! I resisted for a few weeks because I didn’t get the name. Please listen it’s so interesting.
This is awesome!
There’s only two episodes available right now and I am completely hooked! And the narrator is hysterical. Can’t wait for the rest to come out. I don’t know anything about Italy but this is so much fun!
All Whitney, All The Time
I need Whitney Cummings to go ahead and narrate every podcast.
Boring as can be, zzzzzzzzzzz.
Wow, great job!
As someone who grew up in Italy during the 20 years “reign” of Berlusconi, I’ve got to say this is a very well done analysis! Also 5 stars to Whitney, she’s doing an incredible job behind the mic and I couldn’t recommend enough to check out her podcast!
Dope pod cast
I enjoy her energy while telling the story
ronald smith 245
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