Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine
Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine
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Sound meter issues
Love the show, but the volume of the speakers is irratic. Not only do the different speakers seem to be set at different sound levels; the same speaker can fade from quiet to loud, as though the speaker is moving her head away from and toward the microphone. Given the title of the podcast, I find the sound production especially annoying.
Great way to find new books I might not read otherwise.
Listen to every episode!
Love hearing the reviews and snippets of the audiobook.
What a great podcast about audiobooks.
I find myself tuning into this podcast everyday. I love being treated to samples of these great performances and learning about audiobooks that might appeal to me.
Not leftist.
Best Audiobook Podcast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bravo! This podcast is a daily treat - the best hosts, audiobooks, narrators, books, authors. It’s a great show for literary fans and podcast listeners.
I find that I rarely need to listen an episode as of late. A good read can no longer be determined based upon the book’s content. Nay, but it must have the “Woke/Cancel Culture Approved” label affixed.
This is amazing!
The perfect way to find your next great book!
The blind singer
Love this podcast, quick informative and helps me the next great audiobook.
Tips for listening
Great quick way to get introduced to different types of audiobooks
New to audiobook world
About a year ago I started listening to audiobooks on my way to work and once I found this podcast it opened my world to so many new books. I’ve love that they cover many genres and have gotten some great ideas for the young folks in my life too. Keep up the great work!
Make it part of your morning routine!
I’ve added this podcast to my morning listening. It’s a brief, thoughtful production covering new audiobook recommendations, as well as interviews with podcast talent. If you enjoy a good story, or if you are a fan of audiobooks (or are curious), I recommend subscribing to this excellent podcast.
I enjoy this podcast
I am a writer and narrator and I just love listening to this show
Earl Sewell
Great way to find your next audiobook!
I love this podcast! As others have said before me, short, to the point and with a sample to hear the narrator’s voice and a bit of the story.
Great recommendations
Audiofile Magazine does a great job of reviewing audiobooks, and this podcast is a great way to highlight a few of them. Short and to the point, with a brief clip from the audiobook. Excellent!
rich voice
Excellent podcast!
Love this podcast. Nice and short but very informative. Well-presented, in an upbeat, enthusiastic style.
AudioFile Magazine Behind the Mic podcasts
Great series of daily listening recommendations of outstanding audiobooks from the best independent source of audiobook reviews. 5 stars for authenticity of AudioFile editors’ knowledge and enthusiasm, and quick delivery of info, plus sample of featured audiobook.
Must listen for audiobook fans and professionals
Another great initiative from the always innovating AudioFile magazine. An excellent supplement to the existing print and online resources. Looking forward to more great listens soon!
Listen to the Ears of AudioFile Magazine!
What a treat to hear Robin Whitten talking about audiobooks! There is no better champion of the audiobook! Her critical ear has been is well tuned and now... iTuned! Yay. Thank you for the podcast. Love it!
Help choosing your next listen
I love the brevity of these episodes which give you a snippet of a book, the narrator’s strengths, and plot, all of which help you choose your next audiobook.
Moha Doha
Show Content Good, Audio Bad
Format, content and pace of the show is good but the audio is awful to the point of being distracting and a tune-out. I would have expected a higher quality given its a production by Audiofile.
Great podcast!
Great bite-sized podcast to help me figure out what to listen in on next. Thanks, Audiofile!
Love listening to audiobooks! A podcast ABOUT audiobooks is a natural.
Best audiobook recommendations!
If you're in doubt for what to choose as your next listen, AudioFile magazine is a wonderful resource. Audiobooks are not cheap (nor should they be) and you want honest, educated recommendations to help you make your choice. AudioFile reviewers work hard to provide honest, thorough reviews. Not all reviews are good, not all are bad, but they are candid. Added bonuses are behind-the-scenes interviews with authors, narrators and other audiobook industry professionals.
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Ann Richardson
Get Your Next Great Audiobook
I'm very excited that AudioFile Magazine has this new podcast! This is a very good format, too - bite-sized daily interviews and recommendations, with bonus monthly feature-length interviews. Looking forward to many great listens!
Knowledge Seeker1