Believe in Banking
Believe in Banking
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Believe in Banking is a podcast series for decision-makers, influencers and leaders featuring experts taking on the financial industry’s most pressing issues with insight and empathy. With the belief that banking can help us meet the moment and emerge stronger for it, the podcast features information and conversations designed to enlighten and empower.
Embracing the Challenger Mindset
Over the last several years, there has been a ton of talk about the impact of outsiders like fintechs on banking and ways community institutions have to keep up. In this episode, Sean and Gina flip the script a little and reframe the idea of what it means to be a challenger in banking today. What are the ways community financial institutions and regional banks are leading? For these banks, embracing a challenger mindset means going beyond technology tools and focuses on other ways of innovating and competing. With examples in branch and mobile banking, the discussion uncovers ways that banks dig into their core, double down on their brand and meet people where they are to deliver experiences they want. And customer satisfaction scores show the approach is working. This podcast is hosted by
Jun 15, 2022
15 min
Making Banking Better
One of the buzzworthy themes across the financial services sector is how to make banking better. With fintechs continuing to make inroads into banking’s customer base, what does making the experience better for the customer look like? In this episode, Sean and Gina share the latest information and insights on people’s top financial priorities in 2022 and explore ways that banks and credit unions are meeting customers where they are – from mobile to the branch, and even on TikTok. With trends set in motion during the pandemic, Sean and Gina discuss the pressing need for financial wellness across generations and how banks are stepping up providing new tools to empower consumers no matter where they are in their financial journey. This podcast is hosted by
May 18, 2022
15 min
How Your Bank Can Leverage Your Brand for Growth
As the economy continues its pandemic recovery, financial institutions of all sizes are looking for effective ways to compete. In this episode, Sean and Gina discuss leaning on brand for growth. Whether you’re a financial institution scaling through mergers or expanding operations into new markets, considering the implications of your brand in people’s minds is foundational to your success. Are you looking at brand early enough in M&A due diligence? Do you have the right name as you move into new markets? What is your strategic plan moving forward? To discuss credit union growth, Sean and Gina bring into the conversation Adrenaline’s managing director of strategy Juliet D'Ambrosio who just presented the CUNA Conference. Juliet discusses the power of the credit union value proposition and ways for brands to look outside of banking for brand best practices and inspiration for the industry. This podcast is hosted by
Apr 13, 2022
15 min
Increasing Banking’s Influence through Scale
From mergers and acquisitions to branching into new markets, banking’s major focus post-pandemic is on growth. In this episode, Sean and Gina discuss this desire for scale amidst great uncertainty. With M&A activity hitting its highest levels since 2007, deals are happening all around, but it’s not just big banks competing for dominance. Community banks and credit unions are looking at expansion through acquisition. But we’re also seeing mergers of equals, banks buying or partnering with fintechs, fintechs buying or partnering with banks, and niche and large technology enablers leveraging their specialties in new and novel ways. Find out how – especially for smaller and midsized financial institutions – it's more important than ever implement strategies that help community banks serve more and serve better. This podcast is hosted by
Mar 16, 2022
15 min
Growing Community: A Conversation with David Trautman of Park National Bank, Pt 2
In Part 2 of their conversation, Sean and Gina welcome back David Trautman, chairman and CEO of Park National Bank. They discuss how a realignment and rebrand provided the bank the perfect platform for Park’s spirit of service, giving a streamlined and simplified brand for Park’s people to rally around. He addressed how launching during COVID continued on a tradition of steadiness in the storm for a bank that has always thrived during even the most chaotic times. Finally, David reveals why he believes so deeply in banking and how Park remains so committed to supporting people in all aspects of their lives. This podcast is hosted by
Feb 16, 2022
16 min
Growing Community: A Conversation with David Trautman of Park National Bank, Pt 1
In Believe in Banking’s first podcast of the new year, Sean and Gina welcome David Trautman, chairman and CEO of Park National Bank. Their rich conversation covers Park’s unique origin story and how the bank’s efforts at unifying under one umbrella yielded some significant advantages for their growing brand as they expanded into new communities. Building consensus to shift how the bank was doing business – moving from a more autonomous model to a more unified one – was a fundamental change, but what it didn’t alter was the heart of service at the core of the brand. In part one of their discussion, David addresses how Park captured and unified the bank's independent spirit and how they continue to foster that beating heart of service as they help people and their communities. This podcast is hosted by
Jan 12, 2022
25 min
Banking 2021, Part 2: Trends & Topics That Defined The Year
In our final year-end special episode, we revisit topics that defined the year. Sean and Gina discuss the rise of Purpose Driven Banking in 2021 and how it sets a new standard for the industry moving forward. A term coined by Accenture, this approach to banking helps financial institutions mean more to their customers and members, truly living up to their essential role in people's lives. Simultaneously, banks and credit unions that embrace a deeper sense of purpose find fresh opportunities and expanding influence. Tied to a renewed sense of purpose is community-building in community banking and new ways of thinking about serving – because community represents more than just geography. Finally, our hosts provide a preview of our first episode in 2022, featuring a community banking leader who will kick off the New Year in style. This podcast is hosted by
Dec 15, 2021
15 min
Banking 2021, Part1: Trends & Topics That Defined The Year
In this special episode, we take a look back at the trends and topics that defined 2021. Sean and Gina discuss how banking provided short-term solutions to challenges and what opportunities opened up because of the pandemic that will endure. They spoke specifically about banking's balance of technology and human consultation, and the staff that it takes to be at the right place at the right time for customers and members. With clear eyes, the two hosts all but predicted the increasing deployment of hybrid solutions like ITMs and smaller format branches that are transforming the consumer banking experience post-pandemic. This podcast is hosted by
Nov 17, 2021
15 min
Powerful Partnerships in Banking
In this episode, Sean and Gina discuss what’s on the minds of banking and credit union leaders as they face the headwinds that are still present after a year and a half of pandemic life. With the need for profitability and fintech nipping at community banking’s heels, how to continue to serve customers and meet expectations often means new partnerships. Whether it’s a fintech collaboration like the one that delivered Chime to the marketplace or a financial wellness pairing, like Regina King and Wells Fargo teaming up to help serve the underbanked, when banks and credit unions look at new and novel ways to meet the people at the point of need, banking builds on the trusting relationship financial institutions have with their customers and communities. This podcast is hosted by
Oct 13, 2021
15 min
What’s Old Is New Again: Banking’s Balance of People and Technology
In this episode, Sean and Gina discuss some of the challenges facing banking in our post-pandemic future. Most notably is staffing as banks and credit unions meets consumer demand for efficient transactions via updated digital options while still having branches close by for those more complex and consultative banking needs. Attracting higher-skilled bankers requires a real investment for banks and a commitment to move beyond traditional teller-based banking models. Banking’s growth mandate means banks must balance ways to grow in new markets and be more efficient in more legacy markets, providing a blend of tools and advice consumers need to spend and save better. This podcast is hosted by
Sep 15, 2021
15 min
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