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Book Launch Show
Tim Grahl
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Thank You
I’m getting very close to finishing my first non-fiction book for men. I don’t know what I don’t know, but this Podcast is filling in so many blanks. My confidence is building every episode! I’m enjoying the content and insights! Thank you for being a light into a dark tunnel to the other side of this journey I am on.
Great Podcast - Chock full of Lessons
I am late to the self-publishing and marketing side of book writing. This podcast has been a Godsend for my education in getting my business off the ground. Each new episode fires different neurons and the possibilities in my mind open up about how to be even more targeted and focused on launching my book successfully!
The book marketing podcast I’ve been looking for!
Smart, clear, articulate host who provides useful and helpful information!
Very informative!
This is a must “listen” for any author regardless of where you are in your journey. From first time authors to New York Times bestsellers, Tim gives incredible advise and insight!
Tim Grahl is a wonderful marketing expert. I like his down to earth style of teaching people how to market books.
This only for people who wanna learn
Every single episode has applicable lessons on how to build a relational, positive, and inspiring platform to connect with your tribe. This podcast is like Practical Seth Godin. Grahl takes the new relational tribe building concepts and translates it into helpful usable ideas. Wow. Can’t beat it.
New author must
Thanks for the opportunity to have your business vision. I am creative but need our community to support the distribution of my thoughts. Honestly cutting to the chase and not boring clutter with one small point has been a relief. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Kris
Valuable Guide
I’m ready to launch my first book into the world and I’m so grateful to have Tim’s work to help. I’m listening from the beginning and find it inspiring and easy to follow.
Good people with practical advice
This show has been a tremendous help to me on my journey to become a full-time author. I love Tim's down-to-earth personality. He doesn't act like he is on a throne talking down to someone even though he has helped multiple best-selling authors. The advice is realistic and practical and doesn't promise instant results or hacks. I used to be afraid of marketing but Tim has shown me that it's about presenting yourself professionally and building true and honest relationships.
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Jon Barth
Book Launch Show
I really like following along on Valerie's journey and Tim doesn't talk down to her while breaking down some of the more difficult concpets into doable action steps. Bravo.
This Man is a Genius
I love Tim! He's down-to-earth, practical, open, and soooo brave about throwing his creative work out there. I honestly believe he practices what he preaches about marketing - that it's all about developing long-term relationships and being relentlessly helpful. I'm learning so much from this podcast. Not just about preparing my book launch. But about marketing, communicating, friendship, life! Don't forget to check out his work on the Story Grid Podcast as well. So inspiring! Seriously. He's a genius.
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A gift to writers
I started listening to this show after hearing Tim on a couple of other podcasts. Tim is practical and vulnerable (a winning combination for this listener). I wish these lessons had been available before I published my two books but I plan to use them all for the next one! I must confess that my favorite part is trying to figure out where he is actually from based on his unique regional accent. I love how he says "link."
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Tim's advvice is invaluable
I started listening to Tim's podcast a year ago, and it gave me the clarity focus and input that helped me launch my book this past month. Tim's advice and approach aligns with what I've been study with a number of other well-known product launch folks. What I love about Tim though is that he gives you not only the steps, but also how to execute them. Thank you Tim for all the great guidance on this journey!
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Great course
Informative and Straight forward!
I not only enjoy Tim's speaking voice (very natural and melodic!), but his conversational and down-to-earth approach to book launches is incredibly appealing. In a task that ordinarily seems so insurmountable at times due to the amount of work involved, he makes tasks seem more manageable and attainable - even those that seem like a reach.
Terrific, practical advice.
Recommended by so many writers I know— happy to learn about this podcast!
Just found my way to your podcast and already listened to the first four. You’re offering the wisdom and perspective I’m looking for. Already bought the blueprint. Thanks.
Useful content, delivered concisely
One of the best podcasts out there. He gets straight to the point, and is so helpful. Every episode is important information. Just go to your settings, hit “play in sequential order” or whatever, start at ep 1 and just listen. By the end, you will be so pumped and so prepared to launch your book. Trust me.
Relentlessly Helpful
Tim's advice for gaining a following is to be relentlessly helpful and he not only explains that for you, he models it for you. There is all kinds of good guidance in these podcasts and with encouragement that makes you feel he's just watching out for you. Well worth your time.
So Helpful
I've gotten so much helpful advice from this podcast. I also really like Tim Grahl's style of presenting material.
Jami C.
