Derwin Alexander
A podcast about the movies, shows, books, comics,etc. that I read and follow.
Episode 8
Talk about the BvS Ultimate edition on HBOMAX. My enjoyment of the Speed Racer movie (yeah, I said it) and the Gambit fan film that was released online.
Jul 14
18 min
Episode 7
Derwin talks about Rick and Morty season 4, first 6 episodes of Snowpiercer and Watchmen. Also Cyberpunk 2077 news and Apple TVs Foundation trailer. Now with 10%less rambling. @FanBGR and BGRFANSERVICE@GMAIL.COM
Jul 2
17 min
Episode 6
Talking about the new GotS series on Netflix, Beware the Batman on HBOMAX and an overview of Battle Angel Alita manga vs. anime. The Twitter link: @FanBgr. Email:
Jun 17
18 min
Episode 5
Derwin talks about Alita Battle Angel, Dune Messiah, Doctor Who on HBOMAX, Harley Quinn season 2 and the amazon series Electric Dreams. This is his longest podcast ever at over 20 minutes. A red letter day in history to be sure.
Jun 10
22 min
Derwin talks about the announced #Snydercut of Justice League, the #UmbrellaAcademy teaser and the #AmazonPrime series #Upload.
May 29
14 min
Derwin discussed the Witcher, Umbrella Academy and the premiere of the Snowpiercer series. Caution: a bad edit during the review of Umbrella Academy. #Thewitcher #UmbrellaAcademy #Snowpiercer
May 23
11 min
Episode 2
Derwin talks about watching MIB international and the Venom movie. CAUTION HE DOES RAMBLE A BIT.
Apr 21
18 min
The BLIND GOAT RODEO Fan Service podcast talks about Star Trek:Picard season 1.
So this is a short breakdown of my feelings on season 1 of Star Trek:Picard. #Picard #StarTrek #StarTrekPicard --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Apr 3
48 sec