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Imagine you are friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The BiggerPockets Podcast delivers.Co-hosted by Brandon Turner, David Greene, and BiggerPockets founder Joshua Dorkin, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. The show won’t tell you how to “get rich quick” or sell you a course, boot camp, or guru system; instead, the BiggerPockets Podcast will give you real strategies that work for real people.Start listening and join the 1.3 million members who are learning to invest! Visit, and follow us on Instagram (@biggerpockets, @beardybrandon, @davidgreene24, @jrdorkin) and Twitter (@BiggerPockets, @BrandonAtBP, @DavidGreene24, and @jrdorkin).
411: The Life-Changing Power of a Goal-Setting Retreat (+ Live Demo with Husband/Wife Investors Matt & Melissa) with Geoff Woods
Have you ever bought a whiteboard or a journal and thought, this is it... This is the moment when I REALLY commit to goal-setting... and then (as it tends to do) life just kind of gets in the way? This episode is about rethinking your approach to goals – and to do this, we've brought in an expert on managing your time and mental energy like a billionaire: Geoff Woods, VP of The One Thing and facilitator of their upcoming virtual goal-setting retreat Today, Geoff shares the blueprint that high-performing couples, teams, and individuals use 1) cast a shared vision of the future 2) work backwards to map out important steps, and 3) regularly recalibrate and track progress. Plus, we put this to the test, live! About halfway through the episode, you'll meet Matt and Melissa Miller – married parents of 3 who own 7 units but are struggling to define their exact vision... and the action plan required to realize it. Geoff leads them through a goal-setting exercise live, and the result is inspiring and surprisingly emotional. #MarriageGoals - literally! Whether you're looking to get on the same page as a spouse, business partner, or just chart out a clearer path for yourself... you'll get a ton of value out of this episode. Let us know what you think of it, and use the link below if you're interested in joining Geoff (and Brandon and Heather Turner!) at the retreat next month. In This Episode We Cover:How billionaires set goalsWhat to do when your spouse or partner is not a natural goal-setterHow to have an ongoing relationship with your goalsA live goal-setting exercise with a real estate investor couple, Matt and MelissaDefining whose lane is whose when running a business with your spouse or partnerWhat happens at a goal-setting retreatGeoff's personal story of leaving medical sales to work with Gary Keller and Jay PapasanLinks from the ShowBiggerPockets PodcastVirtual goal-setting retreatThe 1 thing WebsiteThe 1 thing podcastClick here to check the full show notes:
Oct 24
1 hr 15 min
410: Life-Changing Deals: 5 Traits They Have in Common with Ken Corsini
What does it take to pull off a home run real estate deal? Today, we put that question to Ken Corsini, HGTV star and author of Profit Like the Pros: The Best Real Estate Deals That Shaped Expert Investors. Ken spoke to a diverse group of 25 investors about their very best deals, and in this episode he breaks down the common threads that run through each of those stories. You'll also hear Ken's tips for building your own personal brand in your market, and how he used his "Flip or Flop Atlanta" fame to build a brokerage and mortgage company. Throughout this episode, Ken points you to individual investors in the BiggerPockets community; be sure to check out their BP profiles to learn more... and pick up a copy of the Profit Like the Pros in the BiggerPockets store today. Every format includes a bunch of great bonus materials, including a breakdown of 22 investors' worst deals – so you can avoid the same mistakes. In This Episode We Cover:How personal connections often lead to home run dealsHoning in on a specific niche and building expert knowledgeHow one deal can change the trajectory of your careerKen, David, and Brandon's personal best/favorite dealsCommon traits of the worst deals featured in Ken's bookHow Ken built a personal brand, then spun it into different businessesHow he controls each aspect of his real estate transactions (title, lending, etc.)And SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPocketsFlip or Flop AtlantaBest Deal Ever (Youtube Series)BiggerPockets Podcast 339: 60,000 Tenants?! How Frank Rolfe Built a Mobile Home EmpireBiggerPockets Podcast 405: Investing in the Only True Recession-Proof Asset: Yourself! with Lewis HowesBiggerPockets Podcast 235: How to Find and Fund Real Estate Deals with Anson YoungBiggerPockets Podcast 401: Follow these Steps to Get People to Know, Like, and Trust You with Jordan HarbingerBiggerPockets Podcast 329: Financial Freedom Before 30 Through Just 10 Deals With Felipe MejiaSelf Storage Properties at Pennies on the Dollar with Stacy RossettiReal Estate Rookie PodcastCheck the full show notes here:
Oct 21
1 hr 5 min
409: Giving Yourself Permission to Go BIGGER: the "Bluefishing" Mentality with Steve Sims
