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Behind the Bastards
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Crazy Talk
If you call breaking/entering and theft by a couple of hundred unarmed, unorganized, mostly untrained civilian citizens an “insurrection,” then you obviously show undeniable bias. Those idiots were lawless rioters, much like those who participated in similar events all summer, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Certainly not an insurrection. Oh yeah, a BLM activist has been charged as one of the ringleaders.
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My Burner Phone
atropos twitch
Everyone should listen.
Well researched, well cited, lessons well taught and emphasized. Stories that should be told. My favorite pod of all time!
Hey guests
Hey annoying guests, he’s not talking to you he’s talking to the listeners. Please don’t sit there and say mmhmm, yeah, right, ah ok after EACH sentence please? And mainly be quiet unless you have something to add
the real raskol
Great podcast
Cryservatives are so mad
Miss the old episodes
It’s started out as a really good podcast but in the last year personal politics have taken over and it’s affected the quality of the show. It’s really sad because I loved the old episodes but at a point it got to be to much and I had to stop listening. Maybe I’ll check back in at some point to see if it gets better again.
Good history
Ok some of the episodes are really good but Sophie’s intersections are annoying the ad break jokes are really annoying and not funny. Like the jokes about the genocides and war aren’t that funny . Especially since they’re not funny Roberts a great journalist but he’s not a comedian I’d rather have him just tell these stories or something idk . Also I don’t like Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson but I don’t think they’re comparable to dictators and serial killers .
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Surprisingly addictive
Outstanding podcast. Robert is brilliant. Sophia is fantastic. The depth of research and presentation is impressive. I learn so much. However, I’m often disappointed with some of the guests who seem so out of place in the discussion, and are often annoying and distracting. But, just the same, I keep on listening because Robert does such a terrific job and shares such compelling stories. Thank you!
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Insane rhetoric
Comparing oil & gas executives to nazi leadership is the most insane thing I’ve heard in awhile. Congratulations.
Dumpster fire.
If you want to listen to limp-wristed vegans distort history and the truth, then this is the show for you. Complete trash.
Guests always seem to have irritating voices
Not a bad podcast overall, as long as Robert’s biases don’t bug you. However, there’s this weird tendency for the guests to have really irritating voices. Idk what the deal is. Maybe he picks them to make his own somewhat annoying voice more palatable?
no thanks whisper
Good Content - Boring Banter
There are some really interesting subjects covered in this podcast - if they woulod just get to the info. The banter is like listening to your little brother and his friends try to be cool. Boring banter that goes on way too long and is indulgent. Maybe that's how they get these youngsters to listen, idk, but I find it hard to slog through. Stick with the subject!
Dante Spada12
You have to laugh so you don’t cry
Despite the dark subject matter, Robert Evans will make you laugh. This podcast disturbs and delights. You’ll learn so much. And listening to Robert Evans read ben shapiro’s terrible book makes my day.
Good concept, bad execution
I really liked the concept for this show but it’s just not good. Every angle they take is pretty much exactly what you’d you hear from hyper woke, intellectually shallow, left wing twitterverse. And yes, I am liberal but the echo chamber, hyper left, cancel mob liberals are just as obnoxious as the Qanon, gun toting trumpers. And that’s what this show is. Well researched but the host and company have the same level of nuance in their perspective and narrative that you’d get from a high schooler.
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Zero stars
Terrible podcast, the hosts seem so biased and have no regard for logic or simple facts.
Fave pod
Fave pod it’s really entertaining
PODCASTS!!! or something like that
I’m making my way through all of these episodes. Started listening a few months back but have since gone back to the beginning to see what I missed the years before. Love this podcast and love how unbiased Robert is throughout. Would highly recommend
funniest joke of 2021
Vaginal Death Crabs open for the Eagles 🤣.
This is the worst podcast I’ve listened to. I could barely make it through 1 episode. The host is so obnoxious you can hardly pay attention to the info and the girl guest host he had on was beyond irritating and lacked even basic mental capacity it seemed. 0 stars-do not recommend.
Great Podcast- entertaining and educational
Journalist Robert Evans reports on various bad (occasionally good) people throughout history. People like to call names, but honestly he’s surprisingly unbiased. If you came here to say he’s a liberal hack, you haven’t listened and/or you need to stop listening to fascist propaganda. I wanted to come up with something gentler, but I really couldn’t think of anything.
Mr evans.
Robert is a machete wielding god of reasonable and quality research. It’s almost like I want to encourage Doritos to sponsor his fight against the fda(I think they would be in) so also listen to this.
Love you guys!
Absolutely amazing podcast listened to every episode in a matter of weeks. Love you guys stay safe!
Trigger warning for those with mental illness
Robert has become rather ableist against the mentally ill, especially those with disorders like schizophrenia. Also frequently refers to people who disagree with him as being “out of their mind” or “insane” despite being exposed to information re: the harm this does to patients. I do not recommend listening if you find this kind of language triggering.
