Behind the Bastards
Behind the Bastards
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Still waiting
Still waiting for a Giuliani episode. Long overdue
Best unpaid doritos ad ever
An incredible podcast with great journalism and humor. I really appreciate listening to this on walks and learning about history not covered in high school or college history classes! Also 10/10 i bought tapatio doritos based on Robert’s recommendation and they are actually very good.
Dr Phil
No one mentioned a plethora of info I myself, a senior in high school know to be true about this wretched man. I wrote an essay on him and even I know well enough to not use “Buzz Feed” as one of (the very few) cited sources. A lot of editorializing here and a lot of ego. No one thinks sweating at your audience is funny or endearing. One more thing, holy ADHD.The number of times you kept running off track and needed to be reminded by the girl cohost “Dr. Phil”, was outrageous and embarrassing.
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Is Dave Ramsey a bastard?
Desperately need to know if Dave Ramsey is a bastard! ♥️♥️♥️
I stumbled upon this from Paul F Tompkins Instagram and his guest appearance and I have not stopped. I have listened to hours and hours and I have learned so much. Love all the detail! So entertaining and funny
Simply, The BEST Podcast Series EVER!!!
First, I share a bit about me to qualify my review: I am a working professional with a doctorate level education. In my professional life, I engage with the “public” daily and have become adept at picking up in personality traits. In my early life, we were basic poor, no electricity, etc. My point, I can talk to anyone as a result. So I LOVE this podcast because the team goes behind the curtain to share the true actions of TV doctors & other film-flam artists. I have observed so much manipulation of the masses and truly appreciate the honesty in these episodes. And really love the dark humor. Love y’all and hope y’all continue to expose tarnished truth about these greedy narcissistics!!!
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another great episode, curious though
Per usual, the Dr. Phil episode is a an effectively deep, if not horrific, dive into why the man is so specifically despicable. It was a little surprising, though, that his infamously sadistic treatment of Shelley Duvall in 2016 was omitted from this story. It makes me wonder if her episode simply flew under Evans’ research radar or if there was a deliberate decision to spare her public image any further damaging attention. The video footage of her interview with the duplicitous doctor has been all but squeegeed clean off the internet for presumably that very reason, but its summary does concretely illustrate the shamelessly exploitative nature of McGraw’s program. As always, thank you Reverend Doctor Colonel Robert Evans for your research and for this window into the mind of yet another parasitic capitalist ghoul haunting our collective consciousness. Best regards, @tmeak (the gram)
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Great podcast
Love it. Please for the love of god turn Sophie’s mic off.
Greek for love. Ah gah peh. Christ.
an absolute delight
i love this podcast, i love sophie, i love robert, im feeling that parasocial relationship hardcore while driving, it’s amazing
Decent show with annoying qualities
Well researched but hosted by pretty annoying character and an even more annoying southern woman. If you’re interested in the history of fascism this might be as good as it gets in terms of podcasts just don’t listen to the episodes with Cody and Katie Johnson.
Fluff huffy
Why anyone would ever take this boiling pile of garbage as legitimate reporting is beyond me
Very informative great deep dives love Sophie
Overall a great show they take their time explaining everything and do a good job just putting the facts out there. They have a left leaning bias but that fine because I do as well but they are not closed off to new ideas or opinions which I love. Also love Sophie
Used to be ok
This show used to be ok, but Robert has became ultra- liberal. I would be ok with that if there was any balance, but there is none . Of course, along with that is increased juvenile behavior such as throwing a bagel when he gets upset, which has became a running gimmick. How are we suppose to take this serious ? When he’s not whining or throwing food items, he’s walking all over Sofie , who seems to do most of the work So much potential that has become just unlistenable
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One of my Favorite pods
Favorite episodes are JR Brinkley, Walter Freeman, John C Woods and anything Hubbard. But most all are very interesting. Well researched, as funny as it can be discussing bad people, and the source materials are typically good book recommendations as well.
Extraordinary bias of host
Is ruining what could be a good show. It’s now nothing but cringey partisan propaganda.
I adore this podcast. Incredibly informative, very (darkly) funny to balance the horror, brutally honest. But. Someone at some point seems to have told the producer that she’s funny & should do funny voices along side the actual professional comedians on the show. This was incorrect. The end of the last episode actually hurt my ears when she decided to mimic a high pitched bleep noise. It was fun when she played a foil to Robert’s anarchist role, but now it’s untethered & aimless, & just unfunny. Please, please, Sophie: stop talking.
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iwakura mika
I Love This Show!
Great show! My favorite binge. (Which is a little strange now that I think of it). We need more Billy! Otherwise keep up the good work.
Amy Heppe
Thank you for your service
It’s been a blessed journey, starting from 2018 and listening in order. I’m presenting at the Sept 2019 pods and have no plans of stopping. I love the guests, especially Cody Johnston, Katie Stoll, and Billy Wayne Davis. This show is funny and informative.