Today's a special episode featuring the author of a book we can't get enough of: Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen by the man, the myth, the legend - Steve Sims. Who is Steve, anyway? Well, he's a former bricklayer and bouncer-turned-entrepreneur who uses a unique mindset and blend of skills to creates once-in-a-lifetime experiences for billionaire clients. Experiences like: getting married by the Pope in the Vatican, having a private dinner at the feet of Michaelangelo's David statue, or going on an underwater tour of the Titanic shipwreck. And here's the thing: as you'll hear in this episode, Steve's not a silver-spoon, high society type. He's just a regular guy who chooses to think and act differently, consistently. And after this episode, you'll be able to "Bluefish" your way into more relationships, more private money, and ultimately more deals! We talk about "leading with value" when approaching mentors... blah blah blah. Today, you'll hear a refreshing new twiston that concept, and learn actual tactics you can put into practice to make more connections and level up your life today.  One final note: Steve uses some colorful language in this episode; please take note of the "Explicit" label, and listen to this one when the kiddos aren't in the backseat :) In This Episode We Cover:How Steve went from bricklayer to bouncer to building a business that makes people's dreams come trueWhat "Bluefishing" isDigging deeper to find your customers' true motivationThe one thing Artificial Intelligence can't replaceWhy it's often better to remove – rather than solve – problems in your businessHow to chase your own dreams, not someone else'sWhy social media "influencer culture" often leave you feeling empty and unhappyStories of working with clients ranging from Elon Musk to The PopeLinks from the ShowBiggerPockets PodcastBluefishingSpaceXClick here to check the full notes:
Oct 17
1 hr 21 min
408: Full-Time Income on a Part-Time Schedule with Emma Powell
Ever wonder how your family would manage if you or your spouse lost your job? Emma Powell faced that reality head-on. She knew she needed "full-time income" while continuing to spend time with her family... and she knew real estate investing would be the vehicle to get her there. Today Emma shares her journey from part-time photographer to multifamily dealmaker – how she got in the game by joining a REIA and immediately loaning money to an experienced investor (we discuss the right and wrong way to do this); her #1 piece of advice when meeting with a potential mentor; and her foray into the world of lease option ("rent to own") deals. Plus – Emma shares her perspective on how to choose a niche that suits your strengths (wholesaling wasn't for her; syndication and bigger commercial deals were a better fit). This is an inspiring story of someone who experienced a financial wake-up call, and went from total rookie to syndicator in just a few years... all while homeschooling 6 kids. Enjoy this one, and we'll see you again on Sunday! In This Episode We Cover:Emma's reaction to her husband being laid off from his tech jobWhat a Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) Meeting isHow she's found nearly all her deals by simply networkingDue diligence when loaning money to an investorWhat lease options areWhat a "due on sale" clause isClosing a great deal after a seller was burned by wholesalersHer passive income goals for the futureAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPocketsReal Estate Investment AssociationThe Real Estate Syndication Show5 Hour School WeekBiggerPockets Podcast 325: From Major Business Failure to Buying 20 Houses a Month With Aaron AmuchasteguiBiggerPockets BlogsBiggerPockets WebinarsCheck the full show notes here:
Oct 14
1 hr 13 min
407: Buying 100+ Houses/Year in 4 Hours/Week Using Teams, Traction, and (Get this…) TikTok with Ryan Pineda
Want to think like a high-level investor and business owner who is seizing the moment and enjoying his best year ever? Listen up! Former Oakland A's baseball player (and show 292 guest) Ryan Pineda steps back up to the plate today... and he delivers a detailed breakdown of how he's using TikTok, Youtube, billboards, and TV commercials to generate an avalanche of leads in the Las Vegas, NV market. Ryan's team flips and wholesales 100 houses a year... but because he's set them up according to the EOS/Traction system, he spends just 3-4 hours per week running things! Sound good? Well, a lot of hard work went it. And in this episode, you'll hear the journey firsthand: from exactly how each member of Ryan's team handles a transaction, to why they keep a visual scoreboard in the office, to how he had to shift his mindset after realizing he was the bottleneck holding his business back. In This Episode We Cover:Operating a real estate brokerage, tax company, house flipping business all at onceFlipping 100 houses/year in 3-4 hours/weekHow Ryan attracts deals using TV ads and billboardsWhy he believes influence is the most valuable currency todayFinding the one thing you can't delegateHow he leads a team using EOS system from the book TractionHow structure can actually free your team up to do their best workAnd SO much more!Links from the Show:The DISC ProfileEOSDon't this miss one this one, and leave us (and Ryan) a comment in the show notes over at
Oct 10
1 hr 6 min
406: 51 Units and $900/Month in Pure Cashflow on a “BRRRRnB” with Shelby Osborne
