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I’m so ashamed that I just found this amazing pod. It’s a must listen. Keep up the excellent work.
came for GoT
Started listening for the Game of Thrones coverage because I wanted a more diverse perspective of that show, but stayed and listen to the coverage of Hamdmaid’s Tale, which I don’t even watch. I love the ladies’ entertaining and informative banter.
Great show
2018 TIFF Recap
Thanks so much for your recap on this year’s TIFF! The entire podcast gave me the “feels”. Hearing from Composer Frederico Jusid and about his career highlights was very cool. And, the film festival review..?? Y’all, I think I’ve found my tribe!
Mizz Bris
Really Catching Me Up to Speed!
Of course, like everyone else, I’ve followed all the MCU movies over the last decade, but I didn’t grow up reading comments. I’ve started exploring them, though, because I really enjoy the stories. I’ve also been making a converted effort to read more stories not centered on straight white guts because, obviously. This podcast has helped point me in the right direction...
Doug Rice in Cleveland
Awesome Podcast
Jamie host of Black Girl Nerds highlights all aspects of business, tech and more in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
I Don't Always Take The Time, an Error.
I am not always interested in what is being said here, but any time I do listen, I am fully engaged. The conversation leaves me nodding my head, laughing or just expanding my perception, like really great friends would. In our hectic lives, it's hard sometimes to make time for friends, especially when you are not feeling it, but when you do, your left with good memories. That's what this is, an opportunity for good memories. Oh and geeking out.
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I honestly don't understand the five star reviews. The sound is bad, and the content is just okay... I'm a black and kinda nerdy and I really wanted to like this podcast. 😑
You rock! AMAZING guests! Ridiculously large amount of great content & it just keeps coming! My cup runneth over 😭
Thank you!
The American Gods extra episode is spectacular. Thank you for all you do BGN!
Momof Mean
Too Much Pre-show
I think I will love this podcast, but 9min 40 of ads, pre-show, and "here's what this episode *will eventually* be about" drove me up the flipping wall (ep. 105). I listen to podcasts on my commute. By the time the show started, I was at work already. 😕 I get the need for sponsors and self-promotion. But mix your sponsor messages into the podcast so I'm already hooked. And if I'm already (trying to) listen to your show, you don't need to pad the front with how awesome you are -- just start the show and let me see that for myself. I'll come back and edit my review after I've had a chance to listen to the actual meat of the show, but I thought the show producers should know how off-putting that was. Nearly 10 minutes is just way too much.
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This podcast rocks
I LOVE this podcast! As a black woman and a huge nerd, Ive often struggled to find other black women that I connect with. This podcast does that for me, it connects me with women like me, who like what I like, and who keep me connected to my community while exploring and supporting inclusivity!!!
Black Girl Nerds Unite!
I just started listening to podcasts a month ago and this is already my favorite. It makes me feel like I'm having a conversation wi my closest girlfriends every time I listen. I love the diversity in their platform in addressing issues plaguing other minority communities as well as the general misogyny that can be present in nerd circles. All in all it's informative, hilarious, and provocative. You won't regret listening!
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Thank you!
I love and appreciate this podcast so much. I enjoy what you guys do tremendously and right up there with your content is the beautiful community I met because of this podcast and following you guys on twitter. I'm so excited to support your movement on patreon as well. Anyway I could keep going but again I love this podcast, I love this community and thank you for all that you do -titoq85
Jamie and the crew do an awesome job holding it down for the BGN community. Thanks guys!
Insightful Podcast
These lady nerds have created a stellar podcast! I love listening, hearing different perspectives, and learning about a variety of nerdy things from Black women. Great interviews, wonderful hosts, important conversations and media!
Cameron Airen
Amazing podcast!
This is my first official review, but I have been a fan of Black Girl Nerds podcast and webpage for a while now. Please keep up the great work!
Awesome podcast.
Simple. Informed. Podcast.
love this!!!!
so great to hear positive convos!!
One of the Best Geek Podcasts
This show is excellent, the hosts are AWESOME and they represent the blerd/nerd nation like queens. I hope it lasts forever.
Love BGN
Long time fan and just love what they are doing, entertaining and professional.
Great for all nerds
As a latinx nerd BGN is a great reminder that we nerds are everywhere. No one can tell us what we can love and we can share in the love of nerd culture across all races, ethnicities, and sexes.
Who? Who?
The Best
Absolutly one of the best places to get updated info that is unbiased and entertaining.
Do yourself a favor and listen
I'm a huge fan of this podcast. I listen almost every Monday morning and it always sets he tone for a positive week. The content is great and it gives me great blerd pride that such a great podcast such as this one exist. So do yourself a favor and listen, you won't be disappointed!
Everyone Needs to Belong. Found My Tribe
The hosts have created a safe space for the inner (and outer, I'll be honest) Black girl nerd in me. Interesting, entertaining, informative club of a podcast. Smart, in the know hosts, without being exclusive. Check em out.
So glad to have found this excellent podcast and hear from people who share my perspectives while broadening my horizons!
Satisfies my inner nerd
I love BGN podcasts! They are very entertaining and informative.
Amazing. Wonderful. Great. Listen & Subscribe :)
BGN delivers! Listening to Ep58: The term baby mainstream will stick with me and their demise & an end to marginalized folks stories being told. The irony of erasure black women @ReignofApril whilst applauding the academy proposed changes to increase diversity. And important NEEDED conversation. This is real talk for film buffs and everything nerdy! P (OutstandingWC) :)
Pia Mo.
The Best Podcasts for Blerds Everywhere
I'm so glad Jamie is now on iTunes! I've been along time listener and I'm so happy I can subscribe now and get BGN all the time!
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Alisa Reger
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Awesome things so far about this podcast.
Mary D. Hegg
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There hasn't been a dull episode yet. Black Girl Nerds with great information..!
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