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Book Babes & Bubbles
Book Babes and Bubbles
Bookish babes pairing bubbly with books and all your favorite things, like cats, pop culture, and memes, probably.
S2:E3 - Book Babe Chat: Sloane Steele/Shannyn Shroeder
Alex has a great time chatting with author, Sloane Steele (also known as Shannyn Shroeder), about her Counterfeit Capers books (her new heist/romantic suspense series), why writing groups are the best, and her favorite TV shows and how they inspired her new book series. 
Jun 14, 2021
55 min
S2:E3 - Book Babe Chat: Renee Rocco
We had a blast chatting with author, Renee Rocco about her process of getting back into writing️, how villains are just more interesting, and Renee's newest book WRAITH that might contain the antihero of our forbidden dreams.
Feb 22, 2021
51 min
S2:E2 - The Queen's Gambit
Alex and Khara discuss all things Queen's Gambit including Beth Harmon's genius, the beautiful styling of the show (and Beth’s outfits), how Benny still looks like the child he played in Love Actually, the shows fantastical depiction of addiction, Beth’s sex-capades, and the underrated epic-ness that is chess (our boyfriends had a chess battle once). Join us on this wild ride that we enjoyed so much, and beware of show spoilers if you haven't watched yet!
Feb 5, 2021
1 hr 27 min
S2:E1 - Book Babe Chat: Mary Elizabeth
Alex chats with book babe, Mary Elizabeth, to discuss twilight fan fic, writing strong women, getting back into writing, and whether we should admit TikTok is a thing for authors. If you love this episode, don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! 
Jan 22, 2021
1 hr
S1:E3 - Midnight Sun Review and Justice for Bella Swan
We're finally discussing Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and it's the vent session we so desperately needed about a book we so desperately wanted to like. From prose that dragged to whether or not Bella Swan deserves justice or not, we dish it all. Also, find out what we're reading next and currently excited about.
Oct 7, 2020
36 min
Ep. 2 Books & Bites : Spooky Time in August
We decided that we're ready to skip the summer and go right to Halloween. We're talking embarrassing Halloween stories, and our favorite costumes, books, and movies! It's never too early for spook, right?
Aug 19, 2020
50 min
Ep. 1 Books & Bites : Twilight Recap. Fave Scenes, WTF Moments, and Songs
Our first "Books & Bites" mini-sode! Hello Twi-hards. Midnight Sun has just been unleashed onto the world and we recap our favorite book and movie moments from the Twilight Series, along with our WTF moments that no one talks about, and we also run down the best songs from the soundtracks. Are you team Edward or Jacob? Listen to find out which ones we are! We're prepping for our next episode where we'll review Midnight Sun. 
Aug 4, 2020
40 min
S1:E2 - The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins
"Power is More Important" is what we should have titled this episode. We review The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins, the long awaited prequel to the Hunger Game Series, and discuss all the things and raw emotions we had. Why does Coriolanus Snow's name have the word "anus" in it? Does Snow hate women? Is Lucy Gray a sweet angel or not?  Also, be on the look out for our fun mini-sodes called, "Books and Bites," releasing between book reviews where we talk about bookish things, pop culture, fandoms, and so much more.  Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review if you love our most recent episode. You're amazing!
Jul 22, 2020
1 hr 36 min
S1:E1 - Welcome to Book Babes and Bubbles
Welcome to Book Babes and Bubbles: a podcast hosted by two book babes who love pairing drinks with books. Khara is an avid book lover and bookstore aficionado, and Alex is a published author with an affinity for pop culture and words. In this intro episode learn more about the hosts, their fan fiction writing secrets, their top three favorite books, and ridiculous banter as they figure this whole podcast thing out. Laughing is absolutely guaranteed. 
Jun 17, 2020
54 min