Blood River
Blood River
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Very One Sided
Horrible Persecution by International NGOs. Watching Bertha’s interviews she is clearly an avowed communist (No justification for anyone killing her) but the fact she is being raised as a “hero” for opposing a dam which would help a third word country be self sustainable looks shady. I wonder who is funding all this chaos? Driving out investments and jobs? Could it be that Bloomberg or others like him have an agenda or an interest against these types of projects? Just hearing then ambassador Nealon speaking how he made this possible makes it even more shady. Did the U.S plot this and tried to frame others?
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Important Information - good listen
This is a great true crime podcast in my opinion. I also feel the topic is an important one and not always talked about.
Break from 2020
Needs better fact check
This is very engaging and well done and I’m recommending it but here’s one mistake made. You talked about the assassination in mid March 2016 of Nelson Garcia. He was gunned down By a member of MS 13 in front of his wife and two of his children in Peña Blanca Cortez which is in Northern Honduras near Lago Yokosuka. You say he was someplace hundred miles south of La Esperanza repeating a mistake in Nina Lakhani’s book. The Garcia family was involved in a land struggle against a corrupt mayor. Once the MS 13 assassin was arrested the police abandoned the investigation of who hired him and also failed to protect the family which had to flee because of threats from the gang. They were told by police that the investigation was ended on orders from Tegucigalpa.
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Ms. Fact Checker
Very well researched
I am impressed with this podcast and have been chomping at the bit for each new episode to come out. I did not think I would love it as much as I did!
Katie R. 3
Story well told
Very interesting story. I like that we can hear the interviews in the original language with the translation over it. It’s an intense story with a lot going on and I appreciate the reporter speaking slowly. I can’t wait to find out what happens as the story unfolds in the future.
Solid Reporting
Monte Reel does a wonderful job capturing all the twists and turns in Berta Caceres’ murder, the arrest of suspects, including taped conversations with the accused, David Castillo. This is a significant environmental murder mystery that’s worth your time. Looking forward to future updates as Castillo goes to trial. A very well produced podcast.
Truth to disturb the soul Such shameless greed. So satisfying to know justice does come! Viva BERTA!!!
cultural genocide indeed
What about DESA’s Board?
Great reporting of a sad and complex story. Great to see this is being investigated and not forgotten. Unfortunately, Bertha’s murder is not solved yet. The intellectual authors of her crime are still free, being protected by their wealth and influence. Why did DESA hire such an expensive international law firm? Why is Castillo’s family living in USA? How did Castillo afford a $1.6 mililon house in USA? IMHO Castillo isn’t naming names (DESA’s “board” as everyone knows by now) because he is protecting his young family. Otherwise he would have sang like a bird. Bertha is sadly one of many women and/or environmentalists that have been murdered in Honduras because of their cause and what they fight for. In the 90’s another environmentalist was murdered. Her name is Jeanette Kawas. A national park is now named after her.
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Word from an Hondureño
As an Hondureño who travels there almost every year or two. I love the informative part of the podcast I think it was well delivered and very informative. Well down guys!👏🏻👏🏻 It is so embarrassing for me to hear how corrupt Honduras has gotten. I left there 24 years ago when I was only 12 yoa. What this country did with Berta Cáceres and the continuos killing of others, it’s shocking to say the least But this a Narco state as stated in the podcast and there is no hope for the poor, uneducated, minorities or anyone who is not tied up to the government mob. Thank you so much for shedding so much light into the killing of this great Angel and o hope we continue fighting the good war against the Nat resources abusers and greedy families of not just Honduras but in the our home of the USA. Thank you🙏🏻
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K ke
Well-researched and produced
The murder of Berta Cáceres is such a complex story and I’m satisfied with the choice to tell it in the long-form. I do wish the tone was a bit more righteous and indignant, given the subject matter of corporate executives ordering the murder of brave environmental activists. I was wondering why this podcast is only rated 3.5... Then I read the reviews of red-faced white guys haranguing that a factually told story about a horrific assassination somehow embodies “cancel culture.” Other negative reviews were that the “Podcast ended abruptly at Episode 3!” As if the episodes aren’t released week-by-week. God save these morons.
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Four years, and still unsolved?
