Both World Tarantulas
Both World Tarantulas
Kat & Martin
Podcast about tarantulas. Kat & Martin discuss all things tarantula related - science news of new described species, husbandry tipps to keep your beloved pet tarantula happy and trends on social media. All combined on this podcast hosted by two tarantula enthusiasts with a different background, hence the name of possible "two worlds" colliding.
Illegal Tarantulas - Poaching, Wildcaught Tarantulas and Ethics
Collecting tarantulas illegally, poaching them in the wild and sell them for high prices in the hobby - today we are briefly touching the surface a topic which is not often spoken about and try to discuss the ethics behind legal tarantula exports and sustainable ways in doing so. --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 19
37 min
Control Your Tarantula - Power feeding discussed with Reptiliatus!
In todays episode it's all about on how to control the growth and the speed of growth of your tarantula. A truly interesting topic our first guest Dayyan, also known as Reptiliatus brought to the table. Learn more about how tarantulas rely heavily on food and temperature to speed or slow down their metabolism and in the end, the growth rate. Three different opinions and experiences with power feeding tarantulas are shared and discussed. Have you ever power fed your tarantula? Let us know through the Anchor app feature with a voice message and get incorporated in the next podcast episode if you choose so. Other than that, let us know your opinion on this topic via messages through Instagram or other social media platforms! --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 14
31 min
Tarantula Substrate & Best Feeder Talk
Substrate for Tarantulas is an important topic, listen to Kat & Martin what they use for their tarantulas and why they are changing old habits. Ideal feeding insects are important, especially when ExoticsLair tarantulas have problems because of some crickets - listem to them elaborating on tarantula feeders and their number one choice --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 1
28 min
Communal Tarantulas - Social Tarantulas A Thing?!
Communal Tarantulas are very uncommon - just a few species out there give us keepers the chance to house tarantulas from the same species together, without them harming each other. Kat and Martin discuss the Ethical questions which goes behind such projects and discuss possible tarantula species who can be kept communal as well as sharing their own stories on success and failure keeping tarantulas communal. Stories from wild tarantulas and documented lifestyle of communal tarantulas add on top on this podcast episode to give you the best possible insight in this very first talk about communal tarantulas - more to come on this very topic for sure! --- Send in a voice message:
May 9
31 min
Top5 Baboon Tarantulas & Brachypelma Talk
Covering our Top 5 Baboon Tarantulas, talking about the beauty of Brachypelma genus and how to sex tarantulas under the microscope and what to look for. Including the sad news of the loss of Norman Platnick, a visionary in the world of Arachnology - may be he rest in peace. --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 9
35 min
The Quarantine Madness Slowly Begins
Discussing all things tarantula related on our second episode. Kat is introducing us to the fancy world of catching tarantulas in Animal Crossing while Martin talks about on how not to forget to water your tarantulas. Starting with tarantulas as a pet, where to get your information from including book recommendations and our Top3 of arboreal living tarantulas will be covered in this episode. Enjoy listening to it! --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 30
40 min
A New Tarantula Podcast Emerges
First tarantula focused episode of this new podcast lead by Kat from TarantulaKat and Martin from birdspidersCH. Send us some feedback to the episode including topics whe should discuss in the future, more than welcome! --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 14
23 min