Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr
Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr
Kailei Carr: Presence and leadership coach for executive women
Executive Presence | Personal Branding | Leadership | Purpose
Episode 295: Soul to Soul Session with Dianna Moore
It's time to live your BEST life! On this episode of Beyond The Business Suit podcast, Co-host Myra Herring, is joined by Professional Speaker and Business, Career and life Coach, Dianna Moore. Together, they dive deep into Dianna's background of growing up in a multicultural...
Feb 8
54 min
Episode 294: Advocating for Adventure with Melinda Spooner
When was your last adventure? The next episode of Beyond The Business Suit has us exploring the endless possibilities of travel and personal adventure with Melinda Spooner, a former C-level leader who left her successful corporate career to follow her passion for travel and adventure....
Jan 19
47 min
Episode 293: Morning Motivation Session – Requirements for Going Beyond Limits
Every Monday Morning in the Beyonding Community, we come together to set the tone for the week with a motivational word, meditation or other inspiration. This past Monday, Kailei shared a message to set the tone for the year, aligned with the theme of BEYOND...
Jan 3
33 min
Episode 292: Going Beyond Limits in 2024
As we begin to bring the year 2023 to a close, we have to ask ourselves, who are we being called to be? What the past post-pandemic years have taught us is that we need to operate differently than before in years to come. It's...
Dec 28, 2023
24 min
Episode 291: Soul to Soul Session with Leilani Mañulu
What would it look like if we bring our full selves to our workplaces? The next guest on the Beyond The Business Suit Podcast, Leilani Mañulu, has just the answer! As a queer, mixed-race leadership expert and intuitive executive coach, Leilani speaks on how she's...
Dec 22, 2023
54 min
Episode 290: Soul to Soul Session with Dr. Kameron Sheats
It's time to tap into our inner selves! Co-host, Myra Herring, guides an incredibly insightful discussion with Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kameron Sheats, affectionally called “Dr. Kam” throughout this interview. Not only does Dr. Kam relay the importance of introspective work, but she also shares...
Dec 5, 2023
46 min
Episode 289: “Leap Fearlessly” with Dionne Vernon
When was the last time you took a calculated risk in your life? You never know what's on the other side of fear until you take a leap into the unknown. In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit, Beyonding Community Member and corporate executive,...
Nov 9, 2023
44 min
Episode 288: Soul to Soul Session with Kahlilah Guyah
We're breaking barriers in this next episode of Beyond the Business Suit! Host, Myra Herring sits down with Certified Environmental, Health & Safety Consultant, Kahlilah Guyah. Together, they unpack Kahlilah's powerful journey from former track star to relentless business owner. Her resilience shines through her...
Oct 27, 2023
58 min
Episode 287: Soul to Soul + Beyonding Book Chat with Lakysha Laing
We all have a story. When we find truly inspirational people that have the courage and initiative to tell theirs, we must celebrate them. That's what this next episode of Beyond the Business Suit is all about! Author, positivity expert and Beyonding Community Ambassador and...
Oct 20, 2023
53 min
Episode 286: What’s Ahead for the Beyond The Business Suit Podcast
As The Beyond The Business Suit podcast celebrates nine years of inspiring and engaging conversations, we're happy to share with you how we're growing, evolving and “leveling up” in the future. We've reached remarkable milestones; from over 285 published episodes distributed across 100+ countries, and...
Oct 13, 2023
12 min
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