BRNDD: Conversations with Creatives
BRNDD: Conversations with Creatives
Donte Cotton & Ronald James
Branded by dictionary definition in the commerce world means carrying the brand or trademark of a manufacture. In today’s world, the definition of a brand has opened up to much more. Brand’s can be the label names we wear, the companies we support, down to our own individual selves. This podcast will focus particularly on Brands in the streetwear world. As a part of Debonair Material, BRNDD will interview not just people behind the brands but also some of the influencers on these brands. Musicians, artists, athletes and store owners have created their own brand and we want to examine how these worlds collide. So tune in as host, Donte’ Cotton, Owner of Debonair Material takes you inside the streetwear culture.
Episode 31: Numa Perrier
Numa Perrier is a creative whose artistry extends to curation, acting, producing, directing and beyond. Her movie Jezebel , distributed by Ava Duvernay's Array, is now streaming on Netflix. Highlights: 28:15 BLACK + SEXY TV 41:42 Smilf and Frankie Shaw 52:30 Jezebel, Sex Work, and its relevance 1:17:48 Queen Sugar 1:24:17 "Boyfriend Jordan" 1:28:03 The Perfect Find, Blood Mother and Toxic 1:41:53 House of Numa 1:43:03 The Favorites 1:47:15 BRNDD 10 Playlist
Feb 6, 2021
1 hr 56 min
Episode 30: Jazerai Allen-Lord
Jazerai is a Sneaker Strategist, Designer and writer. She's worked with the likes of Reebok and is featured on "You Ain't Got These" now streaming on Quibi.  Highlights:  4:07: Blue Chucks 7:19: The Birth of Sneaker Internet 9:30: The Challenges of being a woman in to Sneakers 13:50: The Club C x Jazerai 28:30: "You Ain't Got These" 34:58: Working with Reebok 47:40: Kicks on Fire 55:28: Life after KOF 1:08:00: The Wall of Fame 1:21:06: The Favorites 1:37:00: The BRNDD 10
Aug 1, 2020
1 hr 48 min
Episode 29: Tommie Battle
Tommie Battle is a professional photographer who got his start shooting sneakers for fun and Baltimore Night life in college. Over the years he's progressed to shooting for the MLS in New York, podcasts and more. Highlights: 3:50: Life in Quarantine 6:25: sneakers and Kodak cameras 13:06: radio is dead 21:17: The Smoking Section and Early Blog Days 24:54: Going off Instinct vs. Technique 34:54: Nike Talk to Twitter 45:03: picking the Camera back up 57:07: The Favorites 1:10:30: The BRNDD 10
Jul 18, 2020
1 hr 20 min
Episode 28: Jacques "Kustoo" Slade
Jacques Slade is one of the biggest personalities in Youtube Sneaker media. His tour of Michael Jordan's famous Illinois Mansion recently hit 16 million views. Highlights:  3:11: Who is Jaques Slade 6:10: Kicks on Fire Days 14:32: Jacques first video 18:24: Quality vs. Content 20:29: Can't smell your own roses 27:24: The Brands are Watching 31:35: The Future of Sneaker Media 34:09: Working Outside of Youtube 39:50: The Last Dance 41:48: Technology in sneakers
May 26, 2020
57 min
Episode 27: Ernie Talbert
Ernie Talbert is a Delaware native who went from being booked over half a dozen times for Graffiti to being a one of the best marketing brains in the game. 2:48: Delaware School Daze 6:11: Skateboarding is a gateway activity 9:36: Exploring the elements of Hip-hop 16:02: Art was pain-relief 20:42: Don't Test Me 26:54: Chasing a dollar 35:55: Why can't I do that? 40:15: Challenges 47:19: Shorts and Timbs 53:41: UA 1:01:53: The future with Amazon Originals 1:09:07: The Favorites
May 23, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Episode 26: Patrick Horvat
