Bitcoin Rapid-Fire
Bitcoin Rapid-Fire
John Vallis
Caitlin Long of Avanti Bank on How Bitcoin Will Transform the Banking System
52 minutes Posted May 14, 2021 at 12:56 pm.
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Show notes

Caitlin Long is the Founder and CEO of Avanti.  

According to their website:  'Avanti is a new breed of bank — a software platform with a bank charter, built to connect digital assets with the legacy financial system...We’re not just a bank — we’re a depository institution, which means we’re eligible to become a U.S. dollar clearing bank at the Federal Reserve. Avanti offers a superior regulatory structure relative to digital asset competitors, including a full-reserve requirement for dollar deposits and a deep understanding of how digital assets (including our tokenized dollar, Avit™) can solve payment inefficiencies faced by business customers.'  

Caitlin has been instrumental in helping to architect the regulatory framework around bitcoin, especially in her native Wyomming.  

She also has a tremendous amount of experience and insight in and regarding the functioning of the legacy financial system and macro economics.  

I've been looking forward to connecting with Caitlin for a while now, and it did not disappoint.  



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