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Kaye Putnam
How do brand and psychology intersect? Welcome to the Brand Gravity Show, where host and Brand Strategist Kaye Putnam explores the relation and science between branding, emotions, and psychology.Whether you’re new to branding and business or are looking for ways to up your game, you will learn all you need on this show. Each week, Kaye interviews subject matter experts and showcases visionary entrepreneurs with exceptional brands. Together, they cover everything from how to attract ideal clients and customers on a gut, and emotional level, to aligning your expression with your core identity. Be sure to subscribe to the show and connect here for more:
Year-end Reflections and Intentions for 2024 with Kaye Putnam
In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, I'm sharing my reflections on 2023 and the changes I'm planning for 2024. I've made a bittersweet decision to pause the podcast for an indefinite period. While I'm saddened by this decision, I want to reassure you all that I'm not going away. I've got some exciting exercises to share in this episode, exercises that I believe can help anyone plan effectively for the coming year. I'll be sharing examples from my own life and work that have brought me joy, like traveling and working on client projects. I'll also talk about some challenges I've faced, like managing my phone use and making time for calls.I encourage everyone in the audience to consciously create their realities. It's about reflecting, planning, and focusing on what truly lights you up. Let's dive into these insights and start shaping our 2024 together.I talk about: [00:00] Intro[01:15] Big podcast news[04:58] Creating your reality[06:47] Reflection exercise: vision for 2024[19:21] Good idea fairy list[21:57] Planning and prioritizing[24:54] Final thoughtsConnect with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Dec 11, 2023
28 min
Mastering Virality and Storytelling on Social Media with Brendan Kane
In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, we discuss strategies to achieve virality on social media platforms with guest Brendan Kane. Kane, an expert in the field and author of the books 'One Million Followers' and 'Hook Point', shares insights into the importance of storytelling on social media platforms. He discusses the significance of understanding your platform of choice, mastering its specific storytelling methods, and studying successful content creators. Kane also explains a communication algorithm describing six ways people connect with content. He emphasizes the need for an active approach in content consumption to learn and apply successful social media strategies while cautioning against comparing your own social media growth with major brands or celebrities. Kane’s advice is aimed at entrepreneurs and businesses striving to maximize their online presence and reach.We talk about: [00:00] Intro[01:41] Understanding the concept of 'Hook Point'[02:55] The importance of storytelling in social media[04:49] Creating your story[08:19] Analyzing social media creators[09:55] What entrepreneurs should do first[12:03] Psychological triggers of virality[15:25] Unfair marketing[17:19] Studying content and learning from others[19:10] Virality formats[20:49] Competition and inspiration[24:04] Shortcut to success?[25:43] Where to find BrendanConnect with Brendan here: with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Dec 4, 2023
27 min
Elevating Brands: 92 Innovative Tools for Creative Success with Nir Bashan
In this episode of the Brand Gravity show, we explore the landscape of creativity and innovation with Nir, a celebrated business speaker and founder of The Creator Mindset® LLC. Nir, who has worked with stars like Woody Harrelson and Rod Stewart, shares his insights on how creativity isn't exclusive to the elite but a skill that anyone can learn and apply. He discusses his journey, and the obstacles to creativity, and provides a practical case study. The highlight of the episode is Nir's introduction of 92 tools for innovation, growth, and sustainability, along with his favorite ‘creative’ tool. He also touches upon the humanization of work and concludes with essential advice for entrepreneurs looking to foster a culture of innovation in their businesses.We talk about: [00:00] Intro[01:31] Nir’s inspiration for writing his book[04:19] How we get in our own creative ways[05:59] Case study for creativity[09:35] Creative mindset[12:58] 92 tools for innovation, growth, and sustainability[14:34] Nir’s favorite ‘creative’ tool[17:41] Humanization of work[19:21] Where to find Nir[19:53] Nir’s recommendation for EntrepreneursConnect with Nir here: with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Nov 27, 2023
22 min
Brand Mastery: From Individual to Empire with Laura Bull
