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At Beyond 8 Figures, we believe in DELIBERATE entrepreneurship. It means creating a solid foundational framework for your entrepreneurial journey, building from a place of passion, and intentionally aligning your actions with your goals so that you can create success on your terms. Join A.J. Lawrence, the journeyman entrepreneur with several 7 figure exits, as he shares honest conversations with successful entrepreneurs about their experiences starting and scaling businesses to $10M and beyond, the realities of being a modern-day entrepreneur, advice for practicing deliberate entrepreneurship, and more!
Simplifying Business Operations for Sustainable Growth with Mikael Dia, Funnelytics
As your business grows, chaos and confusion often sneak in, threatening to disrupt your business operations. The solution? Simplify your business. Mikael Dia from Funnelytics sits down with A.J. to discuss the importance of simplicity in business, how to position your business effectively for a successful scale-up, and how simplified processes can help you achieve sustainable growth for your business.About Mikael Dia:Mikael Dia is the Founder of Funnelytics, a software company dedicated to helping marketers and agencies visually map and analyze their customer journeys. He is an experienced and savvy growth advisor who helps companies turn strangers into customers.Aside from being a digital marketing expert passionate about simplifying marketing, Mikael is also a dedicated serial entrepreneur. He has successfully launched and scaled multiple online businesses to 7-figure and beyond. He is passionate about public speaking and sharing knowledge to make a positive impact.Key Insights: Shift your focus to positive aspects. Entrepreneurs are often prone to dwell on their losses and lose sleep over bad reviews. But this attitude can inflict greater harm to your business than the actual failures. A simple mindset shift can help. Start perceiving these mistakes as opportunities for growth and use them as lessons to build new sustainable strategies. (06:59) Working with a mentor is empowering. Building a business can be lonely, so it’s always good to have support and guidance along the way. Working with a trusted mentor can help you put things into perspective when you’re deep into day-to-day business operations. It can help you to take a step back and see the bigger picture, ultimately opening your mind to fresh ideas and opportunities. (18:13) Journaling is a good way to relieve stress. Trying to avoid stress as an entrepreneur is a losing game. Instead, find ways to relieve stress and transform it into your strength. Mikael suggests journaling as a simple yet powerful tool to channel stress into productivity and self-improvement. Try it out to take those dark thoughts out on paper and decompress since it’s highly important for your health. (20:55) Strike the right balance in business. According to Mikael, there are four pillars of modern entrepreneurship: profit, impact, freedom, and fulfillment. Many people focus on the financial aspect of business, but each of these pillars is significant for your journey. Striking the right balance between these four pillars will help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and keep a clear vision and a resilient mindset. (24:39)  Simplify to amplify. As an entrepreneur, you’ll inevitably get caught up in the chase for growth and scale. But that inevitably leads to complexity, chaos, and confusion in your business, which directly hinders growth. The key is to continuously simplify your business operations. This will allow you to focus on your core goals while your business runs like a well-oiled machine. (41:57) Mikael’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“Entrepreneurs are always trying to solve problems. We're always trying to iterate and make things better. [...] So for me, I think the one thing that I find is key is just that constant mindset of, can I keep this as simple as possible?” (43:59)Connect with Mikael:  LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Resources Mentioned:FunnelyticsFollow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Nov 29, 2023
56 min
Incremental Growth for Long-Lasting Success with Eugene Ravitsky, FactoryPure
Overnight success and exponential growth may sound appealing, but incremental growth is the true key to long-lasting success. Eugene Ravitsky from FactoryPure joins A.J. to discuss the importance of incremental business improvements, how to deliberately and proactively build your infrastructure, and why consistent check-ins with your team are integral to your company’s longevity.About Eugene Ravitsky:Eugene Ravitsky is the Co-Founder and President of FactoryPure, one of the fastest-growing eCommerce companies in the United States specializing in heavy-duty items such as generators, air purifiers, and water filters. He’s the type of entrepreneur whose passion for business started early on, back when he was in fourth grade, selling fireball candy to his classmates. Fast forward many years, he and his brother co-founded their first business together. Even though it wasn’t an instant success, it still turned out to be a defining moment for the brothers, who persevered and eventually discovered their niche. That’s how FactoryPure was born. The company has consistently grown since then, doubling sales every year and earning a spot on the INC 5000 list for five years now.Key Insights: Always be