Buddha at the Gas Pump
Buddha at the Gas Pump
Rick Archer
Conversations with spiritually awakening people.
699. Brad Laughlin & Anna Breytenbach
Brad Laughlin is the author of Living with Enlightenment—A Journey of Love, which is about his 25-year life-partnership with Leslie Temple-Thurston, a teacher of enlightenment, and the profound spiritual transformation he experienced. With Leslie, he is co-author of two books, The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World and Returning to Oneness—The Seven Keys of Ascension. Brad is dedicated to finding innovative ways of helping people to awaken spiritually and to find love, joy and inspiration during these times of great change. Using ancient Truth teachings, yogic practices and spiritual psychology, he offers simple yet powerful practices for dissolving old, limiting ego structures that keep us trapped in negativity, pain and fear. Brad’s transformative events are based on the principles of integration and unity consciousness, which help us to know our own inner Divinity—who we truly are. Brad and Leslie are co-founders of the nonprofits, CoreLight.org and Seeds of Light.org, CoreLight’s humanitarian arm, serving marginalized communities and AIDS orphans in South Africa. Brad has a bachelor’s degree from Duke University. He is an American by birth, considers himself a global citizen and lives in both South Africa and the United States. Anna Breytenbach is an internationally acclaimed professional interspecies communicator with over 20 years’ experience. Native to South Africa and currently based in Europe, she mentors and consults globally. Her focus is exclusively with wild places and beings, facilitating peaceful interventions and greater understanding. This includes predator research, wilderness protection, anti-poaching assistance, reforestation initiatives, wildlife management and rehabilitation. She is currently taking a sabbatical from her usual teaching and public appearances to write a book. Anna’s passion is raising awareness and advancing the relationships among human and nonhuman animals, on both the personal and spiritual levels. Her work is the subject of the documentary movie "The Animal Communicator”, watched by tens of millions of people (and a few of their pets), available on YouTube. Anna's website: The Animal Communicator | AnimalSpirit YouTube Channel Anna's first BatGap interview Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Summary and transcript of this interview Interview recorded January 28, 2024 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.
Feb 11
1 hr 46 min
698. Swami Medhananda
Swami Medhananda is a monk of the Ramakrishna Order and an academic philosopher, currently serving as Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy at the Vedanta Society of Southern California in Hollywood. He is also the Hindu Chaplain at both UCLA and the University of Southern California. He is Section Editor for the International Journal of Hindu Studies (Springer), overseeing submissions in Hindu and Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion. From 2010 to 2021, he was Associate Professor and Head of the Program in Philosophy at the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute in Belur Math, West Bengal. He received his PhD in 2009 from the University of California at Berkeley, where he specialized in German aesthetics. He was also a Fulbright Scholar at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2006–7) and a Visiting Student at Oxford University (2000–1). His current research focuses on global philosophy of religion, the epistemology of mystical experience, cosmopsychism, Indian scriptural hermeneutics, and Vedāntic philosophical traditions, especially the philosophies of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Sri Aurobindo. He is the author of three books: Swami Vivekananda’s Vedāntic Cosmopolitanism (Oxford University Press, 2022), Infinite Paths to Infinite Reality: Sri Ramakrishna and Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion (Oxford University Press, 2018), and The Dialectics of Aesthetic Agency: Revaluating German Aesthetics from Kant to Adorno (Bloomsbury, 2013). He is the editor of The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Vedānta (2020) and co-editor, with Benedikt Paul Göcke, of Panentheism in Indian and Western Thought: Cosmopolitan Interventions (Routledge, 2023). He is also the editor of two special issues of the International Journal of Hindu Studies, one on “Swami Vivekananda as a Cosmopolitan Thinker” (2023) and one on “Vedāntic Theodicies” (2021). He has published over thirty articles in leading academic journals. He is currently working on two book projects: Karma and Rebirth in Hinduism (Cambridge University Press, under contract) and An All-Embracing Oneness: Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Advaita and the Legacy of Sri Ramakrishna (Oxford University Press, under contract). Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Summary and transcript of this interview. Interview recorded January 22, 2024. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.
