Behind the Bastards
Behind the Bastards
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All time favorite podcast
Also Sophie is great
Beware- the hosts are very anti police
I thought I found a great new podcast to binge, but after clicking on one episode and listening to the hosts talk about how awful the WA state patrol is (which I have 2 family members who are WA state troopers who are amazing men and not violent in the slightest) I will not be listening again.
Great Pod
MY KINGDOM to not have a scroll through an entire different podcast to get to the podcast I clicked on
Love BTB
I love BTB - great history and some dark humor are a great time! I’ve been following Roberts work since Cracked - and the rest of the gang. I love a number of the repeat guest, all I want is more Cracked alumni/reunions. It literally makes me so happy to think that they’re friends IRL and guest on each other’s podcasts!
Mostly Enjoyable
I usually like this podcast. It seems well researched and is entertaining. The problem is always with the guests. Some are great, some annoying, and at least one is unlistenable. The good thing is I can usually tell within the first 5 minutes if the guest will be awful and will just skip that topic. I’ll just read about the Irish Great Hunger instead of listening to the episode!
Love it
The majority of bad reviews are just people crying about Robert not being a republican lol go listen to Ben Shapiro ya little crybabies
Informative and entertaining
This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts. I learn something new every time and it has changed my perspective on so much. It’s an eye-opener for sure!
Leftist Drivel
Do a show on how your buddy’s have wrecked an economy.
Good concept but lots of leftist talk
I like the host as he seems to do the background work needed for the discussion. But he lets his strong leftist views leak into the story, which ruins the podcast. If the host would just stick to the story that is enough to prove his point. No need to bash on conservatives or those that don’t agree with his personal views.
Dr Phil
After reading all the reviews, I’m surprised this podcast still exists. I “tried” to listen to several of these podcasts, but I can’t finish any of them. In this particular podcast, you hear more about the hosts than the subject they are supposed to be discussing. I am not interested in their personal life stories. In an hour podcast about 30 minutes was about Dr Phil the other 30 minutes was their annoying self stories and extreme laughter. I was so disappointed. If they would stay to the subject at hand it would be wonderful podcast. Don’t they read all the reviews that say the same thing I’m expressing.
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Jody. P
This can be a very amusing podcast….. BUT- the host is super satisfied and amused with himself. He seems overly amused by himself which is unsettling, and annoying. So smug. Some episodes are funny if you can ignore his political slights… I don’t listen to podcasts for politics. Period. Tone it down duder. Don’t be so amused by yourself like the person who laughs at his own jokes when no one else is laughing. Fart-sniffer
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Only One Issue
The concept is great, the host is great and the show is great. The only problem is that the guests are hit or miss and can really wreck an episode. Some of the guests feel the need to insert their jokes at every turn which can be unnecessary and some just constantly go off on tangents making it hard for the host to stay on topic.
Too much Behind and not enough Bastard
I’m about 30 minutes into episode 2 of John Wayne and I can’t listen anymore. I don’t need your characters life story, just give me the screwed up things they did. I only have a half hour in my car to listen and now I’ve wasted 3 car rides and I’m totally bored with your show. Cut your episodes to NO MORE than a half hour to 45 minutes and news flash, 99% of your characters only need one episode!
History + Comedy
Doritos not dictators!
More collaboration with TYT/Dragon Squad please
I was so excited to hear Francesca Fiorentini as a guest in the last two episodes. As a long time listener and fan of both Robert Evans as well as TYT and The Damage Report/dragon squad I had already been wondering for a while if they knew each other or would ever collaborate with each other. Please more of this: the good people out there have to work together to make things better. Maybe one day a guest John Iadarola, Cenk Uygur or Ana Kasparian!? That would definitely rock!
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Ist sehr gut, ich mag.
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No Meatball for You!
I’m pretty sure John Wayne wasn’t in any Spaghetti Westerns
Bleeding ears
I listened to several to give this a chance. It was the most monumental waste of my time of this year so far. If you want to hear the least informed most cynical take on people festooned with the woke word salad of the most progressive wing of leftist zealots garbed in sneering smugness, delusional senses of grandeur and superiority of the host this is the podcast for you. Enjoying anything short of that will leave you annoyed that podcasts have given a platform to such vacuous individuals and amplified their voices past the Evergreen women’s studies classes and Portland antifa infested taverns where they belong. There was not a moment where the host or guests had an original though or made an interesting point and left me feeling dumber than I was before I started the ordeal. Not only that, the host gets so wrapped up in his own slanderous verbal maelstrom he sails right past the glaring hypocrisy in which he engages. I doubt that anyone other than the most historically illiterate devotee of Howard Zinn and Robin DiAngelo could enjoy, much less stomach, the prattling on this will force upon you. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a hangnail or stub your toe instead of wasting your time on this podcast because those will be much less grating and unpleasant than enduring this podcast.
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Good show but
Please stop putting episodes for It Could Happen here in this feed. It’s annoying and that’s a bad podcast.
Great Podcast
Love the podcast, equal parts funny and terrifying. Also love that every episode the has the host mispronounce something.
No more Prop
I love this show but the last three episodes have been awful. Prop was woefully underprepared, had terrible timing and cadence, and added nothing to the discussion. I tried because the topic was of interest but failed to get through a single one. Choose better.
Love it but …
Come on, stop having Prop on the show. The comments don’t make sense and don’t add anything to the show. I really wanted to dive into the Irish genocide episodes but Prop made it incredibly painful.
I love Prop
Y’all hating
King Tux 401
Knowledge fight!