Terrifying and delightfully fun
Hearing about the weekly bastard can be really depressing, and in some cases, such as the detailing of how the Nazis gained so much power, unimaginably terrifying. But I keep coming back because of Robert and Sophie. Their deliberately awkward transitions and ironically jovial way with which they introduce horrible topics fill me with joy every time. Come for the genocidal monsters and con artists, stay for the inappropriate silliness.
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Good pod, room for growth
I’ve listened to this pod for years, and I really look forward to it. I don’t agree with every personal take that Robert has, but I don’t think that ruins the podcast if you can listen critically and disagree with someone while still hearing them. That being said, I find myself tired of some of the guests because they don’t know how to make real jokes so they just use sarcasm and it gets tired. I like Cody Stoll, but it’s just him repeating what Robert said but sarcastically or shocked. Other guests, like Prop, add a lot of helpful information to the conversation and are more likeable and less sarcastic.
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Could have been a quality show
This could have been a really good show. The topic itself is interesting, and it could have had some great deep dives into the worst people in history. Instead, the host has been made so raving mad by obsessive, tribalistic partisanship that it spends episode after episode doing nonsense like spending 9 episodes trying to spin Portland’s sloppy, chaotic vandalism and screaming as the most heroic thing since Castro took power. They also cover literally every conservative you’ve ever heard of, and spend untold amounts of time trying to convince the audience that all of them, no matter how insignificant, are much worse than any dictator out there, especially Marxist ones! I have no idea why someone would throw away potential like this. I also don’t know the purpose of it. Anyone not an obsessive, angry neoliberal is not going to take this remotely seriously and everyone who is, already agrees. At best it’s an hour + circle jerk over, and over, and over, and over. Why would this be what someone spends their creative talent on? I pity him
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Why Pick on Ohio?
Would be five stars if it weren’t for the ardent anti-Ohio stance of the host. Come and see our endless fields of construction cones, our brilliantly burning rivers, and the effervescent rusting decay of our cities, especially the tarnished Gem City of Dayton. It’ll stay with you like an opioid addiction!
Cody A. Reynolds
Host is a pretentious jerk
It’s too bad the host, Robert Evans, is so insufferable because the material is really interesting. I agree with his takes on almost everything but he just comes off as if he is better than everyone and holier than thou. Also, there’s some slight sexism that tinges some of his takes on people. The more I listened to him and his sidekick the more I picked up on how much they drip with condescension. It’s gross coming from people who supposedly care so much about other people. The final straw for me was his and his posse’s statements about Ohio which were repeated ad nauseam in the most recent episode. Idk what they have against Ohio or where they visited, but it’s really not that awful of place. It was tiresome to repeatedly hear their hatred about a place that really has a lot of positives. It’s too bad I won’t hear about all the crazy messed up people of the world. But l will be happy if I never have to hear to Mr. Evan’s voice again. BLAH!
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One of my fave podcasts!
Incredibly well researched, always very fair, introduces me to a ton of new information. The co-hosts are interesting and tend toward diverse. I appreciate the inclusion of the production team. Just one note; please, please stop eating on mic. It doesn’t happen often and I’m sure it’s not a purposeful thing, I just really need to stress how hard it is to listen to the rest of a good ep after eating sounds have triggered my fight or flight. Keep up the good work, guys.
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Porn ad?
Please stop with the ad for the “Netflix of Porn.” I’m really tired of hearing it.
Ellie F. d.
Current fav podcast
I’ve learned so much from this show because Robert makes it so easy and fun. I’m very surprised that this podcast does not have a higher rating - the host and cohosts always strike me as balancing the funny and serious very well, but YMMV I guess.
My First Listen
I found the topics covered in this podcast interesting so though I would give it a try. I selected the episode “Part One: The Birth of the Manosphere” and could not even make it halfway through the show due to how insufferable the host are. For one, they obviously view capitalism as the cause of literally all the worlds issues, from anti-semitism to misogyny, without any rational explanation. The host attempt to portray themselves as rational critical thinkers, yet casually suggest that the supporters of Ted Cruz are largely made up of men who commit domestic violence. If this show is an example of what is now considered critical thinking, then it accurately illustrates how the American education system has largely failed our most recent generations.
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Matt Bealor
The top bastard of all time: Mao Zedong !!
Why not do episodes on the biggest bastard of all time, hands least in terms of body count...70,000,000 strong! That would be Chairman Mao Zedong of Red China.
a good podcast
Most recent podcast ...
I have been enjoying BTB for a while now and it has had a pleasantly radicalizing effect. Unfortunately, some of the language in the most recent episode about Dr. Oz veered into fatphobic and ableist. It has shown up occasionally in other episodes (but not enough for me to comment before now.) My guess is that was not the intent. Robert, Sophie, and their guests usually do a good job balancing edgy humor, radical ideas, and compassion. Hopefully this is something they’re aware of and can work on improving! Keep learning!
