Bitcoin Rapid-Fire
Bitcoin Rapid-Fire
John Vallis
Bringing Back Craftsmanship - Chad Urban of the American College of Building Arts
1 hour 15 minutes Posted Apr 29, 2021 at 11:44 am.
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Show notes
In the bitcoin space we often discuss the many insidious impacts of being on a 'fiat' money standard. We also look to previous periods in which societies used 'sound money', to see what elements of culture, art, business etc. might have been impacted by the difference in monetary standard.
As bitcoin develops, it's becoming clear that the change in time preference that it inspires in many (a changed relationship to time and work), is causing a re-emergence of appreciation for high-quality, highly-skilled, long-lasting, beauty-centric architecture and construction.
The American College of Building Arts is taking a unique approach to education, teaching both the theory/philosophy, and the traditional methods required to create graduates who are highly-skilled craftsmen.
I'm a huge critic of the current systems of education, and also very excited by the novel approaches beginning to be developed to improve it, so I thought it would be interesting to speak with someone who is building a solution of particular relevance to many of the topics we often discuss in bitcoin land.
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