Behind the Blade Podcast
Behind the Blade Podcast
Knife Makers and Enthusiasts, Matt Martin and Jim Stewart
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Missing y’all!!!
Hey premier Knife Jerks!!! Where y’at? I miss the podcast soooo. Stay Pointy, -J.
Behind The Blade = The Best Knife Podcast
I’ve tried all the knife podcasts but the rest of them are either too random or too unorganized that I stop listening almost instantly. This is the only podcast that is done by knowledgeable, likable, entertaining knife enthusiasts (not to mention they run their own successful knife companies). They also stick to a structured format which includes the knife they’re each carrying, knife history and knife news. There’s no knife podcast that comes close which is a shame because that means that I’m experiencing knife discussion withdrawals in between each Behind the Blade podcast!
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Best info on the net
These two just get it. Their combined knowledge, and willingness to share that knowledge, makes for a refreshing listen. These two are the rising stars in the knife community. If you’re into stabby things at all, you should listen in. You won’t be disappointed.
I’m so appreciative that this is family friendly, I binged this pretty quickly. My favorite part is the History segment. It’s made me want to go make knives!!
Calvin S. Wolfe
Good shistuff
I’ve really been enjoying this podcast. And I learn a lot about knives a selling them. I no longer use my feet for reference in photos thanks guys keep it up!
This Podcast Will Cost You Money!
I love this podcast. Matt Martin of Vehement Knives and Jim Stewart of Bark River Knives get together and shoot the bull taking us along for one of the most interesting conversations about knives, knife history, and knife making. Matt’s History segment each week explores various makers of different eras, regions, and price ranges. Beware however, it will spark an interest in knives you never knew you wanted in your collection! Likewise the Tech Tips portion has me convinced I want to learn to make knives, and purchase all the tools in the process. If you love knives and hate your wallet, this show is for you.
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Download it!
Loving the show guys! Keep up the good work! Really loved he Opinel episode
Fun, interesting and knowledgeable
If you are looking for an informative down to earth always entertaining podcast about knives. Then look no further. Jim and Matt talk about everything from current affairs, history, tech tips and have a Q & A segment. Thanks Guys for putting a show like this on for all of us. Respect, Travis Mullen
Knowledgeable and entertaining
You guys inspire me to create blades. Thanks for teaching us. I wish we had a daily dose of btb:
mountain man Drew
Great job!
Really helpful information for fellow bladesmiths.
Doo doo shitburg
Love it!
Thanks for the great podcast guys. I just discovered your show a couple of days ago and have enjoyed several episodes during my commute. I really enjoy the history segment and the Q&A. The group discussion format is perfect. Your passion for knifes is evident and the conversations are entertaining. Each episode has also introduced me to several new products. While I have used the KME for years, I didn’t know about the convex rod. I also ordered some Firefly steels for my SAKs and Felix Immler’s book. Keep up the excellent work. I look forward to many episodes to come.
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Good knife enthusiast podcast but....
Love the knife history segments, knife tips and metallurgy talk but the guys need to cutback on the coffee fast talk and harness the annoying laughter after every other sentence.
Great podcast and great guys!
Love this podcast. Been binging it the past few weeks and can't get enough
Great show can't wait week to week for the next one.
Great podcast!!!
Great podcast by a couple of knowledgeable knife dudes. If the same passion is put into this show as their knives, it's going to be of epic awesomeness!!!!
Great podcast.
Awesome podcast!
This is a great podcast with a ton of good information! These guys have a ton of knowledge and do a great job sharing it!
Absolutely hands down a FANTASTIC podcast! These guys are a complete wealth of knowledge. They both have a great sense of humor and good flow while guiding listeners through the podcast. I especially enjoy the knife history, technical tips, and knife news podcast segments! They also do a great listener Q&A segment where listeners can mail in their knife related questions to be discussed on the podcast. I have plenty of questions and would love to get the chance to pick their brains, not to mention they just seem like great guys that would be a blast to talk to! Unlike other knife podcasts that focus almost exclusively on folding knives, I'm really happy these guys focus on fixed blades! Thanks guys! I feel like fixed blades never get enough love in the public eye anymore! Hopefully you guys can inspire more people that would otherwise only purchase folders to finally go out and pick up a quality fixed blade because truly nothing compares to a great fixed blade! =) Needless to say, I have not enjoyed a knife podcast this much since The Knife Journal podcast first started. It's also quite a pleasure to listen to a podcast with fantastic sound quality as well! Trust me, that does not go on noticed! LOL so thank you for that as well guys! Stay Sharp!
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Dan Schwemin Jr.
The commitment to do a once a week show will be a difficult promise to keep but you guys are great!! Thanks for your details about the bladesmith world!!
Love the podcast
Don't worry if you cuss a bit and keep up the knife nerd history talk.
Great first show. Interesting and funny.