ready to pivot your business. You need to be ready to change direction if needed. Sometimes, it’s needed when there’s too much competition in your current niche, when you hit the growth ceiling, or when your customers aren’t responding to your offer as you expected. Eugene is a great example of how understanding customer preferences can help you identify a unique opportunity in the market and recognize that it’s time to pivot. (01:47)  Effective employee management is crucial for your growth potential. As your company grows, employee management becomes more critical and challenging because its growth depends on its employees. You need to establish clear communication channels, address issues proactively, conduct regular coaching sessions, and have consistent check-ins with your team to create a supportive environment. (06:33) Take a deliberate approach to personnel expansion. This will give you a unique opportunity to engage in their training personally, understand the nuances of each team member's personality, and tailor your management style based on individual responses. Ultimately, you will create a culture of open communication where every employee is committed to the company’s long-lasting success. (08:30)  Build your infrastructure proactively. Solid infrastructure is vital for a growing business because it helps lay the foundation for scalability, efficiency, and sustainability. This helps the organization handle increased demands and adapt to changes in the market, setting the stage for incremental growth and longevity. (11:32) Make automation your ally. When business becomes more complex and requires more time and resources, automation can minimize the effort. It helps streamline repetitive tasks and saves a lot of time. Most importantly, it improves efficiency, a key element for managing the complexities of growth. This ultimately allows the employees to focus on more strategic and high-value activities. (13:37)  Eugene’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“It's like with anything else, the experience helps. So when you've been doing it for so long, a lot of the problems tend to be similar or at least the same, so you can see them a lot farther out. ” (06:20)Connect with Eugene: LinkedInResources Mentioned: FactoryPure About FactoryPure: Call FactoryPure at (888) 978-4993  Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Nov 22, 2023
28 min
Supercharging Business Growth through a Personal Mission with Renee Dua, Together by Renee
Your personal mission is your greatest power. So, as an entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to embrace it to drive customer value and improve the quality of their lives. Today, Renee Dua from Together by Renee sits down with A.J. to discuss how her personal experiences shaped her business venture, helping her build an innovative health tech product that’s now improving patients’ lives and outcomes.About Renee Dua:Renee Dua is the Founder of Together by Renee, an AI assistant that supports patients and their caregivers to achieve better health outcomes by helping them with healthcare tasks. She’s also the Founder and Advisor at Heal, another powerful software to improve health outcomes by providing in-home primary care. Renee completed her BS in Biochemistry at UC San Diego, her MD at Rosalind Franklin University, her residency in internal medicine at UCLA, and her fellowship in nephrology at USC. Before founding Together by Renee and Heal with her husband, Nick Desai, she built a nephrology practice that was noted for the successful use of electronic health records and practice management.Episode highlights: Entrepreneurship tends to be a lonely road. So, having support along the way makes all the difference. It gives you greater confidence to build a product or a service that can change someone’s life. So, if that support doesn’t come to you naturally, look for an experienced and savvy mentor to guide you toward your business goals and help you become a better entrepreneur. (06:43)  Focusing solely on innovation won’t cut it for entrepreneurs aiming at long-term success. The real achievement is creating products that consistently improve people's lives and not just sit on the shelves. That’s why it’s vital to deeply understand your users and focus on solving real-world problems while at the same time ensuring your product is both mission-powered and user-focused. (09:50) When you combine your personal mission with your business vision, you can draw unique insights to help you innovate in your company. This alignment can help to improve people’s lives and drive meaningful change in society, ultimately skyrocketing your business growth and leaving a long-term legacy behind. (18:40)  Understanding what people need and creating solutions for those needs is super important in business. Your own experiences can be really helpful here. They can help you find gaps in the market and understand what problems people are facing. By putting yourself in their shoes, you can develop creative solutions that connect with them. This makes your product stand out and gives your customers something that really matters to them. (20:28) Autonomy is an important aspect of building user-oriented products. This is particularly critical in sectors like healthcare, as it puts the control back in users’ hands and makes them feel in control. Empowering users is a win-win strategy that fuels your product’s success by improving user experiences and fostering trust and loyalty toward your product. (29:18)  Renee’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“Everybody has this story. And hearing my patients, having the privilege of being able to still see patients, and then having our parents and me being their caregiver, that has been so instrumental in every aspect of what you see.” (22:23)Connect with Renee:  LinkedIn Twitter Together by Renee on Twitter Resources Mentioned: Together by Renee Heal Using Generative AI to Drive Customer Value with Nick Desai The Life-Changing Impact Of Mission-Driven Companies with Nick Desai Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Nov 15, 2023