Jan 27
1 hr 48 min
697. David Doyle
David Doyle lives on the water in the island city of Alameda in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, their teenage son, and Merlin, a rambunctious Rat Terrier. At an early age he set upon a spiritual path and soon put down the books and turned inward. David’s path has been by most standards a very traditional inner practice, starting with Hatha Yoga and quickly moving to Raja Yoga. Meditation was his main practice, with asanas as an adjunct to meditation. Early on in his spiritual practice a teacher said that if you master the basics of yoga, and if you practice in earnest, all will unfold – everything you need will come to you. David took this to heart, beginning a life-long practice that for the most part was a solitary journey. At 20 years old his third eye opened in a dramatic unfolding, and from there came the never-ending gift of insight and abilities including: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, precognition, telepathy and more. Some years later David joined the Berkeley Psychic Institute during its heyday and befriended the founder, Dr. Lewis S Bostwick, whom he considers to be his first great spiritual teacher, and friend. He spent over a decade with this group and at its many (at the time) institutes and thousands of students and teachers. In 2012, David came to an abiding awakening, and since that time, many changes have taken place in an ongoing process of daily and weekly energetic and auspicious unfoldings, many of which have left him nearly incapacitated. Since awakening, David has also become an adept Qi Gong Master under the guidance of Grand Master Shi Yong Yao, formerly an elite teacher-monk at the Northern Shaolin Temple in China. Additionally, many siddhis have developed as byproducts along The Way as well as a massive kundalini awakening and other extraordinary happenings. Now, with ten years having passed since awakening, David is ready to share experiences from his fifty+ year journey with a wider audience. He created Monk with Family, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the householder, but inclusive of anyone for whom The Way is their life’s focus. David leads a weekly Satsang open to all those interested, and is available for speaking engagements and other spiritual events. David A. Doyle: Inventor, entrepreneur, manufacturer, publisher, sailor, skier, burning man (burner), householder. Founder: Monk with Family Website Founding member of Shaolin Master Qi Gong, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to sharing the teachings of Master Yao. David is registered in China as the: Deputy Director of the U.S. Regional Department of Shaolin Fohanmen. Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Interview recorded December 30, 2023 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.
Jan 11
1 hr 46 min
696. Mary Terhune
After dying of a heart attack on the doorstep of a hospital in 2006 and being brought back to life, Mary knew it was time to write about her lifetime of astonishing mystical experiences which began with a visitation from the mystic Jesus in 1984 during a defining life crisis. It was then that Jesus spoke seven revelations: on forgiveness, judgment, the bible, weight problems, disease, aging and the ego. A few years later in 1986 Mary met a monk who initiated her into deeper states of consciousness and in 1988 she experienced the highest state of awareness, self-realization, and received the message that divinity awaits all mankind. A few months following her transformative experience of self-realization, Mary was given a spontaneous experience of her own death while meditating on a bench inside a lobby where she worked at MIT. From that moment she no longer feared death. A number of years later during a health challenge Mary had a experience of nature’s healing law of “like cures like” after being introduced to the consciousness-based system of homeopathic medicine, resolving areas in her consciousness that held the root of disease brought on by traumatic events in her early years. She enjoys lecturing on these topics and sharing the truth of our divinity and letting go of the false notion of death by embracing our eternal nature. She