Bitcoin Rapid-Fire
Bitcoin Rapid-Fire
John Vallis
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John Vallis is the Truth!
Yo John I saw you have 99 reviews so here’s #100. I appreciate you man, really love your interviewing style and thoughtful responses. Also, please make more HODL Hangouts! We need more Breedlove and American HODL! Those are my favorite episodes by far.
Excellent content
Good show
Great show with good content. I recommend it
Greatly appreciated!
OG from 1/28/2014. Been stackin’ slowly. Dig the ride. Keep doin’ those deep dives!
Extremely Underrated Bitcoin Podcast
One of the best bitcoin podcast, goes deeper on bitcoin; on how bitcoin could affect our lives and society. There are great guests on the show and John is a great interviewer!
One of my favorites
Just listen, too much good for me to list here. Trust me!
Aaron Fish
The Best
This pod is a mandatory go-to for real ones
Vallis’ analysis is consistently insightful and thoughtful. His interviewing skills are off the charts. This is one of my favorite podcasts on any subject.
John is one of the greatest podcasters to ever grace this planet. I’ve enjoyed every episode and the wonderful topics that he brings up. Keep it up!
Great for Bitcoin Beginners and Experts Alike
John does an amazing job asking questions and providing his own insight on all things Bitcoin and the macro economy. He brings on a wide range of very knowledgeable people in the bitcoin community. He goes deeper into the rabbit hole than most, exploring implications beyond simply the price action of Bitcoin. I’ve learned so much from this podcast and would highly recommend it. Keep Hodling!!
Amazing podcast
Tons of deep, nuanced conversation on bitcoin. Fantastic stuff. 👏
Sir DeVries
John is simply excellent
Great criticism thinker and makes you really dive deep into the rabbit hole of possibilities!
Top tier bitcoin podcast.
No fluff, no 'crypto' talk. Pure bitcoin-is-changing-the-world podcast.
A gifted interviewer
The Bitcoin podcast field is getting crowded, but John stands out for his ability to spark engaging conversations with every guest no matter their background or experience in being interviewed. His guests always bring a lot to the table, and John stands toe to toe with them with his knowledge and in-depth understanding of the multi-disciplinary phenomenon that is Bitcoin. John understands that Bitcoin is a major achievement in engineering that will underpin human civilization going forward, and his calm, reasoned passion for the subject is accessible to all audiences. If I had to pick only one...
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Great interviewer
John asks the best questions and is always well prepared.
a must listen for everyone. john is the man!
Always engaging.
This new breed of bitcoin podcasters brings a wonderful, relatable and deeply engaging approach to an equally deep subject, bitcoin and it’s effect on the world.
Clay Enos
Good Stuff
Brain candy for Bitcoin peeps *cheers*
John’s the man
Great podcast all around
Top Bitcoin Podcast 🥇
John is an absolute powerhouse when it comes Bitcoin knowledge. His podcast is an incredible resource for beginners & experts alike when it comes to the world of bitcoin. Learn why Bitcoin is the “Future of Money!” 5+ Stars
Great Bitcoin Pod - must subscribe
John burst into the Bitcoin podcast scene with some incredible interviews. Laid back, good questions, top notch guests. John really gets great content out of this guests. Don’t think twice, subscribe now.
Great Listen!
John’s podcast is super interesting and his delivery style keeps your entertained and informed. He asks questions that help make complex topics relatable to non-experts and is simply great to listen to!
Saba E.
Relatable, Real and Researched!
John wears his curiosity on his sleeve in these excellent interviews on varying perspectives around Bitcoin with really knowledgeable people. Well researched, he’s great at democratizing the questions with real talk (in different digestible formats with short and long form!) and created a podcast that speaks to both newbies and oldies alike. I’m excited to hear and learn more!
Amena Lee