Behind the Bastards
Behind the Bastards
There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.
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Ditch the guests I’m BEGGING you
Great and compelling information presented by a passionate host. Unfortunately the podcast is almost made unlistenable by guests who provide self centered, useless commentary that distracts from the narrative of every episode.
The idea and the research behind this podcast is really good, but the presentation is unprofessional and almost amateurish. I finally gave up after the third one. Unlike other podcasts, I have not recommended it to anyone.
Was once a good podcast
Early on it was unbiased and flash forward to 2020 and it is radical left wing podcast. They constantly talk about fake news. Telling people their racists when their the actual racists. I take it as comedy now. I won’t stop listening because I love laughing at these snowflakes every week.
So disappointed
I had heard really good things about the show from other podcasts that I listen to; but unfortunately they lost me after I listened to the show on modern-day Nazis. I’m sorry but there is no comparison to Hitler‘s regime to modern day leadership! My father-in-law was a survivor of four different concentration camps and his entire family was slaughtered inAuschwitz. To make comparisons to Hitler’s regime to modern day leaders is ignorant and stupid. Don't try to revise history to suit your agenda. I would recommend this show to..... nobody. Don’t waste your time.
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Ah poky
Overall, truly solid podcast.
So, I’m relatively new to this podcast. But after the 6 part on the police, I’m an absolute fan. Well researched, well presented. The only thing I’ll say is that poor Sophie can’t get a word in bc Robert clearly likes the sound of his own voice lol. But it’s still an enjoyable listen.
The OG Caritha
Very entertaining and informative
The hosts are very entertaining and funny. The show really is informative and entertaining.
One of my faves
As anything, it has its low episodes but given the number of episodes - of course this will happen! People in the review section here are entitled AF for content they do not pay a cent for. Seeing a lot of hate for Sophie here and I just wanted to come here to say, I love Sophie’s interjections. F the haters.
Leesa Charlotte
Favorite podcast.
I love Robert. I love Sophie. I love their guests (a few shout outs to Prop, BWD, Jaime, Shereen, Sofiya). Thank you for doing this. I have a group chat where we discuss this podcast weekly and bemoan the fact that Robert isn’t featured on wiki feet yet.
Miss Metronome
I don’t know who needs to hear this
But women add interesting things to a conversation. Dear Lord y’all. Let Sophie speak and acknowledge her jokes are funny! OR alternatively if you don’t really want her there....that’s fine! Let her leave your Dude-Bro podcast and go on to create better things. Listening to Sophie try to be “one of the guys” and being shut down every 👏single 👏 time 👏gives me flashbacks to a co-Ed basement party in high school. *shudders* Sophie you’re awesome and funny and you deserve better coworkers/friends in your life!
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Worth a listen, well researched
Would have been 5 stars. All the guests have been great and funny, but I’m really not a fan of Sophie’s contributions to the conversations. It always seems non-sequitur and she has a cringe inducing habit of speaking loudly over people to make her unrelated joke. I’m sure she is great and talented in other ways, but the more she interrupts the more difficult it is to listen to the episode. Sorry
Donut holes 28
Fantastic stuff
I’m a big fan of all of Robert Evans’ podcasts. His ability to pull back the layers and call out the worst people and ideas in history and relate them to the present day is useful and enlightening. In a world brimming with noise and distractions, smoke and mirrors, Robert provides a clarity that is refreshing (and sometimes depressing) to help keep us focused on what we can learn from history to build a better future.
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I finally had to unsubscribe.
I love the content but Sophie is always derailing the conversation with pointless interruptions. It sounds like she’s constantly making bids for attention. I think some people write reviews just to say they love her feel bad because she clearly has low self esteem. I feel bad for her too, but y’all know she’s obnoxious. You’re lying to yourselves and you’re lying to me. Your encouragement is sweet but its making the podcast unlistenable.
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Wasted potential
I just struggle to understand why they sabotage themselves like this. This could have been such a truly interesting podcast, learning about dictators and genocides and the many many horrors of history. Instead, they took a look around at the cultural landscape, which has been utterly dominated by the same cookie-cutter neoliberal political takes for *decades*, and decided “you know, I bet the world would enjoy an additional voice parroting identical viewpoints found in 98% of all other US media!” It’s hosted by a journalist though, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Do these people ever give their finger-wagging, unsolicited slacktivism a rest? Even for just a moment? I’d kill for some legitimate, educational and entertaining media that isn’t yet-another vehicle for propaganda!
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Just good
Nobody listens to advertisements on podcasts
I wish shows like this would go from mediocre to good by dropping the critical race theory nonsense. I Don’t need to hear your propaganda about white male privilege on a historical podcast
I don't need anything
I respect Robert’s journalism, but I found his podcast unlistenable. It’s like a lefty version of those awful drive-time morning radio shows. I’m sure the actual historical content is super interesting, but I could never get past the cringey banter. Ugh.