So many crime stories end unsolved. I hope this isn’t just another one. Episode 1. Pass 2... Ugh, I’m sorry, Karen is who? Rewind! This is a very complicated story. Find I must keep notes on the people to follow the narrative. Pausing, jotting down names, roles, rewinding, play... more work than I care to do. I use podcasts for relaxation...
I love this podcast. The excellent coverage of the ins and outs of a corrupt government is riveting. Really makes you appreciate the US and our judicial process. I’m finished with episode 5 and can’t wait for the next twist to this tragic story. No matter if you are an environmentalist or not, the corruption and murder should not have happened.
Solid coverage of an important story
This is a Very engaging and well written story that honors all of the people involved, even those who may be difficult to understand. It begins with tragedy and then explores the nature of corruption, integrity, development, activism, and justice in a fair and balanced way. These are complex and relevant constructs that are essential to understand. Some of the less enthusiastic reviews criticize the completeness of covering the context within which this story unfolds. From my perspective the detail is more than sufficient and is plenty to inform why people did what they did and what is alleged. Really enjoying this podcast and hope others like it will be produced.
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resource manager
Almost put me to sleep
Just super boring. Expected something like shrink next door
Good overall
The reporting seems thorough but the second episode glides over some things. Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was not ousted in a vaccuum. He had been trying to stage an illegal referendum and defying the courts and the legislature in the process.
Great podcast and reporting
So far I’ve listened to three episodes of the case. It is a case that has become emblematic of women environmental rights defenders because since Cáceres there have threats and intimidation of human rights defenders especially women who have a whole different circumstances than their male counterparts. The reporter does a good job of interviewing folks of all sides. He narrates it well and does a fair job of presenting all sides.
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Gaby from DC
I find this subject of no interest. “Environmental Activists” are an arm of the cancel culture that’s destroying the world. Spewing how everything and anything “should be” but with NO thoughts/answers or even ideas how to get to what they determine “should be”. Attempting to shame anyone that disagrees or has an idea that isn’t theirs as “racist “, “greedy “ or anything vile they can think of. Who cares if she was shot to death. Honestly, there are a lot of people that deserve just that.
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Very Interesting!!
Wow I love this podcast.....first off the theme music with it's ominous tone is perfect.... This story is like peeling and many layers to uncover to get to the truth...Aweaomw job!!
I stumbled upon this gem!! Nice work!!
Needs a more content. Limited scope
I appreciate the investigation into Berta’s death as justice is needed. I wish there was even more information on her philosophies & practice & her goals for the future instead of just the gore of how she was killed.
No ending
Cuts off at the third episode and there’s no conclusion to the story
Fantastic investigative journalism
This is a well researched and produced podcast. Fascinating and tragic subject matter that needs to shared. Bloomberg is creating fantastic investigative journalism podcasts! I’m looking forward to future episodes.
Great journalism in a difficult place
I lived over three years in Honduras and know that it is a difficult place to track down information. This podcast is so interesting and so needed for justice!
3 episodes in, annoyed I have to wait for episode 4 😂
Very well done, well researched. Very intriguing story, sucked me right in. Definitely recommend thus far!
Such an interesting topic that I had no idea about, and thrillingly told. Great sound design too.
Super interesting
Only 2 episodes in and I’m really interested. Finally, after many years, this mystery will be solved.
Stop using fillers
Story seems decent but it’s pretty annoying to have the Spanish interview played then translate it into English. Just give us the English and leave the interview out of it. It’s annoying and used as a filter.
Great podcast but........
I’m loving this podcast but your jewelry is really distracting!!! Every time she talks she jingles. Thanks bye
Two episodes in and I am absolutely addicted to this fascinating podcast.
Oscar Thames y Cabrera
Incredible story
The unfolding of this story is suspenseful and well told. Very timely as well. Thank you! I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming episodes.
Super intriguing
I didn’t know anything about this part of the world, but learned a lot here. Loved the authenticity of the interviews sprinkled throughout. When’s the next episode? I can’t wait!!
Great Podcast
Bloomberg always has great podcasts.
Dakini Girl
Thank you!
Bloomberg makes some of the best podcasts
Blood River.
Unbelievable. I even cried for this. Wonderful woman. Can’t wait to continue
MC Ott
Great podcast
Super interesting and also very sad
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