I agree with Robert Evans, knowledge fight is a five star podcast, 10 out of 10, would rate again!
Not that good
Some episodes are good. The majority is weird Portland type nerd cringe.
Know what I’m sayin’?
Prop ruins the show every time he’s on. Someone please let him that we all “know what he is saying” please!!!
Love it and am annoyed at times
Great writing great storytelling. Some of the guests are really hard to listen to, though. Especially the current one (Jordan?), cackling endlessly in the background at his own jokes or aspects of the story that aren’t really particularly funny. And don’t get me started on Prop… Completely vapid and unfunny in his endless riffs that add absolutely nothing to the experience
Bad! Good podcast.
Not nearly as informative or incisive as Joe Rogan and his bro friends talking about Miracle Crab Saltz protein diets and the horrors of cancellation. Needs more red pill Alex Tuckanitty Truth, and that hot young upstart Ben Sh********. Bad Podcast!
kong rong
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this guy. Absolutely amazing work!!! This piece of human excrement!!!
great for cynics like myself
One of my go-to podcasts! Some of the guests are less enjoyable when they distract too much or are rowdy, in which case I just choose a different episode. I’d love more on corporations and historic disasters (like the Union Carbide episode)! Thanks for the hours of entertainment Robert. :)
My new favorite podcast
I am really enjoying this. I loved The Woman’s War too!
Mother moo
Huh a lot of things make sense now
I used to ask my parents, teachers, and other befuddled adults around me lots of really hard to ask questions about the nuances and inconsistencies in both world and US history. And usually they didn’t have answers that satisfied me. This podcast has done a great job of answering those questions and more. PS. found out while listening to the Kissinger episodes that my grandfathers second tour of Vietnam in 1968-1969 could have been avoided. Cool stuff! 🙃
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Lauren Ɓ
Simpery in Progress
Yeah, I might have developed a lil crush on Robert Evans. Podcast is great too, always fun guests
I really want to listen but there’s way too much laughing at their own bad jokes. The Kissinger series could’ve been done already instead of 5 episodes.
Please less of Sophie.
I really enjoy Robert, but I find Sophie to be really grating.
I never wanted a staph infection so bad.
Don’t Waste Your Time
Not clever, funny or informative. Just 3 juvenile adults trying to shock you with their high school humor.
“Comedy” makes it hard to endure an episode.
Without fail, every time they hit on a genuinely interesting point, they reflexively start cramming in as much comedic commentary as they can until they run out of ideas. If they were actually funny, that might work, but they’re not, so the listener just has to slog through the banter to get to anything good.
love this snarky show
The best way to hear the worst of humanity! Can’t wait to hear what they have to say about our most recent leaders. Have to assume they are just as bad.
Favorite Podcast
Find it very much enlightening and depressing at times, but at least I learn something by listening each time. The podcast has a wealth of consolidated knowledge that is invaluable if you’re to understand and acknowledge the terrible things some of the “leaders” in history have done to persue their own goals and/or harmful ideologies.
Don’t use “tribe”; say people, nation, group or ethnic group
Don’t use the word "tribe”; say people, nation, group or ethnic group whenever you are tempted to use the term “tribe”, a word rooted in colonialism and which is inaccurate. Using tribe is as untruthful and harmful as the inaccurate term “third world,” which perpetuate untruthful stereotypes that lead to ethnic-based, predatory violence. Otherwise, aside from the cursing on the podcast that I don’t like, I very much appreciate some of your research.
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Are they trying for a morning drive radio vibe?
Not at all serious.
History told by very smart and funny people
Wow- you pull it all together. Incredible research! It’s so entertaining, but informative.
Episode request!
Hi, love the show! Y’all are one of my fav podcasts I look forward to every week! I wanted to suggest an episode request. I’m not sure if you are familiar with RaDonda Vaught. She was a nurse who just got criminally convinced for an unintentional fatal medication error and received 2 felony charges. She could receive up to 12ish years in prison at her sentencing in may. Her hospital (who took away the safety nets to prevent this kind of mistake) left her high and dry to fend for herself in court- hospital was not found liable one bit. Her hospital was Vanderbilt in Nashville. But I think an episode about corrupt, greedy, and selfish hospital executives would be a good fit for this podcast. Hospital executives are single handedly making hospitals a more dangerous place for nurses and patients. Thank you!
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Synopsis is based on their opinions, not necessarily objective facts
The worst
A small room of left wing guys listening to one guy narrate while after the third or forth spoken sentence all trying to say something funny and all laughing . It’s as though they are trying to convince the listener that what they said was funny. It’s not. These guys are the statue toppling types that judge past figures based on contemporary sensibilities.
former 1
Such a well researched podcast
Thank you for your hard work, I love your podcast.
Dollop + BTB = True Love
I found this pod first many years ago, and after enjoying it so thoroughly I read up on it. Saw that Robert was inspired by The Dollop and then fell in love with it, too. Bringing both together to take on all-time garbage human Henry Kissinger is so good it feels like fan fiction. LOVED this series and hope for more collabs in the future.
A chaotic mix of information and humor
Robert and Sophie are the perfect pair to help us all journey into the darkest parts of human history. Sophie helps to keep Robert on his toes. While Robert talks with his friends about the worst people in history while keeping you from a nervous breakdown about what you learn. Sure, you always come away from the show wondering why God doesn’t smite us all again. But you also learn from history and have a laugh along the way.
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A beacon of light for troubled times
And you know what else is a beacon of light for troubled times? Why the fine sponsors that make this podcast possible.
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