Behavioral Grooves Podcast
Behavioral Grooves Podcast
Kurt Nelson, PhD and Tim Houlihan
Leading Human™: How to Avoid Burnout and Create a Positive Organization
19 minutes Posted Sep 19, 2021 at 2:03 am.
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Show notes

Employee burnout, The Great Resignation, Office Covid Regulations; these are all major concerns for leaders in the workplace right now. But how can managers successfully navigate these stresses, while still maintaining productivity among staff?

At the start of the pandemic, Behavioral Grooves began a series of podcasts with researchers and practitioners to understand the organizational shifts we were seeing. Over the course of our interviews, we discovered big changes in the way business was being conducted and that managers, specifically, were really caught off guard. They didn’t have a coach or a guide to help them through all the changes. We decided to change that. And so, we created Leading Human™.

In this Grooving Session with Kurt Nelson PhD and Tim Houlihan, they sit down to discuss the following topics about Leading Human™:

  • What is Leading Human™?
  • Who is Leading Human™ going to benefit? 
  • Why did the Behavioral Grooves team feel inspired to write Leading Human™?

While Leading Human™ was initiated by the pandemic, it goes well beyond the current workplace dynamics and delves into the core of how work will happen in the future. 

Ultimately Leading Human™ focuses on four key areas: 

  • Creating Psychological Safety; 
  • Building a Team Charter;
  • Implementing Human-Centered Routines;
  • Charting a Clear Path Forward.

Together, these can make a significant difference in employees' emotional connection to the company and successful re-entry to the workplace. Leading Human™ is full of practical tips and exercises to implement.

Where to Get More Info on Leading Human™:

Leading Human™ Workbook and Playbook:

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Leading Human™ Workshop on Nov 2nd, 2021 (more dates to be added soon):

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