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Borne the Battle
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Great podcast for Veterans!
Every episode is informative and entertaining. Very timely info on VA benefits. Always time well spent. The Blue Water Navy show really hit home due to all the Vietnam Vets that I know. I always spread the news I hear as well as promoting the podcast! Keep up the great work Tanner! Vince Walburn USAF 1983-2015
Halloween Episode
The Halloween Episode was the best one yet!
David T episode
David and I go way back to flight school together...probably a good thing he didn’t share any stories! He has done amazing work for the Veteran community and I am proud to say we are friends. Heroes Linked is an excellent organization and I encourage all Vets to give it a look, whether you are looking for help or want to help out. Additionally Borne the Battle has done an exceptional job of showcasing Veterans. Well done Tanner, keep up the great work!
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M. Dinneen
Love your podcast
I have been listening to your podcast for a couple of months now and truly been enjoying listening to the personal stories of various stories. Most recently i was very touched by how Erika started using/writing poetry to heal herself and others. Her poetry is relatable to us veterans. I also enjoyed listening to Aaron’s story and learning about Operation Pop Smoke. Thank you and keep up the good work
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Excellent podcast
Connection is the key. Tanner connects with his guests personally and professionally. Episode #212 was deeply moving as Marine Corps Veteran Aaron Quinones gives a personal account of his struggles after returning home from war.
Vets On Radio
Life goes on
Sometimes we all need help. For so many years we were told that we were weak if we needed help. Isn’t it a trip? Everything that we ever accomplished was as a team though? From the first team as a child and the mother/father/caretaker. I have never heard of a child successfully rearing itself have you? Why then, do we fight so hard and have so many reservations in asking for help? We need you in life it will go on and this podcast is one of our resources. Our mentors would tell us to use every resource. Regain you sense of purpose and take every hand that wants to pull you and push you up. Life goes on my friends.
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Would recommend to all veterans
This is the first podcast I’ve listened to. I found it on the VA news letter. I’ve recommended it to all my battle buddies. Thanks for the this great representation of the diversity of veterans.
I am my Father’s Child
I just found this podcast in an email that I received from the VA. The story that came up when I pressed enter was a Podcast of Borne the Battle, #213 Healing through Poetry w/Army Veteran Erika Land, War Poet, she’s also dealing with PTSD. It’s really interesting that she had written this poem not immediately, but was saving it as a farewell gift to the world before she committed suicide. The rest you will have to read about and discover the outcome for yourselves. I’ll NOT ruin the interview. I just want to say of Erika, thanks for finding your voice. I am and has been dealing with PTSD for quite a few years. I didn’t even know what PTSD was. However, while still on active duty, I was feeling that something wasn’t right within myself. I tried to seek out help but it was to no avail. After retiring from the Military, I once again sought help. This time I went to the VA and to no avail. It wasn’t until our son who was in the Marines came home and hung himself at 26 years of age. I found our son early early that New Year’s Day. I myself had gone to the VA for years trying to get help for myself. My thinking was off, my rationalizing was off, my concentration was off, and I was having dreams of events that I witnessed while serving on active duty. I was restless, seemed to be on edge, and most of all I was beginning to not trust myself. I had gone to the VA several times, and was told and my records documented that I did “not” have PTSD. However, after the sudden death of our son, I again sought out help at the VA. This time, the same mental health doctor who had earlier disapproved my PTSD finally gave me the diagnosis so that I was able to begin receiving the proper treatment for PTSD. I had to struggle and advocate for myself. It’s now been several years and I’m still trying to find my voice. In the meantime, I take it one day at a time. On a few occasions I’ve contemplated suicide, but then felt guilty for letting so many people down, so I didn’t go through with it. I’m happy for Erika, that she have found her voice. This poem really speaks, and her voice is powerful. It speaks so much that I had to listen to it from the very beginning. Thank you fellow soldier for finding your voice, and sharing that gift through poetry. It’s hearing your story, and the story of so many others that push me to continue standing. Soon I will be helping the cause. I know with time, I too! will find my voice. Thank you for airing this post cast. I have given you 5stars.
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Just found this podcast
From RallyPoint. There are so many non-profits working to prevent suicides. I’m in Kansas and one of our organizations is The Forgotten22.
Smule rusher
Veterans Must-Listen Pod!!