"Systems, People, and Positive Vibes" are what powers Shelby Osborne's business, and today she breaks down exactly how she's used those 3 forces to go from 0 to 51 units in just a few years. Shelby shares how she boils everything down into checklists and automated reminders, so she can focus more energy on revenue-generating activities. Plus, she shares a combination word that's right up there with "liger," "bromance," and "Bollywood": the "BRRRR-nB." In her Deal Deep Dive, she reveals how she picked up a foreclosure property, transformed it into an Airbnb to generate big-time cashflow, and expects to pull all her money out so she can do it again and again! A former U.S. Army captain, Shelby is a serious go-getter and you won't help but be energized by her "no excuses" approach to life – colorful language and all ;) Oh, and before you leave this page be sure to check out her checklist for startup your own real estate meetup below! (If you can't see it on your phone, head over to In This Episode We Cover:How Shelby transitioned from Army life to real estate agent and investor lifeHow she finances her deals with a combination of bank loans, hard money, private money and lines of creditThe details of her ongoing "BRRRnB" dealHow she saves time by using email templates and automated follow-up sequencesHow to set up your business to run on autopilot so you don't have to rely on your (unreliable) brainBuilding a community to attract talented people with positive attitudesAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPockets Wealth MagazineBiggerPockets InsightsMyers & Briggs TestThe DISC ProfileOpen Door CapitalFind Real Estate AgentsPints and Properties MeetupBiggerPockets Podcast 396: Post-COVID-19 Investing and Landing Great Deals at Auctions with David Osborn and Aaron AmuchasteguiAirBnbThe Incredible Power of Long-Distance BRRRR Investing with Alex FeliceCheck the full show notes here:
Oct 7
1 hr 5 min
405: Investing in the Only True Recession-Proof Asset: Yourself! with Lewis Howes
Do you have fears and insecurities that hold you back from the life you envision? No? OK, well we'll see you next week... But really: this topic gets to the heart of why so many real estate investors quit, fail, or never even get started at all. Today's guest, Lewis Howes, has been studying these concepts for the past 13 years as host of the hit podcast School of Greatness. It all started as an effort to climb out of a major low point in Lewis' life, when he was broke and sleeping on his sister's couch... having crashed out of a brief arena football career. In this episode, you'll learn how Lewis learned to hack his self-limiting beliefs by systematically putting himself in situations (Toastmasters, salsa dancing, public speaking) that utterly terrified him. And he shares some practical exercises you can do to achieve greater confidence and self-mastery. Plus -- as a LinkedIn expert with a far-reaching network of connections, Lewis also opens up about how to effectively network on social media and elsewhere. Don't miss this weekend episode of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, and give Lewis a shout on social media you take him up on his challenge to write a mission statement for your life! As always: if you're enjoying these shows, the best way to show your appreciation is to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. It really helps us out! In This Episode We Cover:Climbing out of a hole when he had no money and no marketable skillsOvercoming fear of public speakingTwo practical exercises to confront your biggest fearsThe clarifying power of writing a personal mission statementThe LinkedIn message formula Lewis used when reaching out to powerful peopleChoosing a niche, then a sub-nicheThe 3 magic words that multiply your chances of getting a deal or upgradeThe one common trait shared by all the top performers he's interviewedAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastUSA Men’s National TeamEllen’s ShowThe Today’s ShowLinkedInRookie of the YearLewis's Interview on Jay Shetty's Show On PurposeDave RamseyGrant Cardone on Multifamily Investing and Why You Should Never Buy a House!BiggerPockets Podcast 403: Developing a Millionaire’s Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Performance Coach Jason DreesSweet Martha's Cookie JarKevin Hart on His Secrets to Success and Building an EmpireMonday.comRob BellReal Estate in Your TwentiesBiggerPockets Podcast 365: Ret. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink on Embracing Discomfort and Leading Through Extreme Ownership (+ His Real Estate Investing Tips!)BiggerPockets Podcast 157: A Simple Morning Ritual to Help You Dominate Every Area of Your Life with Hal ElrodBiggerPockets Podcast 254: Tim Ferriss on Real Estate, Becoming a Top Performer and His Tribe of MentorsGary Vaynerchuk on Finding Deals Through Social Media & Crushing It as an EntrepreneurClick here to check the full show notes:
Oct 3
1 hr 22 min
404: How a Mailman Was Able to Quit His Job Through Real Estate Investing with George Gipson