Started listening to this with the Modi/Nazi episode and while I’m critical of my Indian government, there is a lack of nuance and cultural understanding here that could have been explored better. For eg - the comment about swastikas being painted in homes needed to be taken in context because Hitler coopted a Hindu symbol into a symbol of hate. The laughter and jokes about a culture that is clearly not the culture of the hosts was very cringey and made me stop listening. If white folks are going to comment on other cultures around the world then maybe put in a bit more effort and not make it sound like a white savior podcast.
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Jordan Peterson episode
It’s so interesting to hear the young Beavis & Butthead criticizing a clinical psychologist, the highly intelligent, Dr. Jordan Peterson.
Great Show... Of Course There’s a Strong Bias...
Children and uneducated people should avoid bias in media and stick to non-cable legacy institutions that follow AP standards. But then, as they begin to develop their own opinions, they need to gradually learn to navigate sources with stronger biases so they can both challenge their own beliefs and stay on top of the media diet that lazy or undereducated people feed on. When you silence opposing opinions you weaken your own opinion through atrophy and make yourself beholden to it while it gathers dust. This Podcast constantly flirts with radical leftist ideologies and is not for children or people with underdeveloped and impressionable media navigation skills. If you are an open-minded adult you can both enjoy and learn a lot from Robert’s work, no matter your beliefs. Many of the negative reviews here refer to the show’s bias in a shallow and dismissive way. If you came to this show to see history through Denis Prager-colored lenses (shocker) you aren’t going to have a good time. Personally, I get a lot out of listening to BtB and have heard every episode. I also listen and learn from Sam Harris. Robert has directly and indirectly bashed Sam Harris. If Sam Harris knew who Robert Evans is, he might write him off too (though he did give Ezra Klein a fair shot). I happen to think Joe Biden-style liberalism (conservatism) is not the end of the world. I get a lot of great analysis out of Sam Harris even if he has strayed into dubious racial theories. I know that antifa is only about as really as the boogeyman and, having researched the Spanish Civil War, I know anarchism has a lot of good to teach us. Though I may not like it, I won’t disregard Evans for causing the occasional PC eye-roll or his wholesale abuse of the concept of capitalism and I won’t cancel Harris for talking to Charles Murray or Rogan for his irritating legitimation of fringe right-wing grifters and stooges. My media diet would be bland without them. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Be a grown-up. When you right-off people you disagree with you risk limiting your own potential. The quality of research and factual synthesis of history in BtB is top notch. The format with guests coming in cold is a great way to disguise the fact that a man is reading you a research paper. The apolitical episodes are great for everyone, right wing head-in-sand types included. The L Ron Hubbard episodes are probably the best audio ever to be podcasted ... just hilarious. Robert, I hope you don’t read the reviews, sheesh, but please know that when the coalition of fascists, scientologists, and the FDA come knocking at your compound I’m routing for you!
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Banter isn’t funny
The research and heart behind it all are great, but the host going off in his own at times is not just distracting but very off putting.
Get Radicalized, Baby
I’ve been listening to Robert and BtB for 2 years, and it’s never done me wrong. He clearly spends a good deal of time carefully researching each of his subjects, and he and the show do a great job of injecting humor into some of history’s greatest horrors. Some of the guests aren’t funny or cut in way too much while adding nothing, but it doesn’t bother me too much. To all the triggered right wing haters in the reviews...The show is biased because history and facts have a left-leaning bias. Cry more, move on. To everyone else, prepare to reconsider your political stances and be radicalized after further listening. 11/10 would recommend, all my friends listen now
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Robert is the best
Great topics too. I had never heard of most of these people and I'm glad I know about them now.
We should all aspire to be like Robert Evans
Powerful, intelligent and well researched, this podcast discusses some of the darkest chapters and behaviors in human history. Evans does manage to bring a sense of humor to this too; his nervous almost maniacal laugh is a national treasure.
Difficult to navigate
It is a mess. It takes about a dozen clicks to get to older episodes of a specific podcast and this has to be done multiple times should one want to listen to multiple episodes.
Started off strong
Earlier episodes are great but in the last year his guests just seem to get worse and worse. I liked it better when he was solo. Now it’s all just woke political non sense.
Is Propaganda the only black person he knows? Love the show though 😂
Great content BUT LOSE THE GUESTS!
Robert is great! But please please please LOSE THE GUEST HOSTS. It makes it barely listenable.
Fantastic Podcast - Terrible Guest Interaction
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Robert Evans is a phenomenal journalist and researcher. The show covers awesome topics and I learn a lot every episode. However, it takes like 15-20 minutes to actually get any info across because he and his guests always try to have witty banter that ends up just being super cringey and comes across as very try-hard. I love this podcast but sometimes the attempt at comedic banter makes me want to throw my phone across the room.
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Lynleigh Kaye
Wishing for less faked obnoxious laughter and exaggerated commentary
I really like to hear these stories and actually think the way they are written out is done well, but the banter between Robert and the other hosts seems fake and forced. The “shock” they have is always too over the top and they drag out their own commentary for way too long. Wish they’d stick to telling the story and let us draw our own opinions.