Found this pod off a VA email. Lots of great info and real-time updates! Recommend to all Vets and their dependents!
Glad to find your podcast
Dear Tanner, I have just discovered your podcast and have been listening to Borne the Battle since then. I appreciate the information provided and am inspired by the folks that you have had on the show. Thank you for all that you do for vets.
Amazing episode! Candid and insightful discussion with Aaron Quinonez. Thank you for bringing this inspirational warrior’s story to your BtB listeners.
Blue One Ghost
Gray area soldiers
Great podcast very informative I would like to hear a podcast about gray area soldiers benefits. What’s new or what’s coming soon I served 22yrs in the USAR and has been a gray area soldiers for 12yrs Thanks SSG Sturgis Retired
coach lit🔥
I was a Combat Veteran wounded by shrapnel in my back. I now have a Titanium back with Titanium rods, screws, and cages. I have been disabled since 2004 when I had the surgery at Johns Hopkins University. This is very informative and helpful so I am able to try to apply for benefits. I still don’t know what the outcome is, but at the very least I have been able to apply. Thank you for all the help and information on my benefits. Thanks Again, Jeff H. Conz
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Adjeng & Jeff
Wa What!!
Best podcast ever!!!!!
Love the updates about what new things the VA is doing
So proud of the VA for modernizing. I am career USAF Veteran, not a combat Veteran. Love the focus on wellness. Your stories about how Veterans is also appreciated. Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz
Warrior Soul Podcast
Great resource
As a 22 year vet of the United States Air Force I say thank you. You provide an invaluable resource to our community. I have been retired from service for 10 years and am just now learning of the many services afforded us. Again, thank you for what you do. FM MSgt USAF (retired)
Inspiring, Insightful, Fun
Listened to first episode with Author G. Michael Hopf. This Marine understands carpe diem as a prolific writer. Engaging host who ties in military service. I look forward to many more podcasts. Donald G. “ Skip” Mondragon, MD Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired Author of Wrestling Depression Is Not For Wimps
Colonel Skip
Great topics, coverage, and guests
Enjoyable content and a great way to stay up to date on VA programs and policies. Used VA for multiple home loans over 20 years and recently started receiving health care and disability. Lots of great programs. Thanks for this info push tool. Great podcast for vets.
Some of the best information out there in the veteran sphere.
Joined the service in the 70’s
I missed The camaraderie and thought I was all alone. I am in my 60’s now and feel connected again. Thank You
Great podcast
I wish I had discovered this podcast when I had just separated from active duty. I felt very isolated and this is a great way to feel connected to the community. Keep up the good work!
Copley Legacy
Episode194 is excellent
What I need to hear. This is something I wanted to get involved with write books this inspires me to complete mine. Thank you for this. I’m a former Navy/Coast Guard Quartermaster and have lots of sea stories to share. Thank you for this episode.
Eff Enn Gee
Yeah, just discovered this podcast and it immediately became one of my top go-to podcasts. Been a Veteran since 1983 but never did anything with the VA but a home loan about twenty years ago. This year, started working on a claim for a documented service-connected issue AND found “Borne the Battle!” Have heard so many great hero of the week stories and learned about so many different Veterans’ organizations. I highly recommend this podcasts for all Veterans.
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Great timely info
This podcast gives a lot of great information and is very entertaining. Professional podcast for Veterans by veterans!
Doc 8400 8404 8406
Pod castd
Awesome Information
I consider my self well versed in VA benefits, but through this podcast I’m getting a lot of information on care and benefits I am new to. Well done! I really appreciate this medium and I hope the VA will continue to support this podcast. Outstanding professional resource. -Ryan Baer, SGT, USMC Veteran
I am training for a career as a VA health care provider. These interviews are an enjoyable way for me to learn more about the diverse experiences and perspectives of Veterans.
Excellent Podcast!
Interesting topics and well produced!
46 Alpha
Episode 187
I had the pleasure of serving under lieutenant commander Iskra on board the USS Opportune ( ARS-41 ). Because of my pride of service with her my young adult daughters were raised to know that anything is possible. I personally want to thank you for your work in equality for women everywhere.
Keep this platform Alive!