Diana 4468
Love the content, dislike Sophie
This podcast covers super interesting content but I truly cringe whenever Sophie speaks. I honestly have to ask, what does she add? Many times her questions are tangential and derailing and evening Robert and the guests will ignore her. Maybe it’s a sign her best work is behind the scenes? This show would run so much more smoothly and sound far more professional without her useless comments.
I love Sophie
my reason for living
this show is literally the reason i wake up in the morning and carry on in this miserable existence because whenever i am listening to Robert Evans teach me about the most terrible things, the world is small and safe and everything is ok again. maybe it’s Robert’s naturally ASMR level pleasing voice, maybe it’s the witty guests (Billy Wayne Davis is the best please bring him on more), or maybe it’s the fact that he’s correcting so much misinformation about things that fuel so many peoples opinions and hatred of one another. whatever it may be, this show is my security blanket in this cruel world. on one other very small hand, i agree with the review i saw right before i started this, Sophie is not funny, or witty or charismatic and honestly i like the episodes where she doesn’t talk a whole lot better. sorry sophie.
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Long live Machetecine.
This pod is like a knife missile to the heart of fascism. Listen, learn and enjoy.
Good cast, but...
Some of the guests are grating and go off on weird tangents about themselves. It used to be tolerable, but now it’s so frequent that I’ve started skipping episodes. The general lack of expertise among the guests is fine since they’re comedians and random friends of Robert, but the last several guests just really haven’t been funny. So if they’re not funny and not contributing to topic, why are they on so frequently? Second, Robert has a strange fixation on FB—his white whale. We all hate the site, but he seems to ignore the alternative communication methods and actors who facilitate horrific acts. Most importantly, he doesn’t offer an alternative and starts sounding like the Russiagaters who think 30 people posting bad memes in a warehouse singlehandedly destroyed democracy. Lastly, check those ads. On a show about grifters it looks really bad to then run ads for Baby Einstein style programs or conspiracy podcasts. I look forward to the day when they literally start running those Raytheon ads.
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host won’t shut up
i really like the topics but if robert could stop talking about himself for like 5 minutes
Phenomenal Reporting. Sub-par entertainment
The reporting and information in this show is excellent and entertaining in and of itself. I follow most of what Robert does because he delivers pertinent information in a way that keeps me listening. As far as the comedy side of the podcast, no one is outstandingly funny and sarcasm seeps into most off the cuff remarks which can be taxing. Sophie more often than not subtracts from the listenability and sometimes shallow shots are taken at the subjects with remarks of their "ugly faces" or "stupid haircuts". I will say, the ad-break transitions are better than most podcasts and I am now a devoted customer of all Ratheon products due to Robert plugging the advantages of stopping a wedding from 10,000 miles away with a fiery explosion. Lastly, you'll find the audio is sometimes cut poorly and parts of the podcast repeat for 10-20 seconds.
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Great podcast!
Well researched, compellingly presented view on realities that too many people rather choose to ignore. The host is doing an excellent job talking about sometimes extremely heavy content and Sophie is keeping him balanced and on target. Ignore the haters and continue doing your important work. Only if the truth is biting people in the noses, they might finally get motivated to do something about it - maybe.
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Sophie is not funny
She’s just not. Please stop trying to make fetch happen.
Slow down
My only complaint with the Episode (James Dobson/ Focus on the Family) is that Garrison needs to slow down! He’s talking too fast. Other than that, it’s a well done show. With Practice, he’ll (Garrison) be a good host. Zeno
Good but doesn’t always meet potential
Guests are hit-or-miss, but it’s understandable that some could have a tough time bringing humor to particularly heavy episodes. The producer’s increasing on-mic presence adds little to the show and her role as the host’s foil does them both a disservice. (“Hapless, unprofessional man kept in line by competent woman who for some reason is not the main talent instead” is a pretty tiresome trope. Yeah yeah, I know it’s only a bit.) Robert does a great job researching and preparing material and the delivery of his reading is never stilted or dry. He’s not especially funny, but he can play off of a funny guest very well. There are a number of reoccurring guests who have a genuine, friendly dynamic with him (Jamie, Cody
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Robert your kids are starting to sound like you. Yeahhhhh. Yeah. Sure. Yeah.
mad overlord
Please stop laughing at rape and mass murder
I like this podcast, but it's extremely disturbing how often the main male host will laugh when talking about mass murder or rape.
The Bree's knees
Sophie is our Queen!
Love the show. Love to hear Sophie’s interjections.
