Bodega Boys
Bodega Boys
Desus Nice & THE KID MERO
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The best podcast ever - die for the hive
Literally the best and funniest podcast ever. Die for the hive !!! I love bodega boys. I listened to them all the time because their jokes always bring me joy. My favorite is dark Desus and mero domus. Literally sooo funny !!
First time - long time
Comedic genius. Kings of, Yes and… The host of characters they’ve created over the years with evolving storylines are hilarious. The love they feel for New York City is contagious.
Eriiiiiin M
Love this show!
Every episode has me laughing to the point of tears.
I’m an addict
The bodega boys just keeps getting better! There’s no rhyme or reason to when the next episode will drop! They’re my Julio and I’m waiting on them to come through with that hot bag!
Fish Stick Legs
LOVVVVVE my Bodega Boys!!!
This is one of the only podcast I check for regularly! So that’s my ONLY gripe: y’all need to be more regular/consistent/predictable with the episodes! I know y’all getting BAGS & probably don’t have the time but I would love it if it was at least every week. I’m sure I’m not alone!
Sucio Gang
Started listening in the 112’s up to 231. Then ran it from 1-112. Audio Art. Shout out the Gods. Literally just watched Dope Sick Love to post this review. 5star Bodega Boys!
I have had no friends during the pandemic and this helped.
This podcast has compensated for my lack of human contact.
Micheal Arthur
Clowns 🤡🤡 🤡
Imagine being dumb enough to actually take these clowns seriously? As they slobber all over Dr Fauci. He’s been wrong on everything. Cringe
Mr.Bob Dobalina
Mad Men is a great show
it builds it’s not boring
Bodega Hive Salute
I’ve been listening to y’all for the entire time I’ve lived in New York. When I want to just hear what regular New Yorkers talk about the current gossip floating around the boroughs. And watch out for Benzo the clown and lock your medicine cabinets<~~~brooo Update y’all got me through this pandemic too looked forward to this podcast every time.
C W Grizzwald
The constant laughter got me thru my depression.
Kelvo the god
Is the brand GONE?!
The MAGA’s of the podcast world kidnapped Desus and Mero... they were great
The brand is MISSING?
Once strong, the brand/podcast has abruptly ended ... WE NEED ANSWERS. MY GUT HURTS
Pure Audio Art - In the spirit of REAL HIP HOP 🎧
WARNING: Use caution when listening to this podcast in your headphones at work. Your co-workers may be annoyed by your repeated loud bursts of laughter.
Literally feels like hanging out with your friends☑️
Need more art!!
The most brolic podcast on this side of the Milky Way
Used to be great...
Same garbage, same stories, haven’t developed new characters. They think they’re funnier and more important than they actually are. I used to rock with them back in the day, but I can’t stand them now.
Smooth d tickle
The only podcast that's still good over zoom THE BRAND IS BROLIC SMDFTB
Love the audio art that comes from these 2, listening every week from the upper left coast of the USA YERRRRRR!!!
Desus Cries Almighty!
You know what it is.
What a way to pass the time.
This podcast is a crazy mess. I don’t even know what I’m listening to, but I’m here for it. Thanks for getting me through the day.
I need a mystery
The Brand Is Okay RN
Love love love the older episodes and everything up until covid! Their chemistry is so much better when they’re 1 on 1 in the room together. Now it’s just kinda Desus talking over Mero. I’m just listening to the older ones until they get back in the studio together and that magic can happen again. Btw, tons of predictions in older episodes have been super spot on to current events today so check those out!
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K0rean Learner
Yerrrrrr!!!!! Best Podcast Out
Big Papi Negro
I mean I don’t really like this and clown pl you a b***h
And he only2 star
Plan to end police racial profiling etc
I listened to you both on the Sam Sanders show It’s been a minute. I recommend reading the June 2020 article in the Detroit Free Press or Detroit News by Isaiah McKinnon. He was the Detroit Police Chief back a few years ago and he outlined a plan to truly educate and change police negative behavior. That’s my opinion as a reader without any criminal justice education. Ike McKinnon is an amazingly positive person. Also he participated in a moderated discussion about race and how to move forward in the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit with Archbishop Allen Vigneron and Teresa Tomeo. The last 20 minutes are a highlight. Best Regards, Kathy Stawara
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Amazing podcast
Mani Martinezzz IG Live
Ben Barson
Where is BB???
Great chemistry and both are hilarious, probably my favorite pod rn
Old Hive Member
Seems like lately, Desus interrupts Mero too much and unapologetically. Taking a break until they are back in the studio.
I love the Bodega Boys
Entertaining, funny, timely, full of pop culture, Bronx life, etc. Desus and Mero play off each other so well. Very quick witted and fun.
Bodega boys in the building!!!! Greatest podcast ever!
Bodega Hive ALL DAY!!!
Nothing cheers me up more than listening to my boys Desus and Mero and watching their show on Showtime!!!! They are a gift!!!!
Kimbo- a Traveling Pole Dancer
from biggie quotes to Sucicio!
these cats are always there to make me laugh! SOMEBODY PLAY THAT BABY’s PODCAST!! Beau, Srq Fl
Big Beau De La Q
Stick Talk
Let Mero finish whatever he’s trying to say.
Da best laffs eva!
Much appreciated cultural perspective for this white boy in deepest Vermont.... I never ventured further into the Bronx than Arthur Ave., but now I can visit the hood with my cool black friends!
Bodega Boy’s
The brand is strong. The brand is brolic!! I’ve been listening to Desus and Mero since the original podcast. This show is so different from all the other shows I’m a fan of in the best way. They are brilliant comedians and walk the line in such a funny yet responsible way.
Human Dr. Bronner’s Label
Bodega Hive over everyone!
My favorite podcast, literally the only reason I got into listening to podcasts. Brand is Brolic💪🏾
Boney goats did nothing wrong
These POLYGONS trynna cancel the brand but the brand is too strong. Never let these POLYGONS control you
Low Ep3xtations
Su su sucio
Real sucio s#it and real hip hop lives here. Still waiting for Boney Goats to drop that first single. The brand is strong.
T.Starks from BK
Boney Goats on tour!
The Brand is strong!
Boney Goats 4 life
Nuff said. The brand is strong.
Bodega give
The brand is strong...
Ayo yall keep me laughing and laughing while i hit the weed before work at popeyes i close every night YURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR BX ALL DAY SMDFTB Captain America iz WILD SMIZZY DOIN the dishes smelling like da Pacquiao Keeping my baby fed till this Sound Cloud Rap Career takes off NIIIIIIIII---------PROBLEFUGGINMATIC LIGHT WHILE I EAT A CHOPPED CHEESE JULIO IS MY FATHER EL SANTIAGO AKA THE PUERTO RICAN MARIACHI AKA I MARRIED YESENIA FUCCHIKKFILLAA yall da coolest pair since DEEZ NUUTZZZZzzzzzzzzz
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The Brand is Very Strong
coming from you love all the way from 52900 Avenida Navarro La Quinta CA
Victor finally got a mic and doesn’t sound like a poor low tech boy that comes out of the blue
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