In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, we dive deep into the world of branding and marketing with Laura Bull, a best-selling author and seasoned brand strategist. Laura brings her wealth of experience from a decade at Sony Music Entertainment and her insights as a recognized leader in transforming individuals into influential and competitive business brands. We explore the nuances and intersections of branding and marketing, delving into what it takes to build a successful personal brand. Laura shares her unique perspective on achieving brand clarity, the importance of owning your image, and the strategies behind expanding your influence from an individual level to an empire.We talk about: [01:26] Branding vs. Marketing[02:34] Building a personal brand[05:24] What makes a successful brand[07:40] Get brand clarity[10:31] Brand matrix[13:15] Owning your image[18:29] Redefining and growing your influence[23:06] Individual to empire[26:03] Unique revenue streams[28:04] Where to find Laura[28:19] Grow your personal brandConnect with Laura here:www.thebrandmgmt.com Individual to Empire: with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Nov 20, 2023
31 min
Authenticity, Impact, and Personal Branding with Guy Kawasaki
Join us for an insightful conversation with Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva and creator of the "Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People" podcast. We explore the evolving landscape of social media, the importance of authenticity, and Guy's journey from Apple to Canva. Discover valuable insights on personal branding, growth mindset, and the simplicity of truthfulness in both personal and professional life. Gain wisdom from one of the most remarkable figures in the business world as we delve into authenticity and impact.We talk about:[01:28] Guy’s podcast[03:20] Finding purpose in making a difference[04:12] Authentic path to personal branding[07:20] Changing landscape of social media[11:25] The spirit of ‘Aloha’[14:22] Planting seeds for Canva’s growth[16:26] Instilling a growth mindset[18:35] Guy’s advice to inspiring authors[20:18] KawasakiGPT[28:22] Authenticity in a changing world[31:04] Where to find Guy[32:27] The simplicity of truthfulnessConnect with Guy here: by Angela Duckworth: by Carol Dweck: with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Nov 13, 2023
34 min
Mastering Brand Implementation: Myths, Strategies, and Evolution with Darren Horwitz
In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, we delve into the world of brand implementation with the seasoned expert, Darren Horwitz. With a remarkable track record of assisting over 100 companies in their transformative journeys, Darren shares his wealth of experience and insights. Together, we explore the often-misunderstood landscape of brand implementation, separating myths from realities, and shedding light on the essential pillars that underpin a successful brand change.From maintaining brand consistency over time to deciphering the nuances between a brand refresh and a complete rebrand, this episode offers a comprehensive guide to those embarking on the brand implementation journey. Whether you're a brand strategist seeking to evolve in this dynamic field or an organization considering a brand change, Darren Horwitz's insights are sure to inspire and guide you in your pursuit of brand excellence.We talk about:[0:00] Intro[01:38] Darren’s agency work[02:46] Myths and realities of brand implementation[05:41] Pillars of brand implementation[12:20] Psychology of change in brand implementation[16:05] Why stories matter in transformations[18:53] Maintaining brand consistency over time[22:55] Refresh vs. rebrand[26:14] Evolving journey of a brand strategist[31:59] Where to find Darren[32:44] What your first rebrand step should beConnect with Darren here:www.tentengroup.comConnect with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Nov 6, 2023
36 min
Navigating Brand Evolution: Lessons from Legacy Brands with Paulo Ribeiro
In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, we sit down with Paulo, a seasoned brand strategist with a remarkable career journey. Join us as we dive into the art of brand evolution, exploring the transformation of legacy brands, the essentials of brand strategy, and actionable insights for entrepreneurs. Paulo's wealth of experience adds depth to our conversation, offering practical wisdom and inspiration for anyone looking to boost their brand's gravity.We talk about:[0:00] Intro[02:13] Exploring Paulo's Career and Agency Work[04:29] The Transformation of Established Brands[07:29] Case Studies: Nike and LinkedIn's Evolution[12:24] Valuable Lessons from Legacy Brands[17:09] Navigating Information Overload[19:31] Charting Your Path to Becoming a Brand Strategist[22:41] Essential Skills for Brand Strategists[25:36] Striking the Right Balance for Business Growth[29:17] Connecting with Paulo[29:55] What Entrepreneurs can Implement Right NowConnect with Paulo here: with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Oct 30, 2023
