Brain Ladle Trivia
Brain Ladle Trivia
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Every week, we present a fast and fun trivia game where general knowledge is taste-tested from a specific topic...or specific knowledge on a general topic. Either way, the delicious bits of trivia minutiae will be served up, piping hot!
Episode 135-A Jeopardy Tribute
We continue our Brain Drain tournament with a tribute to the great Alex Trebek, the voice of trivia and inspiration for this show and many others. Listen in and see how well the usual gang handles the rigors of Jeopardy style questions.
Nov 30
1 hr 1 min
Episode 134-1920
The Brain Drain Tournament marches on with a look back at 1920! It had to be better 100 years ago, right? Listen in and find out!
Nov 23
1 hr 7 min
Episode 133-Eyes
The Brain Drain Tournament continues with a look at looking. This week is all about eyes, so all of you Ladlers can see what's what and who's who in the tournament standings. Give it a listen with your ears, maybe a sniff with your nose if you roll that way...
Nov 16
1 hr 3 min
Episode 132-Hobbies
The Brain Drain Tournament marches on! Kels is in front, but this week Gena has provided a quiz you will want to sit down and savor-from cooking to knitting and everything in between, it's hobbies!
Nov 9
1 hr 6 min
Episode 131- Spooky!
The Brain Drain Tournament marches on! A surprise development has thrown the tournament for a loop! Will the Ladlers recover? Tune in andfind out!!
Nov 2
1 hr 2 min
Episode 130-Diseases
The Brain Drain Tournament marches on! We hope you aren't sick of it yet, as Macy continues her run of dominance. You have a fever, and the only prescription is...trivia about diseases!
Oct 27
1 hr 11 min
Episode 129-Numbers
The Brain Drain Tournament continues! This week, Barry provides the Sensei with questions all about Numbers. Kels is in the lead, but don't count Macy out just yet. Andy and Davo are the remainders. Listen in to see who can add to the their totals and divide and conquer!
Oct 20
1 hr 22 min
Episode 128-Fire!
The Brain Drain Tournament is heating up! This week, the Sensei seeks to spark some ideas about everyone's favorite source of warmth-Fire. Can the boys slow down the trivia inferno known as Macy, or will their hopes crash and burn? Tune in and find out!
Oct 13
1 hr 8 min
Episode 127-Guns!
The Brain Drain Tourney marches on! we have a banger of an episode this week, with a quiz all about guns! Who's got the best shot of winning, and who's firing blanks? Tune in and find out!
Oct 6
1 hr 19 min
Episode 126-China
China is here, Mr. Burton, and it brings with it a new tournament! The Brain Drain tournament debuts this week, along with a special surprise! Tune in to find out more!
Sep 29
1 hr 6 min
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