35 min
Sustainable Growth through Strategic Course Correction with Philip Blackett, Dream Business Makeover
Gone are the days when business success was measured solely by financial gains. Today's global market demands a new approach - sustainable growth. Today, Philip Blackett of Dream Business Makeover sits down with A.J. to discuss his four core of dream business growth, the importance of course correction in achieving business goals, and his hard-earned lessons that have reshaped his perspective on what it means to run a sustainable and resilient business.About Philip Blackett:Philip Blackett is an investor and growth advisor. He helps 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses grow their sales, profit & exit value through his Dream Business Makeover program. His goal is to build sustainable and resilient businesses that can withstand market challenges, reach their full potential, and ultimately thrive in an increasingly dynamic landscape.Philip has a fascinating background. He is a Harvard Business School graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He’s also experienced in business ownership, franchise management, and business analysis, making him the go-to person for business growth and strategic planning.Episode highlights: Your business purpose and goals are very clear in the initial stages of entrepreneurship. Yet, as time goes by, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Staying in tune with your initial dreams and motivation becomes paramount as they are the fuel that powers your journey forward and helps you overcome any obstacles. If you ever feel lost, remind yourself of that vision to help you get back on track. (03:07)  Entrepreneurship is an unpredictable journey. That’s why it’s fundamental to build resilience and adaptability in your team. This will help you bounce back from setbacks, learn from failures, and keep moving forward faster to create more predictable business growth. (16:12) Building a resilient business is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need to understand that their role is not just about getting lost in day-to-day operations; rather, it is about laying the groundwork for continued growth. This will both help reach the business goals and support the entrepreneur’s well-being. (27:26)  Clear goals help your business stay aligned with your vision of success and move in that direction. That said, just articulating where you'd like your business to be in the future is not enough to achieve sustainable growth. It also requires relentless course-correcting, fine-tuning, and adjusting your efforts along the way. If you don’t do that, you might waste your time pursuing the wrong things.  (32:23) Business growth rarely follows a linear path, but you can learn to plan for and anticipate the challenges. Such a strategic practice of course correction ensures your business is well-positioned to weather any storm that comes its way, ultimately leading to more sustainable and resilient growth. (33:43)  Philip’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“Oftentimes business is just a series of experiments until you find the one that works that you're willing to scale it and reap the benefits of. But you have to keep trying, you have to keep testing to find out what works. Otherwise, you're going to be still at point A when you're trying to get to point Z.” (35:58)Connect with Philip:  LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Resources Mentioned: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki  Dream Business Makeover Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Nov 8, 2023
42 min
3 Principles for Effective Business Copywriting with Will Green, Copy Road
In today’s dynamic business landscape, where companies constantly compete for customers’ attention, effective business copywriting is your best chance to rise above the noise. Our guest, Will Green, of Copy Road, shares three key copywriting principles that can significantly improve your brand’s impact, help build persuasive messaging, and establish meaningful connections, ultimately driving business growth and lasting success.About Will Green:Will Green is the master of copywriting. He’s the Founder of Copy Road, where he’s teaching others to turn content into cash flow for their businesses. Will is one of the few copywriters to earn 7-figures in royalties, making him the best person to talk to about copywriting for businesses.Will used to work in a Charleston-based independent publishing house, Joggling Board Press, where he was in charge of marketing and platform development. He became a junior copywriter at Stansberry and further honed his copywriting skills at Money Map Press. Now, he’s helping clients with their copy while also sharing his valuable knowledge through his course “The Hunger Games,” where 100% of profits from buying go towards feeding hungry people.Episode highlights: Copywriting principles, though effective, can lose their impact when being overused, making them predictable to the audience. Mastering these basics empowers you to refresh your messaging while maintaining relevance with your audience. (06:17)  In business copywriting, less is more. Concise, resonating copy is undeniably effective, memorable, powerful, and persuasive. This minimalistic approach is a crucial principle as it makes your message clear and easy to understand, and ultimately - more memorable.  (07:25) The secret to writing a winning copy is simple - make a big promise to your audience and make sure you deliver on it. The trick is understanding their problem, offering them a practical solution, and convincingly showing that you can and will fulfill that promise. But making the promise is only half the battle; the ability to deliver on that promise is what ultimately distinguishes successful businesses. (08:24)  Building genuine customer relationships is a vital aspect of business copywriting that often gets overlooked. Copywriting is not just about crafting persuasive words; it's about creating a narrative filled with honesty and transparency. This sets the stage for a consistent relationship, trust, and loyalty, ultimately impacting the overall customer experience and business growth. (13:09) While artificial intelligence has many strengths, achieving consistency at scale with it is still a challenge. For instance, AI isn't up to par yet when it comes to preserving cohesion across different types of content. But paired with human understanding of communication, it can achieve tremendous results. That’s why there’s no reason to fear AI. Instead, embrace it as a powerful business tool for maximizing human potential and accelerating business progress. (26:25)  Will’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“What works in copywriting is you make an offer that people want, and you make it clear, and then you prove that you can deliver it because if you promise me something I want and you prove to me that you can deliver it, and I can afford your price, I'm going to buy.” (07:25)Connect with Will:  Twitter LinkedIn Resources Mentioned: Hunger Games course Copy Road Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Nov 1, 2023
37 min
Aligning Business Goals and Purpose with Amit Garg, Tau Ventures
Building a purpose-driven company is important, but aligning that purpose with your business goals is the real secret to lasting legacy and success. Today, Amit Garg joins A.J. to discuss the importance of having a plan, a sense of purpose, and a clear mission for your business. He shares his first-hand tips for raising funds as a startup, choosing VC investors, and why picking someone who aligns with your values and goals is crucial.About Amit Garg:Amit Garg is an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He’s the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at TAU Ventures, an AI-first, seed-first VC fund in the heart of Silicon Valley. Amit has built a remarkable career as a tech professional spanning over 20 years in none other than the heart of innovation, Silicon Valley. As a VC, he has a keen eye on promising startups and specializes in seed-stage applied AI investments in Digital Health, Automation, and Enterprise.Amit has also made a significant impact through philanthropy, merging his purpose with his business goals. He and his team successfully raised funds through crowdfunding to establish essential facilities in rural India. One of them is a self-sustainable hospital, Hospital for Hope, which provides healthcare in a neglected part of the country and serves a community of 100,000 people.Episode highlights: Aligning your business goals and purpose is crucial, especially in the planning stage, where it serves as a strong foundation for your venture. From there, you can use it as a roadmap for deciding on the type of financing model, attracting the right investors, and developing authentic relationships with your clients. In the long run, this alignment fortifies your venture’s position, driving consistent growth and long-lasting connections. (06:13)  When you’re creating value and nurturing a purpose beyond pure profit, success becomes the only option. Products and services that genuinely add value to people’s lives inevitably lead to financial gain. More importantly, they make a difference in the world, which is the ultimate measure of success. (13:14)  Mistakes are a natural part of life. Without them, success wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful. But when these tough moments happen, staying focused on your business goals and purpose matters most. This will help you keep your eyes on the prize, ultimately overcoming any obstacles that come your way and achieving what you’ve planned for from the start. (16:37) Creating high-quality, valuable content for your audience is fundamental. It fosters customer trust and loyalty, strengthens your company’s reputation, and establishes your brand as a thought leader. Most importantly, this act of giving back to the community through knowledge sharing, education, and empowerment is never without reciprocity. Essentially, the more value you create, the more you receive in return. (29:14) Success in business goes beyond mere profits. In fact, different factors define a successful business, from brand reputation to employee satisfaction. That said, one less-talked-about indicator of a company’s success is meaningful legacy. To build this long-term impact, aligning business goals with purpose is vital, which will result in positive change in society, not just financial gain for your company. (33:30)  Amit’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“I've always believed that when you create value, you get valuations. It's not the other way around. If you're doing something meaningful, then you will figure out a way to also make money out of it. And I've been able to align this in my life.” (13:16)Connect with Amit:  LinkedIn Twitter Resources Mentioned: Hospital For Hope Tau Ventures Data Driven Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Oct 25, 2023