We frequently talk about networking as a real estate investor: for example, talk to your mail carrier because they likely have seen opportunities in your neighborhood. But what if you are the mail carrier? Today’s guest, George Gipson, worked for the USPS when he started investing, which seems like the perfect opportunity for finding deals. But as with any start in real estate investing, it isn’t always as easy as it seems. In today’s episode, we talk about taking action and committing to yourself - to ensure that those key opportunities actually work in your favor. We also talk about how important it is to learn your personal finances before diving into investing, plus how George used house hacking and short-term renting to reach financial freedom at an early stage of his investing. He’s even quit his job at USPS now so he can focus full-time on real estate. This is a real story about getting it done and seeing your own potential. In This Episode We Cover:Investing that doesn’t meet your standard rules of thumbOvercoming issues that might be deal-breakers for other investorsLiving for free through house hacking and short-term rentingSetting up your short-term rentals for successUtilizing your network to find dealsPushing through your commitment to yourself, even when it isn’t easyFinding the path in life that’s right for youAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPockets MarketplaceRealtorZillowTruliaBiggerPockets Podcast 393: Campus Maintenance Man to $10M in Real Estate Owned with Rick JarmanBiggerPockets Shirt Check the full show notes here:
Sep 30
1 hr 4 min
403: Developing a Millionaire’s Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Performance Coach Jason Drees
Whoa. Today we have the man Brandon credits with helping him "go big" in business and life: his performance coach, Jason Drees. In fact, Jason works with a bunch of real estate investors... and today he shares tools for getting your mindset right and getting out of your own way as you grow your portfolio! You'll love hearing Jason explain what a coach does, how he worked with Brandon to turn a weakness (fear of fundraising/rejection) into a strength ($10M+ raised in 2020), and the reason why some of his clients are thriving despite COVID-19. Plus: about halfway through, there's an absolute gem when the guys discuss the planning models they use to attack challenges. Jason suggests a small but powerful mindset shift, and we're not exaggerating when we say this one tip may cause you to rethink your whole plan... and unleash new potential you didn't know you had! This is a real, vulnerable episode where both Brandon and David both discuss holding onto identities and beliefs that no longer served them. So what did you think? Let us know in the comments at, or in a review on Apple Podcasts. In This Episode We Cover:Common ways real estate investors self-sabotageHow Brandon got around his discomfort with raising private moneyHow our mindset influences our emotionsThe BIG difference between the "Decide, Plan, Commit" model and the "Decide, Commit, Plan" modelAvoiding goals that are too specificThinking like a millionaireHow to feel empowered in the midst of COVID-19And SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsTony RobbinsMy Body TutorP90X DVD Workout - Base KitMatt KahnJay AbrahamJason Drees Coaching JDC Mindset Academy  Check the full show notes here:
Sep 26
1 hr
402: Identifying Your Best Market, Neighborhood, and Property in 8 Steps with Brandon and David
When it comes to pulling the trigger on a rental property, what we have is a "paradox of choice." So. Many. Options. It's easy to suffer from Fear of Missing Out, and it's even easier to get overwhelmed by the vast array of options out there. That's where today's show comes in: press play, and Brandon and David will guide you through an 8-step process to closing on that first (or next) rental property. Along the way, they share the tools (BP Insights) and team members ("Core Four" and more!) they use to guide decisions about where and how to deploy their capital. Your action steps start with clarifying your goals, then we move to comparing markets and sizing up different neighborhoods using school district ratings and crime data. Next, we tackling finding a deal – whether you're using an agent, a wholesaler, turnkey provider, or going off-market yourself... and how to avoid getting into trouble by "trusting your gut and hoping" when you're in an unfamiliar territory. If you invest out of state, should you fly out? What about systems and standard operating procedures once you've got a tenant in the property? We answer all those questions, and more. Finally: We mention it a few times in this episode, and if you want to take advantage of our awesome new Pro benefit, BPInsights, use the discount code BPDATA for 20% of a Pro Annual membership. You'll get access to exclusive BPInsights Facebook group, a bonus webinar showing you how to use this platform to identify a market, and a bunch of other great Pro benefits including unlimited calculator use. Oh, and be sure to use that discount code before it expires on October 1st, 2020! In This Episode We Cover:Comparing the Cashflow vs. Appreciation potential of various marketsRent-to-Price and "Rent-to-Income" ratios + other indicatorsHow to find market rents, crime data, and school district infoThe one team member you should seek out to double-check your assumptions about a neighborhoodVarious types of deal finders and the pros and cons of working with eachWhat to consider when working with turnkey providersUsing BPInsights data in your quest for a propertyAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets BookstoreBiggerPockets Pro discount code: bpdataBiggerPockets InsightsMeet Property Management Extraordinaire, RE Investor & Hotel Owner Jesse McCueBiggerPockets MarketplaceRealtorZillowTrulia5 Markets With Promising Rent-to-Income Ratios: September 2020 Markets of the MonthBiggerPockets EventsBiggerPockets BookstoreCheck the full show notes here:
Sep 23
1 hr 16 min
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