Beginner Spanish with Spanish Obsessed
Beginner Spanish with Spanish Obsessed
Spanish Obsessed
Beginner Spanish from Rob and Liz of Spanish Obsessed. Couple Liz and Rob (Colombian and English) teach and discuss a range of Spanish phrases, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation - giving you the real Spanish as it's used around the world today. Engaging and lively conversation around a range of topics, equipping you with the Spanish you need to navigate through a variety of situations, from ordering different types of coffee to telling your significant you love them in 6 different ways! We update weekly, so be sure to subscribe using the button on the left to stay up to date. Also, check out our world of Spanish material, articles, and general Spanish love at!
Beginners 30: How to tell a joke
Learn a few Spanish jokes, guaranteed to make your audience groan.
Jul 17, 2018
12 min
Beginners 29: How to tell a story
All about those little things that you can say to structure a story, and bring it to life.
Jul 12, 2018
18 min
Beginners 28: Conversation strategies
Learn all about those little phrases and words which Spanish speakers use to keep conversations going, show their understanding, interrupt people, and more!
Jul 9, 2018
17 min
Beginner Spanish 27: Problem solving
Learn useful verbs and constructions to help solve problems
Jun 29, 2018
15 min
Beginner Spanish 26: Some pronunciation tips
Learn some of the tell-tale signs of a learner Spanish accent
Jun 28, 2018
14 min
Beginner Spanish 25: How to pay a compliment
We cover some useful and authentic ways of paying someone a compliment in Spanish
Jun 27, 2018
12 min
Beginner Spanish 24: Making excuses
Specific language you can use for when you need to make an excuse in Spanish
Jun 26, 2018
12 min
Beginner Spanish 23: Asking for a favour
Learn different ways and structures that you can ask for favours in Spanish
Jun 22, 2018
14 min
Beginner Spanish 22: Spanish proverbs
We explore 6 common and useful Spanish proverbs that you can start using in your conversations right away
Jun 21, 2018
12 min
Beginner Spanish 21: Dealing with the authorities
Rob and Lis both tell a story about their experiences of dealing with the authorities, in Spain and Colombia. This lesson is focused on comprehension, so be sure to follow along with the transcript if you struggle.
Jun 19, 2018
12 min
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