shares how consciousness is all and why it is so important to embrace consciousness-based medicine to heal our physical, emotional and mental bodies by restoring our consciousness to harmony. As humanity awakens to itself through the upheavals of our times, this book will serve as a testimony to what is possible for humanity as the old paradigms fall away and new paradigms arise. This book will bring comfort to the seeker who wants to know their true Self and to answer the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Does death truly exist? Is self-realization truly possible? If you want to connect with Mary personally, please consider booking a Conversation with Mary. Website: Mary Terhune | Awakening Now To Our Higher Consciousness Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Summary and transcript of this interview Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. YouTube Video Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump interview with Mary Terhune 00:04:14 - The Mystical Encounter at the Window 00:08:23 - Inner Awakening and Forgiveness 00:11:04 - Past Lives and Spiritual Path 00:14:19 - The Misuse of Mystics' Words in the Bible 00:18:37 - The Impact of Stuck Emotions on Health and Disease 00:23:30 - The Experience of Love and Envy 00:26:48 - Seeking a Context for Enlightenment 00:30:05 - The Awakening and Reunion 00:34:24 - Meeting the Monk and the Path of Love 00:37:38 - Clearing Out Karmic Relationships 00:42:02 - Being Nourished by the Light 00:45:33 - Kundalini Awakening and Divine Realization 00:47:34 - Reclaiming our divinity 00:50:09 - The Natural State of Being 00:54:41 - Agony of Separation and the State of Bliss 00:59:25 - Out-of-body experience and return to the physical body 01:04:10 - The Veil Between Here and There 01:08:12 - The End of Experience after Realizing Brahman 01:12:10 - The State of Divinity and the Space Between Thoughts 01:14:30 - Living in the World, but Not of the World 01:17:52 - The Death of the Egoic Structure 01:20:51 - Near-Death Experience and Miraculous Recovery 01:24:38 - Seeking a Spiritual Teacher 01:27:34 - Interacting from a State of Oneness 01:30:53 - Turia: A Continuum of Consciousness 01:35:27 - Uncovering the Mother Loss 01:40:03 - Healing with Homeopathic Medicine 01:44:04 - The History and Suppression of Homeopathic Medicine 01:47:57 - The Precipice of Something Huge 01:51:06 - Farewell and Gratitude
Dec 19, 2023
1 hr 41 min
695. Scott Hiegel
Scott Hiegel lives in La Quinta, CA and runs a business consulting and investment banking business called Solquest. He has a BBA from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from UCLA. He’s been a former CPA, CFA, Vice President of Corporate Finance, and entrepreneur. He enjoys writing and talking about his experiences with Kundalini, and his lifelong roller coaster and, at times, perilous search for inner peace, the Divine, Love, and higher consciousness. Through speaking, outreach, film, poetry, and other creative expression, his goal is to entertain and inform people about the gifts and profound importance of Gopi Krishna's work, Kundalini, higher states of consciousness, and Love. Scott has written two books: "Reaching Heaven on Earth: A Soul’s Journey Home", in which he shares his personal story and mystical poetry, and "Love’s Design: Reaching Heaven on Earth", which he co-authored with Christopher Wrigley. In this book they share their unique expressions of love, hope, and knowledge through an exchange of 12 poetic verses. Scott's interests include visiting museums and historical sites, traveling, listening to holiday music and oldies, and watching movies. He enjoys sports, hiking, and attending 12-step meetings. He loves reading books about spirituality and the inspirational people who have helped make the world a better place. Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Interview recorded November 18, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. YouTube Video Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump 00:04:49 - Regular People with Extraordinary Potential 00:09:04 - Enlightenment and Inner Fulfillment 00:12:45 - Childhood Dreams and Shyness 00:18:32 - Descending into Hell, Exile to the Desert, and the Dark Night of the Soul 00:21:42 - Surrender and Transformation 00:25:13 - Letting go of Attachment to Achieve Spiritual Progress 00:29:34 - Working Hard Spiritually 00:34:42 - The Inner Voice and Purity of the Body 00:39:42 - The Law of Evolution and the Path of Healthy Evolution 00:43:27 - The Awakening and Transformation 00:47:34 - Purifying Energy and Spiritual Practices 00:50:25 - Spiritual and Paranormal Experiences 00:54:17 - Time and Space Disappear 00:57:11 - Unfolding of Latent Faculties and Spiritual Experiences 01:02:00 - Connecting through Vulnerability 01:05:10 - "Living with Kundalini, the Autobiography of Gopi Krishna" discovery 01:09:31 - Distorted Evolution and the Need for Change 01:13:46 - Societal Collapse and the Evolution of Consciousness 01:17:47 - The New Science of Consciousness Evolution 01:21:37 - Exploring Higher Levels of Beauty and Consciousness 01:24:49 - The Vastness of the Universe 01:30:36 - The Power of Consciousness On the Next State of Consciousness 01:34:31 - The Shift in the Perception of the Universe 01:38:28 - The Influence of Spielberg and Lucas 01:42:40 - Joy and Connection with Others 01:45:30 - Titanic Presence and Deeper Connection to Inner Voice 01:49:32 - Eagle with a Thousand Heads 01:53:49 - Expanding Consciousness and Freedom from Fear 01:56:40 - Quotes on Love and Fulfillment 01:59:52 - Starting the tasks
Dec 5, 2023
1 hr 46 min
694. Yvonne Kason
Dr. Yvonne Kason MD, MEd, CCFP, FCFP, is the President and Co-Founder of Spiritual Awakenings International and the Past-President of IANDS (2019-2020). Dr. Kason is the person who in 1994 first coined the phrase “Spiritually Transformative Experiences” or “STEs”. She is also the Group-Leader and Co-Founder of Toronto Awakenings Sharing Group. Dr. Kason has had 5 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), 2 in her childhood and 3 in her adult life, as well as multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) of many kinds. Dr. Kason is a retired family physician and MD-psychotherapist, previously on faculty at the University of Toronto, and an internationally renowned medical expert on NDEs, Kundalini Awakening, and other STEs. In 1990, Dr. Kason was the first Canadian medical doctor to specialize her medical practice in the research and counseling of patients with diverse types of STEs. She has over 40 years’ experience counseling STE Experiencers. She co-founded the Kundalini Research Network in 1990, was the Chair of the Kundalini Research Network’s Questionnaire research project, results published in Explore, July 2020. She co-founded the Spirituality in Health-Care Network in 2000. Dr. Kason has six published books, her most recent, Soul Lessons from the Light: How Spiritually Transformative Experiences Changed My Life (December 2022) and Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences (2019). She has made hundreds of professional presentations, has given scores of media interviews, and is in demand as a keynote speaker. Websites: dryvonnekason.com spiritualawakeningsinternational.org torontoawakenings.org Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group. Summary and transcript of this interview Interview recorded November 5, 2023 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. YouTube Video Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump 00:02:58 - Yvonne's Near-death Experiences and Past Lives 00:06:43 - Childhood Near-Death Experience and Flying 00:10:37 - Near-Death Experience in a Car Accident 00:14:50 - Seeing Ghosts and Near-Death Experiences 00:18:44 - A Powerful Meditation Experience 00:23:21 - Meeting Gopi Krishna and the Revelation of Kundalini Awakening 00:27:39 - Different Experiences of Awakening 00:31:57 - Psychiatric illnesses and spiritual awakening 00:35:53 - Balanced Approach to Spiritual Awakening 00:40:30 - The Harrowing Plane Crash Experience 00:44:29 - The Voice's Guidance and Ignoring it 00:49:06 - Experiencing Infinite Intelligence 00:52:44 - The Miraculous Rescue 00:56:28 - Transformative Aftereffects of a Near-Death Experience 01:00:36 - Clairvoyant Experiences and the Truth-O-Meter 01:04:37 - Advocate for Experiencers of Kundalini and Spiritual Transformation 01:09:06 - Spiritual Awakenings International