Good, but overly sensational
The topics are interesting and Robert has a hilarious sardonic humor; however, he often adheres to sensationalism in a way that ignores reality or alternative perspectives.
Anne Athema
Its ok
the stories are interesting. But I think the host is kind of annoying and he may in fact turn out to be a supervillain himself. The constant piling on about people’s appearance is pretty childish.
Favorite show but
Sophie should talk more!
Whiny liberal
This podcast had potential but I don’t care anything about this guy’s whiny liberal political views.
Skip the ad hominem attacks and it’s good
I’m no fan of what FB has become. But I don’t know what that has to do with insulting Zuckerberg’s wife and sex life. Keep it above the table, and I’m all in. Empirical evidence and objective reporting seem like a better idea to me. I want to give you five stars because you obviously care about the world you live in, but your personal hatred for the dude clouded your reporting on Facebook. I’ve seen this with your reporting on Ben Shapiro too. You’re a good journalist. Why become to critic?
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ayotte girl
Our Queen Sophie
Thank god they gave Sophie a mic 💕
Listen to understand what’s happening in your kingdom.
An amazing and horrific deep-dive into the personal and professional histories of the royals and aristocrats of our time.
This is exactly what Americans need.
This is a thoughtful, well produced podcast, with some witty humor, and some ridiculous humor. And it’s not afraid to get dark, because the world is a dark place. If we don’t take the time to see the bad, and learn about it, we’ll never appreciate the good; or learn how to make our world a better place. When the podcast started, I thought it was great to hear Sophie occasionally laugh in the background. Now she’s a part of the cast, essentially, and I am absolutely here for it! I hope everyone involved with this podcasts knows that they are loved and are doing incredible work! Please never stop fighting the good fight!
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i love this show
sophie, keep talking you’re the best!
Reading With Robert or Roberts Reading Hour
Can we please have a season of “Robert’s Reading Hour?” I can get enough of it. It’s the laugh I need in these dark times.
love this podcast
amazing podcast! love the info and the topics especially the current issues and police episodes soooo good! it makes my long commute enjoyable! the only thing that could make it better is if sophie his producer stops cutting in cause shes not funny at all.
Good but
Why is Sophie still talking
Started out good
The first few episodes and some here and there are really interesting and good episodes. However, this podcast has gotten away from telling interesting stories about historical figures and has moved into shoving politics down your throat like everything else. Robert and most of his guests are super liberal, which whatever, that’s cool, but now, many of the episodes are just them complaining about/making fun of people they don’t like. If they start doing episodes like the Stalin, Hitler, or L Ron Hubbard ones, I’ll probably start listening again, but for now, no thanks.
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Dangerous Truth
Robert Evans tells the kind of truth that makes me concerned that the US government will assassinate him at some point. Can we get bodyguards to protect Robert at all times? Clearly. Listen to this podcast. It gives amazing context for how we got to this darkest timeline.
Todd Awesome
This podcast has an interesting premise that could make for a bit of raucous yet interesting fun. Instead, it sounds like a morning zoo-type 80s drive-time radio show that finished third in the ratings in a market that can only support two shows. It violates the “we’re blabbing aimlessly in our pajamas” rule and when they do try to offer up details about the topic du jour, it sounds like an insipid version of Wikipedia (who new that was possible?). The jokes are lame and repetitive. There’s even the female cohost, who in the best/worst morning drive-time zoo show exists only to offer sporadic commentary dripping with ennui in which she affirms the bad-boy status of the host. Ug.
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Audio replaying??
Love the podcast, but very recently episodes have been cutting out and replaying bits, and in this most recent episode it’s happening enough to be a serious issue following the story...I’ll keep listening and hopefully it gets fixed soon. Would be cool if they address it at some point
I’m in love
Sooooo addictive, I’ve heard about several days worth of this podcast!!
i want to marry this podcast
Pretty good
I like most of what I’ve listened to but if the host could stop saying “So, yeah” over and over, that would be much better. Also some of the jokes get a bit old and honestly I find myself losing track of the story they are telling.
Apparently some listeners don’t u defat and sarcasm
I’m really enjoying listening to this podcast, which I discovered thanks to Worst Year Ever. I enjoy history but can’t sit through dry lessons. Much like Drunk History, the sarcasm and humor injected by Robert and his co-hosts makes this so much interesting to listen to and I’m learning a lot of things I didn’t know before. I commend Robert’s research and I’m glad I can appreciate that hard work in audio form.
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The opposite of clever.
The Holden Age of Terrorism... incredible that this passes as entertainment for some. Since the presenters find terrorists and terrorism of the 60s and 70s like high jacking “neat” and “fun,” they should not mind if one hopes they have the opportunity to experience these for themselves one day.
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