Required Listening
A must listen for any writer who wants to learn how to successfully launch a book. Tim is an excellent teacher. He builds confidence, and he breaks down hesitations that block a writer’s potential to reach a wider audience.
A must-listen for book authors
Tim has long been one of my go-to guys when it comes to book launching. He knows his stuff, has actually generated some success with his clients, and has the courage to do continue doing the work of publishing his own books. It's been wonderful to see his journey since 2009-2010. This podcast is as much of a gem as he is. It delivers content of substance, but does so with soul. The 3-part podcast with Michael Bungay Stanier was excellent and is a good place to start if you don't know where to -- while it goes into some advanced topics, it's real talk from veterans and so good for authors at all levels to hear.
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Super helpful!
I’ve been getting Tim’s emails for a while now, but just started listening to the podcast. I’m a professional book marketer, and even I have gotten a lot out of this Podcast. I love how all the advice is tangible and fairly easy to implement. Thanks, Tim!
A Must for every aspiring writer!
I’m so happy I found this podcast. I finished writing my first book and I felt so overwhelmed just thinking of the next step. This podcast is just what I needed. Tim is a great teacher. His advice is to the point and very helpful. Thank you for putting this information out there.
Yin traveler
Outstanding Podcast
For the first time I understood the folly of trying to use social media to promote my book. I've learned more in listening to a few of these podcasts than from hours of cruising the web for resources.
I am just about to publish my first book, and although I've been in the music industry for a long time helping artists launch their first projects, I now realize I know very little about how to properly launch a product like a book or a song. As I work with artists and move toward my book launch, I will definately share your down-to-earth step-by-step process. I'll will suggest strongly that the musical artiststs I work with listen to your entire podcast. It is guaranteed to help ground their efforts as they launch their campaigns. Awesome and thank you Tim. More shows please!
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Voice & Sound
Extremely Straightforward & Helpful
I am in the process of finishing my first book which shares my incredible success story as a mom entrepreneur. As with anything I believe you have to invest in your education first and I feel I've hit the jackpot with this podcast! Tim is extremely knowledgeable about this topic and drives right past the hype to deliver the most impactful information. Highly recommend if you are launching a book or any product!
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L. Cupps
Provides a great strategy framework
Love this podcast. Short, succinct, super-useful. The only podcast I've binge-listened to every episode all in a row.
Great insights delivered in everyday conversation
Perfectly timed podcast as I approach publication of my WIP. I like his style and that he's trying to give helpful, researched information with examples. He's not pushy or slick. Look forward to listening to all the episodes. Thanks!
Immediate Impact, Right-to-the-Point Content
This Podcast gets right to the point and starts helping you to immediately understand the keys to a successful book launch. So many other Podcasts waste time coming off like a morning radio show, with talk about the weather, or rants on unrelated topics. In this Podcast, Tim Grahl always starts by introducing his topic and then unleashing expert advice about it. I'm impressed and I'm glad I stubmbled across this. As someone who has drifted aimlessly through a first book launch (and paid the price for it), I know am seeking out this kind of expert help, and I couldn't ask for more. I plan to contact Tim about his personal consulting, and believe his advice is worth a high price. It's pretty cool to get it here for free.
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Packed with great book launch advice
This show is great! No frills and nothing but business, Tim gets you tons of value in short episodes. If you're looking to launch your book right, look no further!
Tim is a genius
Heard Tim for the first time on the SPF Podcast and decided to take a listen into his own podcast. The man is an F-ing genius. For the last two years that I've been writing my four books, he answered every question, in detail, more than any other blog or podcast I've listened to. As an author, if you're not listening to Mr. Grahl, you're missing out on the best information an independent author can ask for. Really.
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A great podcast which is informative and leaves me feeling knowledgeable and engaged after having listened.
Bite Sized Servings for Big Time Impact
Tim Gruhl is a new name to me, but after hearing him on Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula Podcast I decided to give him a try. His format is simple, direct, and brief. He doesn't padd the show for length and each episode is delivered using a small but extremely helpful piece of information toward your book launch. Great for quick listens as you build your brand.
Tons of Great Info!
Love this podcast! It's jam-packed with tips to launch a book and has very little fluff. I love that Tim gets into the topic right away. All authors should subscribe and listen!
Everyone who is or wants to be an author should subscribe
I've follwed Tim's stuff for a couple years now, suggested his blog to writers and authors, and read as much of his materials as I can. That said, this podcast is his best offering yet. As someone who's been in the publishing industry for two decades, I highly reccommend Tim's methods and feel like this podcast is a must-hear (from the first episode!) for everyone interested in not just writing their book, but actually getting it out to a sizable audience. (And I don't give many five-star reviews, I usually save those for the really literary books.) Thanks for doing this show, Tim!
