Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr
Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr
Kailei Carr: Presence and leadership coach for executive women
Episode 289: “Leap Fearlessly” with Dionne Vernon
44 minutes Posted Nov 9, 2023 at 12:39 pm.
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Show notes

When was the last time you took a calculated risk in your life? You never know what's on the other side of fear until you take a leap into the unknown. In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit, Beyonding Community Member and corporate executive, Dionne Vernon, shares her inspirational journey of overcoming fear and transitioning through life with ease, which has become a testament for personal growth and success. Guided by her father's entrepreneurial spirit, Dionne reflects on what has made her risks worth it by sharing her wisdom, experiences and counsel with those looking to feel empowered by their legacy. You'll leave this episode equipped to embrace the unknown and propel yourself forward into your greatness!


Dionne Vernon is an individual whose professional ethos revolves around the motto of getting “The Right Talent in The Right Role.” With a wealth of experience and a collaborative, inclusive leadership style, Dionne brings a unique set of skills to the table.

In a career marked by diverse industry exposure, Dionne has consistently excelled in designing comprehensive, organization-wide programs aimed at revitalizing employee engagement, retention, and growth, particularly in complex, matrixed environments. Her track record is punctuated by the development and implementation of pioneering, transformational initiatives and scalable solutions that fortify organizational systems and processes.

At the heart of her success lies an extraordinary ability to foster trustful relationships and strategic partnerships with senior leaders and key stakeholders, effectively steering enduring operational and cultural changes. Dionne Vernon's leadership value is evident in her:


“I work everyday to walk courageously and stand in confidence.”

“Even in the midst of feeling uncomfortable, I have to get comfortable with that feeling.”

“I’m not afraid of change.”

“I’m more passionate about work that moves me, instead of climbing the ladder.”

“We all have the answers within us.”

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