and the Global Awakening 01:12:51 - The Concept of Peace and Harmony in Warfare and Defense 01:15:55 - Judicious use of drugs in Kundalini awakening 01:20:33 - Premonitions and Near-Death Experiences 01:24:54 - A Benevolent Being in an Unusual Posture 01:29:41 - The Shift in Spiritual Goals 01:33:22 - Deepening and Exploring 01:37:42 - Crossing Over and the Realm of Light 01:41:23 - A Profound Awakening: Remembering Past Lives and Understanding Interconnectedness 01:46:21 - Perceiving the Complexity of Time 01:50:12 - A Miracle Healing Journey 01:54:45 - Never give up hope 01:58:00 - Collaborating with Beings for Reincarnation 02:00:46 - Coughing Fits and Goodbyes
Nov 21, 2023
1 hr 53 min
693. Jem Bendell
Professor Jem Bendell is a world-renowned scholar on the breakdown of modern societies due to environmental change. Downloaded over a million times, his Deep Adaptation paper is credited with inspiring the growth of the Extinction Rebellion movement in 2018, and created a global network of to reduce harm in the face of societal collapse. He completed his PhD at the University of Bristol and his Geography BA (Hons) at the University of Cambridge. For decades he worked on Sustainable Development as a researcher and NGO manager, as well as a consultant to businesses, political parties and UN agencies. One of his specialisms since 2011 is pro-social currency innovation, with his TEDx from that year explaining reasons for Bitcoin and similar. In 2017, he co-led the development of the UK Labour Party’s communications plan for the General Election and co-wrote speeches for their top politicians. Although recognised in 2012 as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Jem has been increasingly critical of the globalist agenda on sustainable development. Away from that work, he is partner in an organic farm school in Bali (bekandze.net) and supports meditation retreats at the main Buddhist Temple on the island. Website: jembendell.com Books: Breaking Together: A Freedom-Loving Response to Collapse Deep Adaptation: Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos Evolving Partnerships: A Guide to Working with Business for Greater Social Change Healing Capitalism: Five Years in the Life of Business, Finance and Corporate Responsibility  The Corporate Responsibility Movement: Five Years of Global Corporate Responsibility Analysis from Lifeworth, 2001-2005 Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Summary and transcript of this interview Interview recorded October 28, 2023 Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. YouTube Video Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Professor Jem Bandel 00:03:58 - Introducing "Breaking Together" and its Hypothesis 00:07:56 - The Shift in Collective Consciousness 00:11:47 - The Importance of the Dark Night of the Soul 00:15:32 - The IPCC's Desire for Consensus 00:19:03 - Siloed Science and the Denial of Climate Change 00:22:44 - A New Form, A New Identity Structure, A New Kind of Safety 00:26:24 - Finding Inner Presence in Times of Chaos 00:30:21 - Faith and the Sense of Time 00:34:18 - The Catastrophic Risks of Climate Change 00:38:04 - Climate Change and Public Dialogue 00:41:35 - Debunking the Study on Free Will 00:45:06 - The Importance of Ocean Health to Climate Change Awareness 00:48:47 - Rejecting Activist Stunts and Embracing Community Preparedness 00:53:20 - Indigenous Environmental Stewardship 00:57:28 - Eternity and the Meaning of Life 01:01:31 - A Vision for Freedom and Connection 01:05:04 - Consciousness and Reincarnation 01:08:40 - Collapse Acceptance and Joy 01:12:30 - The Source of the Theory of Spiritual Awakening 01:15:26 - The Possibility of Human Extinction 01:18:54 - Examining Deep Stories and the Importance of Consciousness 01:22:15 - Collective Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening 01:26:14 - The Scientific Attitude and the Future of Human Society 01:29:14 - Implications and Perspectives 01:32:54 - Love Beyond Hope and Social Engagement as a Gift 01:36:23 - The Cultural Breakthrough of the Beatles 01:38:52 - Feeling Empathy for Others 01:42:51 - Becoming Oceanic in Consciousness 01:46:54 - The Meaning of Life and Personal Values 01:50:05 - Conversation with Jem about his book
