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Brunch & Budget
Brunch & Budget
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Love the content. Hard to hear though
I’d give this a 5 but it’s hard to listen to because of the background music. Especially the ones posted since Feb. Could you guys decrease the background music for those who have auditory issues? Ty!! Other than that great content.
Stop the music
Background music is too loud. Can’t enjoy the information being given
Jaymie H.
completely and utterly necessary
useful and practical advice intersected with real systemic and structural social issues that go overlooked by other financial advisors. thank you for this podcast 🙏🙏
Thanos Snap
Great practical analysis and fun convo
So glad this exists!
I recommend this podcast to all my fellow young POC friends, as it's the only resource out there for real, accessible financial (and culturally-sensitive, progressive) advice. B&B provides insight for people on a variety of levels in their financial security and knowledge, which I appreciate. Many other mainstream resources feel too daunting or inapplicable to access sometimes. Great job!
Chrysanthe Tan
I like what they’re trying to do but it takes them too long to get to the point. I also don’t enjoy the long music breaks.
Very informative and fun podcast
Really love the content of this podcast. b&b break down finances, financial planning and wealth for people of color in a relatable way. Information is easy to digest and I love that they incorporate hip hop with it too!
S. Cheri
Amazing and so cool to listen to hip hop heads educate us on the elephant in the room. Money! Love this show. It’s my higher learning. Asante Dana. Bless up -St.Louis
People just like me, but with knowledge
Pam and Dyalekt are informative in a real, understandable and relatable way. They break finance down into bite sized pieces and chew long enough for an inexperienced audience to understand, and without condescension.
So smart and easy to follow!
It’s hard for me to wrap my head around finances, and the hosts of this show really break it down in a digestible way. Make yourself a nice breakfast and put this show on!
Much Needed & love- A MuST!
I love the easy but very real honest way they discuss finances and financial wealth for people of color. Love that you understand that sometimes our communities have complicated and emotional relationships with money.
La Nena Morena
I can’t believe that I’m the first to review!
Brunch & Budget is fantastic—I’m finally at point in life where caring about my money is no longer a choice, and Pam and Dyalekt give you all of the info you need in a totally digestible format. Super informative, super direct, and amusing at times.