Best Smooth Jazz  Host Rod Lucas
Best Smooth Jazz Host Rod Lucas
Rod Lucas
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Smooth jazz
The best smooth jazz, great host and great music
Light big
My only kind of music.
The only and best SMOOTH Jazz podcast on Apple Podcasts!! Absolutely love!! Gets me feeling good throughout the work day at the office and while doing school work at home!
BSU music
Thank you for such a great program! I am from America . The only smooth jazz I hear on podcasts are from the UK. I don’t know why there isn’t any on podcast from the U.S.A. But very enjoyable to kick back to listen too! From Sweetheart Gramm
sweetheart gram
Shea Hinton
I love love love BSJ. I am a big fan. Check them on Rod Lucas Best Smooth Jazz on YouTube..
lashea c
Nyshia from NC
How can anyone resist such smooth Relaxing Music 🤌🏾😌Thanks so much for Sharing BSJ family sending Love 🤍✨
Glam Goddess Paradise
BSJ is the best!
Love these shows! Keep them coming!
Perfect podcast
So relaxing and upbeat. Great job
amy flemmingg
Man, used to keep the smooth jazz channel locked in on the radio for all day listening. Sadly, that channel has been reformatted. But BSJ is a welcome call back!! Smoothist jazz with a little chatter in between. Nice that he gives the artist and title of the song.
manayunk wall
Cheers From Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA
I’m in outside sales and was drowning in regular radio. Yuk. Then I found BSJ...... your all I listen to in Tornado Alley.
The very best!!!!!
Big fan! Love your podcast all the way from Costa Rica!!!!
I play it all day
Rod and Angie, what a pair! love the music and the banter. Got the T-shirt and Apron and have provided support for the station. I’ve even purchased some of the recommended wines at least I know they actually drink it. Best music and entertainment out there. Cool and Smooth like a cold drink on a hot day.
ReviewThe best Smooth Jazz I have heard anywhere. Download and enjoy.
If you like Jazz. This is the best Jazz podcast in the world. Great music with just enough interesting talk from time to time. So download sit back and enjoy or work, drive or whatever you need to do.
Appreciate what you do!
Appreciate your contributions to keeping us informed on the latest in smooth jazz. You have a great selection. Keep it coming!
Sigma Dre
Rural welder loves BSJ
Hey Rod , I moved back to my rural home town of La Grange Texas and ca. No longer get my KTSU jazz on the radio so I switched to you! Thank so much , also how can we send y’all some wine from our winery ? Blue Mule Wines would love to send a bottle of our Black Spanish Texas grown wine !
My source for Smooth Jazz
I have been a fan for several years and a subscriber. Ever since smooth jazz was taken off the radio I've found this The best music and DJs around, with themes to boot. I've seen the live video feed tons of times as well. Being a smooth jazz lover myself, I highly recommend this Podcast.
It’s April no podcast why?
Doesn’t get any better than Best Smooth Jazz
Rod has a cool, mellow vibe to his program and that makes this a go-to podcast for us. Delightful and pleasant anytime day or night. Comfortable and cool!
Lovely Podcast
Love it ! It's my first day listening to this podcast and won't be the last . Your pickings is beautiful . Jazz music is the best .
Mody Ahmed Mohamed
U turned my life around
This music is so good for my soul
Rasta by nature
Great Jazz
BSJ is my go to for the best Jazz, new and old! Rod’s commitment to sharing his passion for music quality speaks to the heart of the true love for timeless music!! Jazz is the best, and BSJ DELIVERS!!
This is pretty cool.
We used to have stations dedicated to this music here in the US; now it’s just another obsolete style crowded out by rap and hip-hop. Thanks for making this available!
Exactly What I've Been Looking For
Rod's music choice is soothing and satisfying. Love listening to this while doing my university work. His voice is especially relaxing as well! Kudos Mr. Lucas. I recommend him.
Best smooth jazz show ever
Great music every time. I love it.
Best Smooth Jazz Rod Lucas & family
I have been listening to BSJ / London on the internet, since June 2013, when I 'stumbled' upon it by chance. Rod plays such a broad, eclectic mix of Smooth jazz; it's just incredible! He has cuts from artists that I have never heard before as well as tunes going back to the 50's on forward! On Saturdays', he plays mainly instrumentals, on the new Sunday Request show, he will play an occasional vocal track. He is always adds new artists, and along with his son, Rod Jr. (Studio Manager), they have a great signal and clear transmission. The studio also runs 4 HD webcams so you can see what is happening throughout the broadcast. His wife, Angie,m does in-depth fine wine reviews and handles some of the live messaging conversations. His daughter, (the Lady) Camilla, ocassionally makes an appearance on the show and adds a bit of charm to a great show... Rod is the best for anyone who really enjoys Smooth Jazz and does not what any on the formatted styles of yesteryear!
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Cool Mo V
Great program
Many thanks from South Korea! This is one of best podcast programs I have been truly enjoying for many months/ years. I appreciate the dedication and efforts to run this excellent program so successfully. Cheers!
Awesome Jazz Station
Discovered this podcast a couple of months ago. Plays great smooth jazz!
Craig Kirkling
Awesome show!
There's no smooth jazz stations where I live, so Rod's show is my best place to enjoy the music I love. Great podcast!
Seattle Listener
A most excellent choice of Smooth Jazz. Best I've heard in a long time. It's very current and international - I really like that. You have such a large audience with Europe nextdoor you must get first hand access to a large market of Smooth Jazz artists pre- releases. Keep it up I think you found the nich. Best Regards, Jimirod
Love it
I love the relaxing sound of Jazz, and you play the best.
Sexy voice love it!
Very good taste in music
Great stuff! Rod is first class and a true asset to Smooth Jazz. I love the passion and professionalism. Unpaid and does a better job than most paid DJs. Keep up the good work Rod.
He has the sound
Rod Lucas is London based and plays smooth sounds; old, new, and new again. Its all commercial free…it's great. I'm all in and look forward to every new show. If you like him, consider supporting him!
Excellent show
Excellent smooth jazz!!!!! Absolutely the best
Rod Lukas
Knowledgeable, witty, smart, cool & fun. He is the first place I go when I come home from the office. Smoooth Jazzzz. Jimmy Smyth USA
Jimmy the lip
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