Nov 7, 2023
1 hr 34 min
692. Ruth Kastner
Ruth E. Kastner earned her M.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Maryland. Since that time, she has taught widely and conducted research in Foundations of Physics, particularly in interpretations of quantum theory. She was one of three winners of the 2021 Alumni Research Award at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is the author of 3 books: The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Theory: The Reality of Possibility (Cambridge University Press, 2012; 2nd edition just published, 2022), Understanding Our Unseen Reality: Solving Quantum Riddles (Imperial College Press, 2015); and Adventures In Quantumland: Exploring Our Unseen Reality (World Scientific, 2019). She has presented talks and interviews throughout the world and in video recordings on the interpretational challenges of quantum theory, and has a blog at transactionalinterpretation.org. She is also a dedicated yoga practitioner and received her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Instructor Certification in February, 2020. Website: ruthekastner.org Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript and summary of this interview Interview recorded October 21, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. YouTube Video Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump 00:04:03 - The Importance of Physical Fitness and Yoga 00:08:00 - Discovering the Transactional Interpretation 00:11:58 - The Connection between Consciousness and Spirituality 00:16:28 - The Yin-Yang Nature of Quantum Theory 00:21:50 - The Reality of Quantum Possibilities 00:26:08 - The Blind Men and the Elephant 00:29:38 - The Measurement Problem and Consciousness 00:36:21 - The Orthodox Position on Dark Matter and Dark Energy 00:41:10 - Events and the Illusion of Space-Time 00:44:08 - The Analogy of Enlightenment and the Game of Life 00:47:10 - The Shimmering Intelligence in Every Particle of Creation 00:53:15 - Pathology and the Neglect of Yin 00:55:34 - The Taboo of Passivity and Eastern Wisdom 00:58:00 - The Debate on Free Will 01:00:39 - The Ad hoc Nature of the Feynman Propagator 01:01:21 - The Flatland Analogy 01:04:48 - Mr. Flatland and the Sphere 01:08:16 - The Controversy Surrounding the Term "Consciousness" 01:11:50 - Volition and Symmetry Breaking in Nature 01:15:01 - The Relationality of Charged Particles 01:18:22 - Understanding outcomes in the transactional picture 01:21:52 - Mastery over the Laws of Nature 01:24:56 - The Holographic Principle and its Significance 01:29:23 - Quantum Theory and the Physical World 01:33:25 - The Power and Limitations of Physical Science 01:43:30 - The Interconnectedness of String Theory 01:49:12 - The Flow of Time and Phenomena 01:54:24 - The Cosmos: Conscious Being or Product of Chance and Necessity
Oct 24, 2023
1 hr 39 min
691. Jennifer Lisa Vest
Jennifer Lisa Vest is a scientist, philosopher, and intuitive. She holds a PhD in Indigenous Philosophy from UC Berkeley, an MA in History from Howard, and a BA in Physics from Hampshire College. Her first career was as a philosophy professor at Seattle University and the University of Central Florida. Spiritually, Vest is a Medical Intuitive, an Akashic Records reader, a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, and a Master Reiki practitioner, and has been trained in the traditions of African American Hoodoo., Native American Sweatlodge, Jamaican Revivalism, Trinidadian Shango, and Spiritualism from community elders. Books: The Ethical Psychic: A Beginner's Guide to Healing with Integrity, Avoiding Unethical Encounters, and Using Your Gifts for Good Ancestor Count: Four Corner Poems (Philopoetics) Websites: drvestmedicalintuitive.com drjenniferlisavest.com Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Transcript and summary of this interview Interview recorded October 7, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. YouTube Video Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump 00:05:40 - Childhood Experiences with Spirits and Mediumship 00:10:31 - Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over 00:15:33 - Simultaneous Lifetimes 00:20:35 - The Unsustainability of Society and Potential