Big Screen Sports - The Sports Movie Podcast
Big Screen Sports - The Sports Movie Podcast
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Hosted by Kyle Bandujo, Big Screen Sports is a weekly film review podcast discussing the best and worst in the sports movie universe. The on-screen sports action, big chill moments, actors that may or may not look like athletes, and everything that worked or didn't work about your favorite and least favorite sports movies.
100th Episode Special: The Best of Big Screen Sports
We've been talking about the best and worst of sports movies for 100 episodes now, so here are some of the best episode clips Big Screen Sports has to offer.
Nov 22
1 hr 7 min
Listener Questions And What's New On Streaming
Talking over a batch of new listener questions including best final play and best poker movie, as well as talking about the best sports movie content available on streaming in November.
Nov 15
32 min
Director Thaddeus Matula On "The Pony Excess"
Ten years ago ESPN's "30 for 30" and director Thaddeus Matula released "The Pony Excess," chronicling the rise and fall of SMU's powerhouse football program in the 80's. Thaddeus joined Big Screen Sports to discuss his Mustang fandom, the cast of characters he talked to when making the film, and some great off-camera stories.
Nov 9
1 hr 23 min
The Top Three Sports Movie Villains with Daron Vaught
Every good sports movie needs a villain. Guest Daron Vaught returns to Big Screen Sports to pick our top-three favorites, and discuss numerous honorable mentions.
Nov 2
43 min
Montero on "Rocky" with Michael Montero (@MonteroOnBoxing)
Ring Magazine's Michael Montero joins Big Screen Sports to cap off Rock-tober with his thoughts on how the "Rocky" franchise impacted the sport of boxing.
Oct 29
34 min
"Rocky" with Doug Greenberg (co-host of Rocky Minute Podcast)
Capping off Rock-tober with the ultimate underdog story. Doug Greenberg, co-host of The Rocky Minute podcast, joins to break down the original "Rocky."
Oct 26
1 hr 16 min
The Best Scenes of "Bloodsport" with Mike Camerlengo
The best scenes from the JCVD classic "Bloodsport," from January's episode covering the full film with guest Mike Camerlengo.
Oct 23
15 min
"School of Rock" with Mike Schubert
Rock-tober rolls on with the role Jack Black was born to play in "School of Rock." Mike Schubert (host of the Potterless, Meddling Adults, and HORSE podcasts) returns to Big Screen Sports to talk Black's charismatic performance, fantastic music drops, and why Sarah Silverman's character actually might've been the only sane adult in the film.
Oct 19
1 hr 5 min
Michael Rothstein On His "Remember The Titans" Oral History
ESPN's Michael Rothstein joins Big Screen Sports to discuss everything he learned in his fantastic oral history celebrating the twenty-year anniversary of "Remember the Titans."
Oct 14
48 min
Talking The "Rocky" Movies with GG from Fight Game Media (@fightgamemedia)
The Fight Game Podcast did a look back on the "Rocky" franchise as a whole earlier this year, and co-host GG joins to discuss the best, worst, and what might be to come of our favorite Philly underdog in the second week of Rocktober on Big Screen Sports.
Oct 12
53 min
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