I clicked on the “VA News” email for a podcast of a personal interest, the burn pit registry. Listened to the entire podcast. Your positive vibes, gifted voice and pride in your new job is a blessing to listen to. In my opinion, the VA does a great job in educating on topics from coping with PTSD to physical limitations and ailments. As a retiree from the Army, I greatly appreciate all that the VA staff, from healthcare staff to administration, has done to better my life. Thank you for your service. RLTW
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Great Content
Love it. Awesome content. Keep it up. It's one of the few things I look forward to each week.
Long Time Lisener
I have listened to all episodes of the podcast. Always impressed by stories of veterans and VA staff. Benefit episodes are helpful. I especially enjoyed the recent episode about the 50th Vietnam War anniversary program. I received my pin at traveling wall exhibit in KY a few years ago. Keep up the good work!
I really enjoy listening to your podcast!! It keeps me up to date with the VA. Former Marine turned Middle School teacher!! Keep doing the great work!! Makes me miss being in the Marine Corps!! Semper Fidelis
Podcast for all
Great podcast very informative
Episode 180
Thank you for explaining the different lanes for following up on claims and appeals. Looking forward to more information provided in this podcast. Blessings, Mike McCleary, USN, Retired CPO
Great Way to Learn About The Veteran Experience
For 2020, my goal related to podcasts involved listening to uplifting stories to understand possibilities. Borne the Battle impressed me with the highly inspirational slate of stories spanning all generations of Veterans. These panels were probably my favorite to listen to the discourse as it showed all of us Veterans share so much, and we are not just our different eras. Additionally the VA news segments provided me with some much needed refresher on services while introducing some other tidbits I simply did not know. If you are looking for more info about Veterans, wish to hear about our lives, or hope to gain knowledge about what the VA and partnering entities may offer, subscribe to Borne the Battle.
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A Great Podcast for Vets
As a vet, I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. Not only does Tanner discuss new things going on with the Dept of Veterans Affairs, he interviews a ton of vets in a myriad of different civilian jobs, and talks about Nonprofits and programs that help veterans. The thing I like most is that he talks to vets from all military services, and the people interviewed talk about their military service as well as what they learned from military service that helped them in civilian life once they retired or separated. Tanner also talks about his experiences with purchasing a house with his VA home loan, and sometimes releases awesome bonus episodes. My favorite episode was about a WW II vet who was in Hawaii during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It definitely made that military historical event more real to me, listening to the first hand experience from someone who was there to see things happening. Definitely give it a listen!
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A great podcast for all veterans.
I really enjoy listening to Borne the Battle podcast, Tanner does a great job and keeps the format simple and consistent. I listen to a variety of different podcasts each week and this podcast ranks among my favorite. While some of the podcasts in my weekly library get quickly “marked as played” after a few minutes, Borne the Battle usually goes the distance from start to finish.
Great message, well done
Overall great podcast. From the topics, to the interviews, variety of information here is great. Shares a great message from all types of veterans and organizations supporting veterans.
Really Good
I'm new to the show, started with the dale Dye episode. Friggin' awesome is all I can say. Semper Fi.
Amazing Work!
Nothing beats a good discussions with a veteran. The podcast is real nice for people to understand the perspectives, hardships, and stories of veterans.
steve navy
new to the show,like it. good to hear about our brothers. thanks steve usn ret.
Great work
Thank you for this podcast. It’s full of good information and I really enjoy the veterans helping veterans feel. Keep it going. From: Army veteran Scott Cornwell.
Entertaining Series and Catchy Title
I'm an intern at the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs and was recently introduced to this podcast, I had the chance to listen through two of the episodes. I really enjoyed the format of the podcast, by acknowledging the listeners, current events, and then a discussion with guests. Highly reccomend this podcast to anyone who likes to listen to free thinking veterans and their stories.
Great Breakdown and Spotlight
I really love that I found Borne the Battle. Great breakdown of benefits, along with enjoying the spotlight of Veterans. Tanner always has awesome energy in his voice, so it's easy to listen to. Have already recommended to friends.
Amazing guests
I love all the guests. Mel Brooks, Daniel from pop smoke just real insightful guys
Great information and guests
I like the recap of VA news and the veteran-focused guests. Keep up the great work!
Oakey San
Good for Retirees also
As a retiree working on an active Army post, I don’t use VA benefits often. Bout now I have heard a few I might use. Keep up the good work.
Great series!
The podcasts are interesting and informative. They give a lot of great information for Veterans and their family members!
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