41 min
Master Acquisition Entrepreneurship as a Digital Nomad with Bakari Akil, Nomad Noir
Being a digital nomad and an entrepreneur is a match made in heaven. You live on your terms while working from any part of the world you want. Bakari Akil is the perfect example. This week, he joins A.J. to discuss his unique approach to acquisition entrepreneurship and how he’s managing various business ventures remotely, all while exploring the world and building a community of like-minded nomads.About Bakari Akil:Bakari Akil is a seasoned entrepreneur and a full-time digital nomad. He’s currently traveling the globe while running his ventures remotely. Bakari is the Managing Director of Graves Hall Capital, an investment firm he founded to acquire businesses. He's also the founder of Nomad Noir, a platform inspiring black digital nomads to pursue this incredible lifestyle.Bakari is an expert in sourcing, evaluating, and executing multi-million dollar acquisitions. In addition to all his ventures, he’s a visiting lecturer at Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. He teaches MBA candidates how to buy a business and pursue acquisition entrepreneurship.Episode highlights: The digital nomad lifestyle is very popular among remote entrepreneurs. But making such a huge transition may seem daunting. It can be overwhelming, from setting up your business adequately to lacking a support system. However, if you strive to live abroad, you can always seek help from experienced travelers such as Bakari and programs like Remote Year. (01:50)  Despite what some people think, you can become a digital nomad at any age. It’s one of the most liberating and inspiring lifestyles that allows you to travel the world while still working full-time. As long as you have the flexibility to pursue digital nomadism with your job and the income to sustain you, you can embark on this incredible journey anytime. (04:19) Like other business ventures, acquisition entrepreneurship also has its challenges and obstacles. But what truly defines you during these hard times is your mindset. Perseverance and resilience are key to success in entrepreneurship. You can overcome almost any business challenge by staying resilient and pushing forward. To get better at it, adopt a can-do attitude and start believing that success is the only option. (12:32)  Being a digital nomad is a life-changing experience that impacts you both personally and professionally. It helps to master the technical steps to build a rock-solid business, broaden your perspective, and see the world through new lenses. Ultimately, this gives you a profound sense of fulfillment, making you a more inspired leader and a better entrepreneur. (18:44) Some aspects of acquisition entrepreneurship require your physical presence. However, in most cases, a stable connection will do the trick. In reality, if you’re considering becoming a digital nomad, effective leadership and strong communication skills are even more valuable for entrepreneurs on this journey. (22:03) Bakari’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“This has to happen. There's no other way I'm going to make this particular thing happen. If you could pull that kind of energy into a goal, and you have the staying power when things get tough, more often than not, you'll be able to accomplish the thing you're trying to accomplish.” (13:13)Connect with Bakari:  LinkedIn Instagram Resources Mentioned: Remote Year My 3 Greek Dates End in Ruins Nomad Noir Taj Lewis - Production Manager Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Oct 18, 2023
35 min
Using Generative AI to Drive Customer Value with Nick Desai, Together by Renee
Generative AI is redefining the business landscape. This cutting-edge technology is not only driving customer value to new heights, but it’s also transforming the way companies operate across industries. Nick Desai and his AI-driven healthcare app, Together by Renee, are a true testament to the power and potential of generative AI. Today, he joins A.J. again to talk about harnessing AI tools to make a significant difference in both customer experience and business operations. About Nick Desai:Nick Desai is a visionary entrepreneur, inspiring inventor, and leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence and healthcare technology. He is the Founder and CEO of Together by Renee, an innovative AI-driven healthcare app that is revolutionizing healthcare solutions. Prior to Together, he also co-founded Heal, a healthcare startup providing on-demand medical house calls.With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the tech sector, Nick is now committed to leveraging generative AI to offer user-friendly tools and personalized recommendations to health patients all around the country. Given his significant strides in the industry, Nick is