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Bill Anthes
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The most authentic podcast
There is a headspace to fitness that is beginning to be explored beyond just breaking a sweat. Bill and Karianne are helping to spearhead this take on personal development and have always been ahead of the curve in where the fitness industry should be going. As a follow introvert and aspiring stoic they really help me understand my vulnerability by exposing theirs.
Great Personal Development Duo
Bill and Karianne have a great synergy that offers insightful perspectives on various topics important to health, wellness, fitness, mindset and personal development. (Even when they disagree)! Definitely food for thought here that will leave you thinking long after you hit stop.
The Prev
Great Insight
I will gladly take a “no fun” T-shirt haha
Always a great listen
Bill and Karianne Anthes provide thoughtful and insightful information that is invaluable when it comes to mindset. Every time I listen to their podcast, there is a takeaway. Highly recommend giving these two a listen!
Must listen
The best teachers show their students where and how to look, not what to see. Bill does a great job of making you think deeply about your relationship with yourself and your mindset. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels like they are capable of much more and want to start having honest conversations with themselves.
Powerful conversation
Great podcast. Enjoy it every time! Thanks Bill