Lose the guests - super annoying
Should be a great show and there are glimpses of good there, but the interjection, annoying laugh and cross propping up of each other’s bad commentary just kills it.
Nearly every episode is a gem
I’m relatively new to this podcast, but the first few episodes I listened to were so interesting that I’ve listened to many of the earlier ones. All of them seem really well researched (with citations of sources in the notes) and are articulately presented, with a definite point of view, which I would describe as a combination of skepticism, indignation, and amusement, and an edgy tone. If you’re wedded to traditional views of history and deny the existence of systemic racism and inequities, white supremacy, and colonialism, this podcast may be too much for you to take; that’s too bad, but no real loss.
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Eye opening
I was directed to this podcast, as Robert is meticulous with details and citation. He helped me with papers and just general eye opening information. Most topics, as similar to his co-hosts, you’ll have knowledge of but the in depth nature is stunning. Thank you Robert and crew for an amazing, and alarming, chuck full content podcast on the history of the US of A.
A podcast I listened to
Wow. Pretty cool
Rory H.
Forever fan
I’ve been listing since the beginning and have nothing but amazing things to say about Robert, Sophie, Anderson, and all their amazing guests. Robert keeps it real and lays some history and some present on ya.
Squandered Opportunity :/
I will start by saying I am a left leaning, gun owning prior-Navy guy who is mostly in alignment with the show’s opinions. However—I find that I cannot usually make it through an entire episode because of the host. I do not make fun of people for things they cannot change, so keep that in mind for my next point. The way Robert speaks completely ruins the experience for me. Both his tone and the things he says paint a portrait of a man who believes that he is the smartest person in the room, and that he is THE moral authority. Even if he has practiced what he now preaches for his entire life, that voice and attitude will do nothing for the 99.99% of people who have made a regrettable decision or two. When I was growing up, the 3 letter f-word and 6 letter r-word were very heavily used. I look back now and regret saying those things—but I don’t judge myself or my peers. Robert condemns those who made similar mistakes seemingly as readily as he does those who committed genocide, and without much of a difference. Long story short—the pretentiousness ruins what could be a great show. Also—check your bias. Isn’t that part of good journalism?
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Thought it was a historical podcast
I love history, and because of that I still occasionally listen to this podcast. When Robert can actually stay on point and present the facts that he has researched, the show can be informative. However it seems like I hear less and less history every episode and more political propaganda instead. The guests also bring no facts or knowledge to the podcast. Instead just interjecting jokes that even Robert has to pretend to find funny while always trying to find a way that the government or the police or whoever they’ve decided to hate that episode is worse than the bastard they are discussing. I would like to hear more about the REAL “worst people in history” as the plugs for this podcast claim you will hear. What we get instead is how everyone who isn’t as far left as Robert and his guests are evil and clearly too stupid to have the right to an opinion. I started listening hoping to get a solid historically educational podcast. I hope that maybe it will go back to being educational now that the election is over. If not I will be abandoning this bastardized version of what was advertised, and trying to find something that will actually teach me something rather than attempt to indoctrinate me. This show has the potential to be one of the most interesting history podcasts out there. Sadly it seems like they can’t quite see that themselves.
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One of my new favs
Five stars
Very upsetting, 5/5
The most fun I’ve had being extremely upset
Sloppy Nona Kisses
Antifa lol
This podcast has some good episodes here and there. But the definition of bastard sometimes just means someone who is not left wing. Also these people glorify violence by terrorists (Antifa). These are the white people who scold black people for not being “black” enough. Definition of cringe. They say they’re “protesting” for equal rights for blacks but they’re really just fascist anti capitalists rich white kids who blow their money on video games and meth and blame society for their personal issues but do so under the guise of intersectionality and anti capitalism. Was there a riot in Portland? No not course not! Why? Because the people there say it wasn’t!! It’s their “lived experience” lol. Despite the fires and people being beat up. Lol y’all are nuts.
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Velvet Jones81
One of my favorite shows
You could do a whole new podcast about the Catholic Church.
I love the episodes Billy is in. His perspective is awesome
Great podcast with some hiccups
I started listening to this podcast at the recommendation of a family member around the time of it launching.Since then I have purchased Roberts book and enjoyed listening to his comments across multiple platforms with other guests. However, recently the show has featured some attempts and framing current events with guests loosely. I hope that upon review people can dig further into why some guests get lose credibility as reporters. While there is a fan base for the show sometimes they can be as quick to attack people for post criticism. I’ll always remain a listener because the show is informative, but the banter between the producer and Robert wears thin after a while. Again this will probably be remarked as being prejudice however it is not this is just based on actual expanding the commentary of people on the instead of the same jokes....One more thing, Robert doesn’t have an LBS-1...He was TA not a teacher and earlier it was a bit of a false representation of people who work in the field.
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Cut the dead weight
Worthless, aggressively annoying guests. Do the show yourself. Great research.
devil zilla
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