Bestowing The Brush
Bestowing The Brush
Bestowing The Brush
A podcast about passing on drawing skills to the next generation. Principles and practices of Charlotte Mason. Always exploring The Art of Seeing.
Christmas Special 2022
Sing with me: O Come All Ye Faithful, The Glance by George Herbert, Liturgy for Seasons of Illness, A kind review and thank you, Drawing board question, Tea recommendations, Color Connections full video course update, A.D.E. At Home Conference is on February 3rd- I’m doing a tutorial on the color PINK, Affirmations for you going forward with a creative endeavor, It’s a lie to believe that you’re not creative, Go play! Music Bed Licenses for this episode: Homecoming- Judah Earl O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) by Jesse Brown Good Days by KENA Christmas Style by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors MB01PDHPZP3NIPX MB01P1EVGOGVKZA MB01WWKLVI09QJM MB01GG82AVPWDUB Extra vocals by: Dallas Nachtigall Books: EVERY MOMENT HOLY, VOL. 1 by Douglas Kaine McElvey Waiting on the Word by Malcolm Guite
Dec 22, 2022
25 min
Color Connections: Color Theory for Beginners
You need a color theory course, right? Listen up! (NOTE: This course is currently in pre-sale. If you buy today, you will get the first 9 videos, and the remaining 12-15 will automatically become available in the fall once they are fully edited and uploaded). Take advantage of the current pre-sale and lowest prices that all of my courses will ever be at from now until August 14th, midnight CT: Color Connections: Color Theory for Beginners See all courses on Gumroad Sample the 9 free videos in this course on YouTube! Follow me on Instagram * The best place to get the real exclusive stuff is my twice a month newsletter, The Brush Club. Scroll down and plunk your email in that box. There, I give you content first, exclusive discounts on courses, encouragement, and art lesson ideas! Happy Drawing!
Aug 13, 2022
2 min
Wrapping Up My Presence
Today's topics: When your Mind’s Eye is Blind When You’re Totally Distracted When The Glory Is Too Much What To Expect This Year from BTB The Lamp Post submissions to Adele: Submit to: Want to learn how to draw and paint at home? Check out my Video courses! Subscribe to my YouTube channel Sign up for my newsletter (Videos early, what I’m learning, drawing lesson ideas) Mentioned this episode: Book: Deep Work by Cal Newport Article 1: The art of Aphantasia: how ‘mind blind’ artists create without being able to visualise Article 2: When The Mind's Eye Is Blind Article 3: The First Artwork Made in Space --- Music: Dansu- All You Got, MusicBed
Dec 23, 2021
45 min
Work In Progress with Clara Lieu
Need some serious encouragement today? Listen to this conversation I had with with Clara Lieu. She is the founder of Art Prof, which is a free online resource for learning visual arts! She was an adjunct professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she taught in the departments of Foundation Studies, Printmaking, Painting, and Illustration. She’s done many other things in the “art world,” but now she and her team create a huge online library of instructional materials for anyone who wants to learn how to draw, paint, illustrate, sculpt, and more! We touch on some really helpful points, like: Being intellectually diverse Giving yourself “little sandboxes” to play in Scoffers and snobs Being willing to learn, over and over again You don’t have to have it all figured out The importance of getting good feedback early in your process Failure is critical–bad drawings are REQUIRED “Imposter Syndrome” and other unhelpful mindsets Clara’s thoughts on these matters are so heartening. You’ll keep coming back to this episode when you are feeling down about your art practice or skills. Art Prof’s Curricula & Resources Artists mentioned: Stephen Hillenburg - Spongebob illustrator Robert Lang - Turned from science to origami --- Episode intro/outro music: Dansu- All You Got, MusicBed
Dec 9, 2021
57 min
The Newsless Newspaper: The Lamp Post with Adele Handfield
Adele is a 13-year-old Charlotte Mason style student from Alton Bay, NH. She's created a new publication called The Lamp Post. I had the privilege of subscribing to the very first issue and was so surprised, entertained, and positively stirred by the articles and calls for entries! It’s such a rich and diverse collaboration paper, and I think you and your family will really enjoy this debut issue. But, mostly you'll enjoy all the other issues that you can help create! Send your entry here: Bestowing The Brush 20% off SALE! Enter code: btbthanks2021 at checkout for 20% off any of my digital courses, even group courses! Think of your homeschool or your co-op who wants to learn drawing and painting. Offer ends midnight November 30th, 2021. * Does not apply to physical products, like picture planes. * Registration for A.D.E. At Home, A Delectable Education's second virtual conference! (I'll be providing a charcoal lesson demonstration.) Podcast mood music: Dansu - "All You Got" - Courtesy MusicBed