Collapse 00:25:43 - The Importance of Being of Service in Spiritual Work 00:30:36 - Indigenous Apprenticeship Programs 00:35:22 - Dangers of Pretending to be a Medicine Person 00:40:16 - Preparing for an Altered State Experience 00:44:59 - The Importance of Humility in Psychic Work 00:49:40 - Importance of Humility and Sensitivity to Client Needs 00:54:02 - Client Needs vs Practitioner's Perspective 00:58:18 - Tapping into Higher Sources 01:02:58 - The Vulnerability of Mediums 01:07:54 - Risks of Mediumship and Channeling 01:13:09 - Causes of Mental Illness in Indigenous Contexts 01:18:04 - Financial Responsibility in the Spiritual Community 01:22:57 - The Ethics of Charging for Healing Services 01:27:42 - The Harm of Brutal Honesty 01:32:28 - Ethics of Controlling Others with Magic 01:37:21 - Ethical Use of Spiritual Gifts, Misuse of Spiritual Gifts and Sexual Energy 01:42:12 - Spiritual Affair and its Consequences 01:47:01 - Assisting Spirits in Crossing Over 01:51:53 - Interference with Spirits 01:56:44 - The Phenomenon of "Walk-Ins" 02:01:31 - Choosing Teachers and Company 02:06:24 - Examining Influences and Doing Emotional Work 02:11:09 - The Harm of Inaccurate Readings and Lack of Compassion 02:15:53 - Becoming a Hollow Bone & Living a Balanced Life 02:20:43 - The Importance of Balance in Healing 02:25:41 - Exploring the Connection between Quantum Physics and Spirituality
Oct 17, 2023
2 hr 11 min
690. Bill Witherspoon
Bill Witherspoon is a life-long visual artist, serial entrepreneur, and lover of sky. In his six decades, living on and off in the High Steppe desert in southeastern Oregon, he has painted watercolor skies, practiced ancient art as spiritual discipline, and weathered that pristine geological expanse. As an artist, over the last four decades, Bill has mounted 40 one-man exhibitions of paintings, prints, and sculptures (1968 – 2020), in addition to desert public art projects. He is also the founder and Creative Director of The Sky Factory, a fine arts, digital technology, and cognitive science studio that designs and manufactures the world’s only research-verified virtual skylights—Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows. His first book, Enter Space—Stories from the High Desert, lays witness to a life surrounded by that rare, unsummoned vastness; one that those of us steeped in the ceaseless churn of urban life can now imagine living through the faithful record of the artist’s experience. Book: Enter Space: Stories from the High Desert Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery FULL MOVIE Transcript and Summary of this interview Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group Interview recorded September 3, 2023. Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. YouTube Video Chapters:   00:00:00 - Introduction and Background of Bill Witherspoon 00:04:49 - A Life of Adventure and Silence 00:09:25 - Being Swept Away by the Waterfall 00:12:52 - A Life-Threatening Water Rescue 00:16:34 - The Near-Drowning Experience That Changed My Life 00:21:02 - The Transcendent Experience of Meditation 00:24:35 - Climbing the Radio Tower and Facing Danger at Sea 00:29:01 - Seeing More Deeply 00:32:33 - Healing the Eye of the Heart 00:36:42 - The Burning Shell 00:40:15 - Learning and Growth through Perseverance 00:43:50 - The Sri Yantra: An Instance of a Law of Nature 00:48:10 - The Bindu 00:52:38 - The New Kind of Seeing 00:57:00 - The Essence of Memory and Love 01:01:06 - A Slideshow of Photographic Events in the Wilderness 01:05:39 - Living in Harmony with Rattlesnakes 01:08:46 - Witnessing Violence and the Impact 01:12:55 - Encounters with Rattlesnakes 01:16:22 - The Strange Book and its Contents 01:20:36 - The Presence of Divine Intelligence 01:24:30 - Accessing Deeper Levels of Consciousness through Meditation 01:32:35 - The Horrors of Being on Death Row 01:35:35 - The Influence of Human Presence 01:40:37 - "Goodbye," when we went looking for wild horses 01:44:58 - Reflections on an Interesting Life 01:49:33 - Going Deeper in Consciousness 01:53:02 - Building a Beautiful Corporation 01:56:56 - The Skill of Self-Reflection 02:00:18 - Gratitude and Farewell
Sep 27, 2023
1 hr 39 min
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