32 min
Leading Change in a Hyper-Connected World with Caleb Gardner
Join us in this episode of the Brand Gravity Show as we sit down with Caleb Gardner, a seasoned change leader and innovation strategist who has made an indelible mark across government, politics, and the corporate landscape. Caleb's career is defined by a relentless commitment to driving positive change.Formerly the lead digital strategist for OFA, Barack Obama's political advocacy group, Caleb orchestrated one of the world's largest digital programs. However, his expertise extends far beyond politics. As the co-founder of 18 Coffees, a strategy consulting firm, he helps mission-driven businesses shape the future.Caleb is a prolific writer and a sought-after expert for major media outlets. He shares his insights on global stages and at corporate events for renowned brands. In this conversation, we explore his latest book, "No Point B," and cover topics ranging from innovation strategy to navigating change in a hyper-connected world.We talk about:[02:16] What is an innovation strategist?[03:15] Caleb’s nonlinear path to entrepreneurship[05:06] Impactful results[08:18] Adapting to accelerating change[10:38] Exploring systems theory and cultivating a growth mindset[13:41] Unveiling the 70/20/10 budgeting approach[17:55] Effective internal communication[19:27] Fostering consistency in an organization[22:05] Entrepreneurial insights on addressing controversy and politics[26:39] Living your values[28:35] Aspirations for 'No Point B'[31:13] Caleb's application of principles [34:29] Moving the market[36:01] Where to find Caleb[37:02] Actionable advice for listenersConnect with Caleb here:https://www.calebgardner.comMentions:No Point B: with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Oct 23, 2023
39 min
Press Release Expertise: Insights and Strategies with Mickie Kennedy
Join us in this episode of the Brand Gravity Show as we sit down with Mickie Kennedy, Founder and President of eReleases. We touch upon identifying and leveraging your business's unique aspects, the significance of trade publications, and the common pitfalls in the PR world. Hear personal insights from Mickie's own entrepreneurial voyage, discover the art of crafting compelling press releases, and glean invaluable guidance for entrepreneurs at every stage. We talk about:[0:00] Intro[01:57] Captivating the Media's Attention[02:49] The Evolution of Press Releases[03:36] Utilizing Press Releases for Marketing[06:15] Successful Campaign[10:41] Capitalizing on Your Unique Selling Point[13:21] Staying Updated with Current Trends[15:12] Trade Publications[16:06] Pitfalls to Steer Clear of[18:36] Deciding When to Launch a Press Release[21:25] Unlocking Your Business's Full Potential[22:38] Mickie's Journey of Business Expansion[25:32] Crafting an Engaging Press Release[26:44] Connecting with Mickie[27:18] Valuable Guidance for EntrepreneursConnect with Mickie here: with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Oct 19, 2023
31 min
Mastering Short-Form Videos: TikTok Techniques with Keenya Kelly
In this episode of the Brand Gravity Show, we’re exploring the vertical video revolution with Funnel & Short Video Marketing Strategist, Keenya Kelly. Once a skeptic of platforms like TikTok, Keenya now champions the power of vertical content, having reshaped her entire business model around it. From understanding the often-underestimated potential of vertical videos and TikTok to strategizing for short-form content success, Keenya shares her game-changing insights and tactics. Along the journey, she uncovers essential content creation tools, highlights pitfalls to avoid, and leaves us with golden entrepreneurial wisdom. As Keenya fervently states, "YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO USE VERTICAL VIDEO." Tune in and discover how to harness this power for your business.We talk about:[0:00] Introduction[1:57] The Underestimated Potential of Vertical Videos[2:50] Impactful Outcomes from TikTok[4:24] Addressing TikTok Concerns[5:11] Keys to TikTok Success[6:50] TikTok's Trending Funnels[10:04] Must-Have Tools for Content Creation[10:47] Essential Content to Produce[11:50] Pitfalls to Avoid & Expert Guidance[14:56] The Advice Keenya Would Give Herself[16:10] Strategizing for Short-Form Content[17:38] Connecting with Keenya[19:15] Researching Content Ideas[20:32] Entrepreneurial Nuggets of WisdomConnect with Keenya here:www.keenyakelly.com with Kaye here:Brand Personality Quiz:
Oct 9, 2023
23 min
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