Nov 29, 2021
29 min
How We Met
This week’s episode is kinda personal. I took questions from you on Instagram a couple of weeks ago asking what you’d like for me to discuss with my dear husband on air. I thought Caleb (Nachtigall) would make a perfect guest, because he was homeschooled K-12! If there was ever a person who embodied education being “an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life,” it’s him. This episode covers more intimate topics (that I have honestly had a hard time publishing): How we met Our testimonies of faith in Christ We beatbox duet for 8 seconds--so you have to stick around until the end His beard care routine Hopefully, you enjoy our banter and our answers to the frequently asked “personal” questions in the wrap-up to this series. Find Caleb @kingsfelldice, or at --- For extra fun, join my Brush Club Newsletter, follow me on Instagram @bestowingthebrush, and check out my lessons on YouTube as well! You already know about my full-length video courses, but if not, go here! Episode intro/outro music: Dansu- All You Got, MusicBed
Nov 3, 2021
32 min
My Homeschooled Husband
My husband, Caleb, talks with me about his favorite memories of being homeschooled K-12, what we really think of the Charlotte Mason method, his homeschooling philosophy in general, and about the husband’s role in home education. What are your family’s educational values? Can you define them? Do they change? Caleb also debunks the “Homeschoolers are under-socialized” myth, and he tells us about where his art degree got him...but also what he did to self-educate his way into a few different career paths over the last ten years. If you’re not doing the Charlotte Mason method perfectly, like us, then this episode is for you. For extra fun, join my Brush Club Newsletter, follow me on Instagram @bestowingthebrush, and check out my lessons on YouTube as well! You probably already know about my full-length video drawing courses, but if not, go here! Episode intro/outro music: Dansu- All You Got, MusicBed
Oct 28, 2021
59 min
Art Is War with Tilly Dillehay
We all have to deal with glory. As image-bearers, each of us carries borrowed glory from the Father. As we look at each other and see the glory we each have, it’s natural for our hearts to envy, rather than to glorify God. Today, Tilly Dillehay (author/ blogger/ podcaster) helps us sort through the topic of envy. She clarifies how this sin plays out from one image-bearer to another, especially with artists. You’re going to want to read her book whether or not you are an artist, because her insights are so true and convicting! Listen in. Read her here: Broken Bread Seeing Green “Dear Hemlock Series” Tilly & Justin’s blog: She was influenced by: C.S. Lewis The Weight of Glory Listen to Tilly’s podcast with Abigail Dodds: Home Fires Music credit: Dansu- All You Got, MusicBed
Oct 20, 2021
45 min
A Tale of Praise with Elizabeth Michel
Elizabeth Michel, plein air painter, portrait artist, and book author/illustrator, is with me today! She also works with children ages 10 and up to improve their drawing skills. Today, we discuss a new book that she’s written and illustrated for you: “Honk! A Tale of Praise” is in bookstores and available online for you now! In the episode, we also discuss making drawing a part of your home culture and how to make it a consistent habit in the home. Buy the (US) book here: Get to know Elizabeth on her website: And on Instagram: --- For extra fun, join my Brush Club Newsletter, follow me on Instagram @bestowingthebrush, and check out my lessons on YouTube as well! You already know about my full-length video courses--but if not, go here! Episode intro/outro music: Dansu- All You Got, MusicBed
Oct 14, 2021
30 min
Bouncing Back From Failure
A story of guts and glory. How to bounce back, putting in your best effort, knowing your limitations, and self-idolatry. Also, I ask for your feedback on your desire to purchase any art prints from me...Just thinking about it...Contact me here and the same place if you want to confirm that you also have a strange pride disease.  Then, I have notes for newbies-- training your children in proper brush care, giving them liberal amounts of paper and time, not micromanaging or setting up unnecessary expectations. I also show you how to practice with the drawing prompts from my courses! And I give you some helpful housekeeping hints about getting back into the course after a long pause. The platform I host both courses and the picture plane product on is called Gumroad. If nothing else, search your inbox for that word to retrieve your old link. Find those courses with the awesome extra drawing prompts here! Thank you for listening. Happy drawing! Music: Dansu- All You Got, MusicBed
Oct 6, 2021
34 min
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