Bollywood is For Lovers
Bollywood is For Lovers
Bollywood Is For Lovers
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Great podcast
Hey, Huge fan of what you guys do; as an NRI, it’s really great hearing a nuanced and unexoticized take on a part of South Asian culture people don’t really know much about. I think it would be really cool if y’all reviewed Guide (1965), Arth, or even a Guru Dutt masterwork trilogy (Pyassa, Kaagaz Ke Phool, Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam). In terms of Anil Kapoor I think Parinda would be really great (even if it is 1989 which is practically 90s), it’s what lead to Satya and ultimately the crime Bollywood movies of today. Thank you for the great podcast!
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pleaaaaaaaase review oye lucky lucky oye its one of my favorite films (and imo dibakar banerjees best) and no one talks about it!! also u guys do a rly, rly good job - never stop!!
bollywood movie masters
I have been watching bollywood for about half of my life, but had been in a rut for a little while now. After listening to about half of your podcast episodes, I now have a long list of movies I will watch, and have started watching ones I hadn't seen since listening to you guys. You're always informative and well versed about all of the material you talk about and cover a wide range of genres that I never knew about within bollywood. Since I've been listening to you guys everyday for over a month now, I almost feel like I know you, so hi :) Thank you for helping me fall in love with bollywood again!
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Filmi Fun
I listened to my first (but not last) “Bollywood is for Lovers” podcast today. My introductory episode was the 2018 “Year in review”. I saw many of the movies the hosts reviewed - but not all -and I took notes on the films the hosts recommended that I had missed (I have heard so much about Raazi, I really need to move that up on my priority list). Based on the banter between the hosts, I feel like theyI have similar taste to what I do in these films; it may well be the common Western lens we are watching through. (When my daughter and I get together to watch Bolly movies and we stop to critique plot or pacing or whatnot, we have long call disclaimed our criticisms as our “unwanted western woman opinion”. These critiques are like our own un-recorded podcasts.) Anyway,I have only ever listened to one other podcast, and that is another Bolly-themed show called Khandaan by Upodcast, which I try to keep up with on its bi-weekly broadcast basis, look forward to each new show and listener opinion poll when offered. It is through social media links to other Bolly-loving podcast listeners of Khandaan that I linked over to this show. If today’s show sample is representative of the whole, I will be adding "Bollywood is for Lovers" into my Bolly podcast rotation. Thanks for the fun! I look forward to your next offering!
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Like discussing movies with friends
Erin and Matt are a lovely pair of knowledgeable and thoughtful film buffs who have discovered a love for Bollywood films and personalities! I love the topics they choose, ranging from dissecting old classics to contemplating contemporary cinema. They don’t just straight review films like other podcasts, they usually have really interesting and varied themes that show us films in a new light. They have learned so much about Indian cinema in a short time, and taught me a lot too. They engage in (adorable) banter here and there, but mostly stay on topic and don’t go on long winded tangents like most other podcasters. They also come prepared with lots of thoughts about whatever subject matter they’re discussing. This is probably the best podcast on the topic right now. Thank you both for the time and dedication you’re putting into this podcast. You are my constant companions during my commute!
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Very unique Podcast
Its great to hear Film critiques from fellow Bollywood lovers from Canada. I absolutely love the academic nature of discussion they bring to the table, something I dont get in other bollywood podcasts. Thanks to the hosts I have actually got to know some really cool movies like "Newton" and "Lipstick under my burkha" which was not in my Radar and would have missed seeing them. It would be great to hear the hosts critique Telugu and Tamil films too! some of the movies made in Tollywood and Kollywood are really cool and are international quality. Would be great if the hosts could consider it.
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Great podcast
Great commentary on Bollywood by a couple of non Desi Canadians, informed by a distinct film studies perspective. They are insightful, full of joy of the art form and just plain fun.
Great insight!
I love this podcast and their opinions of the Bollywood world! I learn a lot every time i listen! Always happy when there is a new episode!
Great podcast!
As an Indian raised in the USA my relationship with Hindi movies has gone through many stages. From loving them, then tolerating to complete avoidance and back to loving them again. Erin and Matt have a real appreciation for Hindi cinema. Their background in education and film gives you a different insight into Bollywood films. So if you are discovering or in my case rediscovering Bollywood listen to "Bollywood for Lovers". Erin and Matt are engaging , informed and entertaining. Wonderful podcast!
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Love it!
As a non-Indian, long time fan of Bollywood (nine years and counting!), it's always interesting to hear from others like me, fans of world cinema in general who really fell for the wonderful and varied world of Bollywood. The two hosts have the perfect balance of academic distance and sincere love of the industry's films.
very good podcast
I love this podcast, as a lover of Hindi cinema who is not Indian myself, I love to listen to the outsider's outlook towards hindi films. The authors come of academic background, and they lace thie podcast with great info, informed opinions and humor. highly recommended.