Big Dog Talk Podcast
Big Dog Talk Podcast
# 1 Dog Talk Podcast! Big Dog Talk Podcast is a podcast focused on Pitbulls & The American Bully Dog breed! We have interviews with the top breeders & Kennels. We have live debates with the public regarding the pitbull / American Bully Breed. We give breeding tips and dog care secrets. WE ARE THE #1 VOICE FOR THE BULLY COMMUNITY!! TUNE IN AND BE PART OF THE ALMIGHTY POD SQUAD!!! Stay updated on the top breeders and the latest dog drama! BREEDER BEEF, DOG CARE TIPS, DOG DRAMA, BREEDING TIPS, AND ADVICE FROM TODAY'S TOP KENNELS ARE ALL RIGHT HERE.
BIG DOG TALK Podcast: World famous biggest pitbull DDKs The Hulk and his owner Marlon Full Interview, Part 1
full interview with DDKs Marlon owner of world famous pitbull DDKs The Hulk
Feb 15
1 hr 4 min
Big Dog Talk Podcast: Top Pitbull/ American Bully breeder: Bossy Kennels full interview
Top designer PITBULL BREEDER Bossy Kennels details her journey from day 1 to her current success
Jan 12
1 hr 16 min