Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr
Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr
Kailei Carr: Presence and leadership coach for executive women
Episode 295: Soul to Soul Session with Dianna Moore
54 minutes Posted Feb 8, 2024 at 7:34 am.
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Show notes

It's time to live your BEST life! On this episode of Beyond The Business Suit podcast, Co-host Myra Herring, is joined by Professional Speaker and Business, Career and life Coach, Dianna Moore. Together, they dive deep into Dianna's background of growing up in a multicultural and ethnically diverse family and her journey towards building a life she's excited about. Not only does she share how she turned her challenges of being mixed race into her passion, but also expresses what she hopes to leave behind as her legacy. She now finds her purpose in her work of helping others live their life by design.

Originally recorded as a Beyonding Community Soul to Soul session, this episode gives us the blueprint for crafting a new zest for your life. For more conversations like this, join the Beyonding Community now by visiting Membership is now OPEN on a rolling basis, so don't miss your opportunity to step into the best version of yourself!

Please note, this episode includes the n word, so please note if you have young ears.


As a Professional Speaker, Business, Career & Life Coach, Dianna helps people to “choose to make the rest of their life, the best of their life.” A once 18-year-old single mother, Dianna has managed to overcome the stereotypes and obstacles associated with being a black, single, and young mother.

After graduating from the University of Washington and earning a degree in Accounting with a baby (almost literally) on her hip, Dianna began her career in Aerospace and spent over two decades in various leadership roles and also served as COO in a venture-backed startup. Her genuine desire is to help others unleash their full potential, navigate the complexities within their organizations, and focus on intentionality in their personal lives.

With a proven track record and a strong commitment to supporting others in their breakthroughs, Dianna is dedicated to being her clients' “partner in shine”!

Residing in the Miami area, Dianna is the mother of an adult son, and two of her favorite people on the planet call her “Coco” – her version of grandma! Beyond her speaking and coaching, you'll often find her engaged in “Big Talk”, exploring international destinations (most recently Thailand, Bali & Dubai), leading indoor cycle classes, and pushing her limits in the gym.


“No one is going to come save you.”

“We have the birthright to design a life that is worth living.”

“I’m super aware that I’m a miracle.”

“Joy is an inside job.”

“We can all do anything as long as we know it’s temporary.”

How to stay connected to Dianna Moore:

LinkedIn: Dianna Moore

Instagram: @thediannamoore

To book a consultation with Dianna: visit here