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Consistently excellent
Tim Grahl never disappoints. This podcast provides excellent information. Tim excels in delivering that information clearly and succinctly. He lives out his own philosophy of being relentlessly helpful in this podcast.
Listening to this has given me a new level of clarity as to what I did wrong for the first three books I published. Learning from the mistakes that were made for those three books has allowed me to see that my foundation was never really laid. Now this has presented me a foundation that will continually establish the goals set for those and future books that will be published. --Author of Hangman: A Journey To Redemption
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My Go-To Launch Guy
A must-listen for anyone launching a book of any kind! Tim is the man when it comes to book launches. I've culled my follow list this year (too much noise) to just a few people in key areas—Tim is on my shortlist. -- SC McCole
Sean from GA
Becoming a True Fan
I am a new fiction author and an indie publisher planning a launch, writing a book, developing two podcasts, and a book related television show, and this podcast has been extremely helpful as I generate ideas and begin to implement them. I loved 1000 COPIES and the Story Grid book and podcast as well. If you have written a book or are in the process, this podcast will help. Lots of valuable no-nonsesne information. Thanks for your work, Tim!
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Highly recommend for authors
I'm a self-published author and I have plenty to learn about book launches. Tim's podcast is very helpful and I'm looking forward to putting his tips to work.
Deborah Ike
Tim Knows His Stuff
I have been listening to all of the episodes of The Story Grid Podcast that Tim Grahl has, and when I heard about his new podcast, Book Launch Show, I had to subscribe. Tim shares very valuable information in this podcast about how to market your book and what you should do leading up to--and even what should be done after--your book launch. The episodes are broken up into digestible segments. There are many great gems of information in this podcast and I am very thankful for Tim's wealth of knowledge on this subject. I wouldn't know where to start without his information. Thank you Tim!
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Excellent Resource for Authors
The Book Launch Show is a fantastic resource for any author, but especially those in the self-published category. Host Tim Grahl delivers very detailed information on strategies, tactics, and tools for a successful book launch while keeping it relatable and scalable for those who are not backed by a publisher's promotion department. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast if you're interested in publishing a new book, whether that book is your first or your tenth. There's value in every episode, even for those who have traveled this path already.
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Rob Hilliard
Well worth your time
Tim Grahl's Book Launch Show podcast is fantastic. By far it is the best investment of your time to learn how to launch the book that you're in the process of birthing. Putting your baby in Grahl's care is a good choice. I've learned and continue to learn so much. Thanks Tim for such valuable input.
This needs to be mandatory listening for anyone wanting to sell books or build an email list. I only wish it were 10 times longer.
Worth Every Minute
I was referred to this podcast by a fellow author and it's very informative and helps navigate the crazy world of book writing, publishing and promoting. I'm on my 2nd book and am just as confused about this complicated industry as ever. Tim helps make sense of the process and gives practical ideas on what to do.
VERY worthwhile!! Tim is the best at educating authors on how to make an impact with their launch. He makes things easy to understand, creates actionable steps, and just seems like a genuine guy. Thanks, Tim!
Discovering Lisa
Thanks Tim
Love this podcast. Love the StoryGrid podcast - love the way Tim approaches writing and promoting. I love it so much I bought his course. Thought that perhaps this podcast would be a rehash of the course. Not so. Thanks Tim for giving us such great content. Always helpful!
Beca Lewis
Tim is the @)#($* man.
Look. Is Tim a handsome man, most would say absolutely not. But his podcast teaches you how to launch a book with flawless execution. If you are planning on writing ONE WORD for the world to see, check this out. He always introduces himself in the middle. It's weird, but it grew on me.
Tim Grahl is relentlessly helpful!
Here's yet another great podcast from Tim Grahl for new authors. It's specific and helpful and I'm glad I found it.
Just ask yourself one question.
There's a pretty easy question you can ask yourself as to whether you should listen to Tim Grahl's new podcast or not: Do you want to be a professional writer, or just someone who wrote a book once? If you're just the One And Done type, don't bother. But if you're on the path to becoming someone who says things at parties like, "I Am A Writer" and your heart flutters as the words come out of your mouth then it's time to get to know Tim Grahl. If you're serious about becoming a best-selling author, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, slip into your earphones and get ready to start down the path of becoming a Professional Writer.
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