Highlights:  5:56: The B-More Flea 8:10: Upstate, NY and Graffiti 10:20: I fooled them... 12:05: Syquest and Photoshop 18:03: Post-College Tetris Disorder 21:34: I Fooled them again... 26:41: the NHL Days 30:28: Creating a design language and identity 37:09: the challenge of being creative 43:11: The Nike Years, Hong Kong 50:12: Australian Shark Attacks 55:20: International Sneaker Releases 59:53: The Under Armour years 1:05:10: signing UA athletes(possibly)- 1:10:00: Favorites
May 16, 2020
1 hr 47 min
Episode 25: Arvay Adams
Highlights 8:26 - Introduction of Arvay 12:14 - from Woodlawn to New York 14:02 - Skateboards & tees in L.A. 21:25 - The birth of This Sporting Life 26:12 - the Secret Behind Design 31:13 - Bethlehem Steel and the importance of Story telling 35:00 - Coming Back East 46:00 - The Business of Being Fresh 52:36 - Working with Russell Simmons 53:54 - Black Ice 59:00 - Chain Stitching 1:01:05 - God is in the Details 1:03:06 - The Favorites 1:12:30 - The BRNDD 10
May 9, 2020
1 hr 22 min
Episode 24: Currency Michaels
Donte' and Ronald catch up with an old friend, Michael Haskins Jr. Better known as Currency Michaels. Michael is the owner and founder of Currency Studios, a staple brand in Baltimore, established back in the late 2000's. They got a chance to talk about the history of Baltimore Streetwear, break down old industry beefs and more!   Highlights:  4:15: The Legend of Garth 12:12: "The Cool" 16:57: Baltimore to Ball Harbor 22:33: Building a Legacy Brand 29:27: Respect Your Wealth 37:15: PedX and Gentai 48:06: The importance of a team 55:23: Helping by not helping 59:57: Ronald vs. the Baltimore Sun 1:03:19: Reconciliation and understanding 1:09:24: Seeding and Celebrities 1:14:36: The stages of being a Creative 1:20:57: Creating Spaces and the future 1:23:51: The Favorites 1:25:57: The BRNDD 10
Apr 25, 2020
1 hr 35 min
Episode 23: Season 2 Wrap-Up
Ronald and Donte' reflect on the podcast up until the last released episode and what happened in life in between.  2:50: The Pensole/Portland Experience 9:20: What's next for BRNDD? 12:03: Kaepernick vs. Trump 13:49: Because the Internet 13:35: Goals for BRNDD 19:20: Behind the process 24:54: Keys to Building for the Future 36:00: room for improvement 40:56: the Social Media Matrix 44:51: Cops and Drops 54:26: Favorite Podcast moments 56:45: Future Guest wishlist 59:53: The Favorites
Mar 21, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Episode 22: D'wayne Edwards
D'Wayne Edwards is the founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy, located in Portland, OR. He's spent over 30 years in the industry, from working with Tupac and Biggie at Karl Kani to working with the GOAT, Michael Jordan. After spending 10 years working at Jordan, D'Wayne decided to start a school for footwear designers to help the next generation and has established one of the top schools in the world for Footwear Design. Donte' not only got to learn under him but interview him for the podcast. Listen as Donte' and D'Wayne talk about the journey that led D'Wayne to Portland.    Highlights:  0:30: The Beginnings 3:58: Baseball Cards to Sneakers 5:10: the Reebok Design Competition 7:30: Fast food to Footwear 12:05: Footwear meets Hip-Hop 15:33: The Advent of Sity and Skechers 16:58: The Transition to Nike/Jordan 20:41: Meeting Jordan 23:33: The Nu Retro II 24:21: Melo and the .5 Series 29:33: Designing Signature Jordans 31:29: Innovation and “The Experience” 37:11: Founding Pensole 45:28: How to Attend Pensole 47:30: The Future of Pensole 51:53: Bringing Industry Technology to Pensole 54:07: The Favorites   Pensole's  Website: Instagram: pensole_academy Twitter: @pensole_academy Facebook:    BRNDD Podcast: Website: E-Mail: Facebook Group: Twitter: @BRNDDPodcast Instagram: @brnddpodcast facebook:   Ronald James' Twitter and Instagram: @whoisronjames
Aug 20, 2017
58 min
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