an invaluable source of wisdom for both established professionals and aspiring innovators.Episode highlights: Generative AI has managed to overcome two of its most significant limitations - the inability to grasp context and the lack of syntax understanding. Fortunately, the newest AI models have successfully bridged this gap. They are now indispensable tools for forward-thinking business owners who want to stay ahead of their competitors. With these AI tools, businesses can now improve customer experience, streamline operations, and ultimately drive more value for their customers. (03:04) When adopting new AI tools in your business, keep in mind that technology should be effortless and intuitive for the users. Rather than overburdening them with complex features and processes, these solutions should adapt to the users’ needs and behaviors. The ultimate goal of generative AI is to create user-friendly experiences that continually evolve and improve with customer engagement. (10:39)  There are a lot of strong technology solutions available, but the true metric of good technology is its usability and the value it delivers to the users. It’s important to have this in mind when implementing generative AI into your business. Focus on user-friendliness and value delivery to ensure these AI solutions contribute to customer experience and overall business success. (13:15) The seamless integration of generative AI into businesses is a crucial factor for successful customer experiences. The goal is to provide significant value to the customers but also allow them to interact with AI tools without feeling disrupted in their everyday lives. This harmonious integration is essential because it fosters customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, directly impacting business growth and long-term success. (20:49) Out of all technological revolutions, such as the PC era, the rise of the internet, and smartphones, AI is certainly the most transformative one. It progresses more rapidly than any of the previous revolutions, so it’s critical for businesses to understand its significant strategic value and potential sooner rather than later. Implementing AI can empower growth, efficiency, and innovation in unprecedented ways, making it a must-have for businesses that want to stay competitive. (29:17) Nick’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“I would say to any business owner, embrace this sooner rather than later because if you don't use it [ generative AI], it's going to use you and use you right out of business.” (02:35)Connect with Nick:  LinkedIn Facebook Resources Mentioned:Together by Renee appFollow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Oct 11, 2023
34 min
Transform Your Business Through The Power of Storytelling with Karen Eber, Eber Leadership Group
Your customers are not merely purchasing your products or services. They’re buying into your brand’s story and its purpose. This is where the power of storytelling comes into play. Karen Eber of Eber Leadership Group joins us to discuss the profound impact of storytelling on customer engagement, relationships, and the long-term success of your business.About Karen Eber:Karen Eber is a thought leader, leadership consultant, author, keynote speaker, and, above all, an exceptional storyteller. She’s currently serving as the CEO and Chief Storyteller at Eber Leadership Group, a consulting group helping companies build leaders, teams, and culture through the power of storytelling.Karen’s collaborated with some big names in the corporate world, such as General Electric, Facebook, Kraft Heinz, Kate Spade, and Microsoft. In addition, she has served as a guest lecturer at esteemed institutions, including the London School of Business, MIT, and Stanford. Her Ted Talk ‘How your brain responds to stories & why they are critical for Leaders’ has almost 2 million views and counting. On top of that, Karen has a new exciting project going on –  her book “The Perfect Story: How to Tell Stories That Inform, Influence, and Inspire” that just came out! For a comprehensive book review, check out this page.The Power Of Storytelling For Long-Term Business SuccessStories make us connect to each other and build long-lasting relationships. They’re deeply installed in our DNA, so it’s no wonder that they also greatly impact our purchasing behaviors, decisions, and brand loyalties. This is exactly where the power of storytelling for businesses lies. It has the ability to transform your business and shape your long-term success entirely. It cultivates a genuine bond with your customers and fosters long-lasting loyalty.So, how do you harness the transformative potential of storytelling in your business? When crafting your brand’s story, it’s vital to keep your audience at the heart of the narrative. They are the main characters of your story. To do this effectively, understand their deepest concerns, needs, and desires. In storytelling, it’s equally essential to stay authentic, so let your mission shine through your stories. This strategic use of storytelling can significantly improve your customer engagement, strengthen brand loyalty, and ultimately transform your business.Episode highlights: When it comes to the power of storytelling, there's a romanticized notion among entrepreneurs of having a special origin story for your business. However, the reality is often totally different. There’s never only one story but a series of specific moments in your customers’ lives that connect