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You’re not that funny
I listened to the Steven Segal episodes... Good info but I hate these podcasts where the host and guest try to crack jokes literally every minute. 30 seconds of info on the subject, 30 seconds of bad jokes (ok, sometimes decent), repeat for an hour. It’s exhausting. ALSO MAYBE AT LEAST REFRAIN FROM THE JOKES WHEN YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT AND RAPE.
Ok show.
From what I’ve listened to it seems the subjects are well researched. The problem is with the co-hosts. They are mostly just too annoying. Unfortunately I’ve had to skip some episodes that I was very interested in just because the co-hosts makes them just not worth listening to. I’m pretty sure some of them are stoned out of their gourds.
Sophie is the best
I don’t leave a lot of reviews but I do really like your show. I also saw some anti Sophie comments and I wanted to share my opinion. So Sophie you are the back bone of the show! With out you Robert would have died or worse lost all of his sponsors. Thanks for the great content. Ps. Anderson is also the best! Also do another Ben Shapiro book episode I need it.
I want colored birds
Love it
This show is great! It’s meticulously researched, the guests are consistently funny, and Sophie is an absolute delight.
Sophie. Continue.
Never change - ignore the haters.
Seattle Giraffe
Foul mouthed
I am interested in the topics but don’t care for the foul language.
Thunder Dragon Breath
Absolutely fantastic, I enjoy this content and I recommend it to all of my friends
Vieda Boss
Another podcast in the bubble
You can tell this is another podcast where the hosts only know people that agree with them and only have gusts on with a left wing point of view. There is no real discussion or exploration of issues, only confirmation and preaching to the choir. Admittedly this is what most people like and this podcast spoon feeds it to its audience as if they were infants.
No more Sophie
Honestly, just look at transcripts of the show and you’ll see what she brings. Let her produce but don’t let her approach the mic.
This will not make you feel better
But you probably need to know about it. Well-researched and entertainingly offered.
Robert and Sophie are the best
please have dave anthony on
The Cofishioner
All the stars
5 of them
Sophie. Stop.
Love the podcast but for the love of god, take Sophie’s mic away. She adds absolutely nothing of value and every single time she interjects it derails the entire flow. It’s like nails on a chalkboard whenever she interrupts to tell Robert he’s being stupid or to make some dumb joke that only she laughs at. TAKE. HER. MIC. AWAYYYYYYYYY.
Cool stuff
I ❤️ u Rober & Sophie, thank u guys for making my Tuesdays and Thursdays more interesting.
98 episodes, congrats
I cringe at with how certain things on race are covered, how black women are discussed and some audio stuff (loops, super harsh cuts, some kinda high pitched feedback) but I appreciate the education that’s being offered and how it feeds my lil black humored heart. 🖤☺️
Rosewood box
You'll either love it or loathe it
Lots of chodes on here complaining about the guests/Sofie/Garrison "ruining"it while saying "I listened to 10/100+ episodes and can't stand it" which is... kinda dissonant but whatever. Criticism is fine and I agree with some of it (sometimes the bits go on a bit long and sometimes I want to hear about dictators and crazy people with enough distance in time to not be a reflection of our own time) bu I enjoy people that have different perspectives than Robert coming to the show. Something else I see is people complaining about it being a left echo chamber but Google the Overton window and you'll realize why there's no "both siding" conservative arguments anymore. I've been a fan of Robert's since his time at Cracked and I love the journalism/political research he does, I can't recommend this show enough since it got me into podcasts. TLDR definitely give it a listen and decide for yourself.
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All I want for Christmas is for Robert Evans to be proud of how he’s radicalized my mom.
I’ve been sucked into my share of internet conspiracy. I love youtube. I always understood it to be a cable network based on your age and sex and a jumble of adds and intelligence preferences. I love the work you and your staff do. It’s brave. It’s also reckless at times and you say things that remind me of bill mar in that you have rhetoric when your intellect should push you towards informing. I am a very troubled person. I’ve struggled with drugs and paranoia and a lack of respect for others and for myself. But I really like to think I’m a product of my environment. Your humor reminds me that I’m not damned. This world is a spectrum. More people see the world with empathy than don’t. More people have real loss and pain in their lives and problems that have humbled them than social media allows me to believe. I’m definitely rambling. I just want to say thank you to you and Sophie and Garrison. And Raul Whallenburg turned my mom into a revolutionary Thanks for all the hard work
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Has it’s highs and lows
I’ve noticed that sections repeat or loop, there’s harsh cuts and it’s usually not equalized. Audio editing on the show could use some HEAVY work but it has interesting content overall. Just try to listen back through the episode
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