them with your business. So, it’s essential to address their main concerns and pain points so that your narrative resonates deeply with them and eventually engages them to engage with your company. (05:58) To leverage the power of storytelling in business, go beyond your origin story. Instead, tell your customer's story, focus on their pain points, and solve their burning issues, one story at a time. This will help you build a strong connection with your audience, ultimately creating a loyal customer base, which is crucial to your overall success. (07:32)  What matters most in storytelling for business is that you continuously dial into your audience's evolving needs and aspirations. You can use social media, ChatGPT, or direct interactions to keep up with their pain points. This will give you a good insight into their actions and motivations so that you craft narratives that truly resonate with them. (12:21) When crafting your brand’s narrative, start by getting a broad understanding of your audience before narrowing it down to specific interests. This approach will allow you to understand them better and also determine how your business can solve their issues. In the long run, it’ll help you create a relatable brand story and build lasting relationships with your customers. (14:13) Storytelling isn't a one-off tool or a quick fix. It’s a skill and resource to work on consistently and systematically throughout your entrepreneurial journey. It helps you create magnetic stories that draw people in and connect with them on a deeper level. This makes them more than just customers but loyal advocates of your business. (17:48) Focus on the main priority and big-picture stuff when crafting your brand story. But also remember that storytelling is flexible, so be free to drill down on your stories as time goes by to refine your approach. This lets you engage with your audience in real time and attune to their ever-evolving needs. (19:30) Karen’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“That's why storytelling is so key for as an entrepreneur. You have these opportunities to just connect to all of these thoughts, fears, hopes, aspirations, and that's where you are grabbing people. And you know you're doing it well when people say, ‘I feel like you wrote that just for me.’” (09:13)Connect with Karen:  LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Resources Mentioned: Karen’s Ted Talk about why stories are crucial for leaders The Perfect Story: How to Tell Stories that Inform, Influence, and Inspire Karen Eber Website Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links in this episode are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, we only promote products/services we believe will benefit your entrepreneurial journey. 
Oct 4, 2023
34 min
Leverage AI Tools to Empower Leadership with Sid Pandiya, Kona
AI tools are here to stay, and they’re reshaping numerous aspects of the business world. One area where artificial intelligence is demonstrating its potential for tangible impact is leadership and management. In this episode, Sid Pandiya of Kona joins A.J. to explore how AI tools like Kona are empowering managers and helping them become more effective leaders in the long run.About Sid Pandiya:Sid Pandiya is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kona, an AI-powered leadership coach helping remote teams build culture and stay connected through expert-backed advice and daily check-ins. Their goal at Kona is to empower managers and support them as they hone their leadership skills. Prior to founding Kona, Sid worked as an intern at Zumper, where he made significant contributions to the company’s product management, software engineering, and machine learning.Sid’s remarkable talent for innovation and tech leadership earned him distinctions like the Kleiner Perkins Engineering Fellowship and the role of a Product Management Fellow at Product Space. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Greenwood High International School.Episode highlights: Using AI can help stay consistent with your business WHY, create structure, and achieve high results. (05:20) AI takes the guesswork and stress out of leadership. It helps lead more efficiently and uplift the team’s spirit. (15:24)  Making AI more proactive in the future. (19:40) The importance of coaching and therapy for founders. (26:32) Managers need safe spaces and supporting communities. (31:11) AI can make sure that managers do their jobs more efficiently by providing valuable feedback and high-quality advice to their people. (31:58) Sid’s best advice for entrepreneurs:“I've seen and felt the impact that both a bad manager can have on your well-being, mental health, and overall happiness. On the flip side, how uplifting and energizing, having a great manager can be for your life, your career, your success, and your overall happiness because a big part of your mental health and well-being comes from your work and your work environment and your manager is the most important person that you will interact with at any given job.” (15:47)Connect with Sid:  LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Resources Mentioned: Kona Evolution Coaching Geoff Graber Janine Davis Kona’s Manager Book Club Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity by Kim Scott Kona’s Manager Accelerator Program Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Linkedin Twitter Website
Sep 27, 2023
42 min
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